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Inside The Big City – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]

Episode 3

As the master she had become, the handsome young man she targeted had simply felled into her hands without much stress. Just that moment, he winked at her and Ese winked back excitedly. Today won’t be bad at all, she thought. The night is still young and yet so fruitful; all pieces of her game are gradually falling into place. She adjusted the cape of her skimpy dress seductively baring more flesh. Her aim: to give her potential client, a view of the future. In a few more minutes, Mr. Rich and Handsome stood up, his glass of wine in hand started towards Ese. Hmm… Mission accomplished. She congratulated herself. She relaxed into her chair with her glass at hand looking seductively at Mr. Rich and Handsome as he approaches. But then, the unexpected happened. Mr. Rich and Handsome walked pass Ese to the table right behind her and joined the young man who was seated, all smiles. Her jaw dropped.
Ese was confused. She didn’t understand what just happened. The eyes, the winks had all been to the other young man??? It’s so unbelievable. She had no idea this was possible too. No one told her. She picked her jaw off the floor then managed a look back and saw the smiles, the connection, and the romance between the two young men. Then it dawn on her. She had just been outwitted by a hustler. A MALE HUSTLER! Ah! She wept.

The End

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