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Jamila – Season 2 – Episode 6


God dammit, if I had driven her to that woman’s house this wouldn’t have happened. I hate things going out of my control.

I continue pacing up and down to ease my tensions, every of my family members are here with their wives. The kids were here before but they have to go to school. I looked at my fragile mom who just sat beside Jamila holding her hands, I know that she is really in deep pains and we all are filled with if we had known . My Elder bro almost burnt the hospital immediately we got to the hospital and found out that they are still asking Sylvia too many questions before attending to them.

He marched to the one filling in the card and shouted at her, I bet the poor nurse jumped in fright but they deserve it

“Can’t you nurses get something straight for once, you have an accident victim here all you care after is filling in that useless card”

“In fact where is the Doctor” he ranged

“Useless hospital” second bro cursed under his breath

At first I wanted to calm him down but later on I found out how his shout yielded results. The doctor that was not around appeared immediately and our little sister got admitted and attended to immediately.

I felt a warm hand on my shoulder where I was pacing up and down and I turned

“Walking around the hospital bed will not wake her up, I know my friend she is strong willed and can make it. The doctor said that her chance of survival depends on if she is willing to fight, everything now depends on her strong will so let’s pray that she makes it”

“Thanks Sylvia but am really worried, tomorrow is her big day that she has been waiting for

. How will I keep my mouth by telling her that she missed the defense, this is her life time opportunity she will not forgive herself if this happens”

“Don’t worry I have taken care of that, let’s just hope and pray that she wakes up before tomorrow”

The doctor entered immediately and we all rushed to his side

“Easy easy, rushing like this will not help her okay. Just calm down okay she will be fine”

We just nod obediently at what the doctor said

He checked the machine that was attached to her nose, hands and everywhere, he just nod and scribbled something down.

He turned to leave when I stopped him

“Doctor how is she”

I asked hoping for the best

He pats my shoulder

“Her heart beat is normal, the pulse is okay. We just have to hope for the best”

“Okay doctor, thank you”

“You are welcome” he muttered before scurrying off

All my brothers are seated each in his own basket of thoughts, Sylvia continued making endless calls. I just went and sat down beside my mom, we both need each other now.

Later in the day, Sylvia walked to us telling us that she has to go somewhere. I have no choice the girl have really tried for us and Jamila. Their friendship must be deep for her to sacrifice days of working in the office to just be with her

I just nod and watch her walk out, my senior bro one time crush #lol#

It is now left with only me and Mom; my brothers have all gone back to their various houses with their wives to prepare for tomorrows work

I leaned closer to my Mom; I don’t have to leave her she really need someone beside her. She has been crying since we came to the hospital, who wouldn’t when you are looking at your only chance of omugwo lying down helplessly in the hospital for over one week now. She closed her eyes gently as if sleeping but I know my mom, she is praying silently for kid sis.

Whenever I look at my mom I see a strong woman that is willing to go any length for her children. I remember those days when we were small when we were left with practically nothing to eat, no money to pay school fees and house rent but mom never gave up. I guess we all took that enduring spirit from her, she will always counsel you never to soil her hands with bad things because you don’t have money with the philosophy that the bad you do today will always hunt you.

I heaved again checking my time, barely fourteen hours for Jamila to wake up but even if she wakes up how will she be able to sit up and defend her project which she has not even started

“Huh, God help us”


Jamila accident really made me to stand up on my feet to know what to do
I made sure her brothers are around before going to do what I should have done since. I never expected that Jam will be staying in that hospital till now, my faith began to dwindle when it became almost two days to her defense day but with Carl and Styxx by my side I did what I am supposed to do.

Styxx is really a nice guy; I hope Jamila gives him a chance when she wakes up

“What if she did not wake up” my subconscious mind tells me

I closed my eyes immediately to shut the thought, my baby girl must survive it, it’s just a mere shake to my faith

We stayed in the hospital till its six in the evening, the brothers have all left and I have to go too. I need to meet Carl and Styxx to know if our plans still hold. I hate to leave Jamila’s sight but with her Mom and brother around her I know things will get better.

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. I bade them farewell before leaving the hospital

Immediately I entered a bike I texted Styxx to tell me where they are

“Ouch, this skirt will never allow me enter bike comfortably”

“Mrs. Cooperate, no be you wan wear pencil skirt” I ask myself before rolling my skirt up to enable me enter the bike which is way too high as if it is punishing me. I pray my skirt doesn’t tear

“We are at a cyber café, meet us there ASAP your advice is needed” he replies
I nod after reading the message


Even in my sub consciousness I felt like I can feel everything that is happening around me. I can feel Kingzee pacing up and down, mom crying beside me and when I felt the doctor enter I can feel all my brothers rushing beside him

I smiled to myself, they all love me but wait what of Sylvia did she leave me here

It seems as if she heard my question and walked up to my brother, I can feel presence and the kind of cloths she is putting on. A penciled skirt tucked it with a white top, she always like that especially when she is going somewhere she wants to be respected.

Wait they are discussing in low tones with a concerned voice, what’s the secrecy all about I gave up straining my ears to listen but what got me is when I heard them saying about my big day tomorrow. Am I getting married tomorrow, or is my birthday tomorrow, what is going to happen tomorrow, which defense are they talking about. I tried to talk but couldn’t even to move my hands and that was when it dawned on me that I can’t even see them. My eyes are closed and I feel like am bounded to one place

I struggle to stand up besides they said it is with my will that I can win whatever it is

“Quit struggling dear, we gat you. Just say goodbye to your family lets go”

I turned around to see where I heard the voice come from and I notice that I am standing in a no mans land wearing only my gown

“Who are you and why will I quit struggling; I need to go back to my family”

“Hahahahahaha, you are joking; you think I will leave you to go just like that, you are mine now. You are a sweet talent that I won’t leave to go to waste like that, join my side and you will enjoy all the sweet things”

I struggled more but I felt being held in one place yet there is nobody beside me, I decided to use the soft way because acting strong will not take me anywhere

“Okay tell me, why you are doing this” I asked

“Well let’s say tomorrow is a day very special to you but I don’t want that to happen”

“Tomorrow again” I asked myself

“Yes tomorrow, if you make it tomorrow you are going to be a successful person but I don’t want that, that’s why I have been showing you sweet dreams of you and your father for the past one week, I know you really miss him”

“Wait one week; I have stayed like this for week”

I asked

“Exactly, that’s why I like you. You are very brilliant”

“Where is my father” I asked

“Come with me let me show you”

I followed the voice obediently thrilled with the thoughts of seeing my father

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