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Jamila – Season 2 – Episode 10



Kiss him, kiss him not

Kiss him, kiss him not

Kiss him, kiss him not

That is me counting my steps towards Styxx, after searching for him like forever I saw him standing at a far corner with Carl

I smiled gingerly to myself when I saw him, indeed he is really handsome. I heaved a sigh of relieve and starts my chanting again

Kiss him, kiss him not

Kiss him, kiss him not

I was just two steps away when the most notorious girl in our department rushed to him and pecked him


I wanted to just turn and run away but the voice inside wouldn’t allow me

“Will I just let this girl spoil my day and also take my man, No I won’t allow it”

I turned back almost immediately and started heading to where they were discussing

“Oh sweet Jesus, look at the way she is holding him growling all over him and Styxx allowed that . I am so going to teach him a lesson today”

“But you never made him feel like he belonged to you”

“I did”

“No you did not”

“I did” I shouted but closed my mouth immediately

“Why is my head messing with me like this”

“Hey Baby, come over and join us”

I raised my head to see Styxx smiling charmingly calling me

I made to walk towards him buh wait he is still holding that girl and yet calling me

“Well I gat nothing to lose, after this am so not talking to him” I concluded before walking over to them

He left the girl and came to hug me

I greeted Carl who was just smiling mischievously, sometimes I wonder if he doesn’t cheat on Sylvia cus the way his eyes glint on seeing pretty girls is always suspicious

“Well its Sylvia matter, I have mine to resolve now”

“Meet my girlfriend soon to be wife, Jamila; Jamila meet my friend Cyndy” Styxx said and pecked me

I coughed “What did he just introduce me as now his girlfriend wow, that’s trilling”

I smiled boldly as I stretched my hands to exchange handshake with the girl whose face looks like she just swallowed bitter lemon

“No, handshake won’t do” I thought to myself and hugged her

“Nice meeting you Cyndy”

“Nice meeting you too” she replied

“Ehhmm, Styxx I have to leave now, I have somewhere to go” Cyndy stammered

“Oh okay, it’s nice seeing you once again” Styxx replied but she has just bolted

“Good riddance to bahd rubbish, bitch” I thought

“What’s with the introduction” I said turning to Styxx

He faced me and gave me that charming smile that makes my legs wobble

“Don’t you like the idea or is it because I don’t have a ring”

“Should I make it official now” he asked bringing his face close to me

“Oh his lips is coming close, its coming close, its coming close…..”I shut my eyes immediately waiting for it but instead he pecked me

“Open your eyes babe; I won’t kiss you outside cus it’s just setting myself on fire”

I opened my one eye peeping at me

He bent to my ears and whispered

“If am so going to do that, its going to be in a place where I can tear you apart one by one and take you places where you have never been before”

I giggled at the thought waiting for him to continue but my big headed brother Marvin interrupted us

“Easy bro, you don’t have to eat her

. Baby Jam come lets go”

“Am no longer a baby” I almost shouted at him for ruining my moments

The look I gave him would have murdered him if looks can kill

Styxx seems to understand me as he bent and pecked me

“lets go he is my senior in-law and I have to obey him”

His smile melts my anger and we turned to follow Marvin who stood there like an Army

We held our hands as we walked, I can see people staring but who cares he is my man

I stood on my tip toes and whispered to him

“Don’t miss my party tonight”

“I will not, instead of missing it I will just go straight there now”

“How sweet” I muttered to myself and waved at him to join my family in the car

He waved back too, Carl stood beside him smiling still holding Sylvia firmly because she wanted to join us in the car

“I think am falling in love” I thought

“Yes you are” Brad whispered back to me

“Opps, did I say that aloud”

“Yes you did but its ok, I understand you. That’s why I always felt when I met my wife”

I just nod smiling and relaxed on his shoulder


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