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Inside The Big City – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2


Chasing money is no job for the ‘No liver individual’  Omolaralectured Ese who in turned listened attentively, ready to burn whatever bridge necessary to get to her dreams. “This is not prostitution. It is not runs or those things the society says young girls do. This is HUSTLE; PURE HUSTLE!” Omo continued, the perfect motivational captain to her team. “You go out there, you smart it out and you make your money. You got the perfect body, one problem solved already. The rest is for you to play your cards well. Most ladies in this city hustle for a living. That’s how they all made it. You have to step on the game or you go back to where you came from empty handed or worse.  So wise up” Ese resurrected the Delta girl in her and kept the hustle only on the tight level. Truly, hustling had really paid her. She had met a whole bunch of the country’s high personalities and living her life.


But apparently, Omolara omitted a very important aspect of ‘Hustle’. The very aspect staring point blank at Ese right now. The aspect that had left her jaw right on the floor and had her eyes popping like Tom’s  that moment when he sees Jerry escaping with his Victim(Jerry’s cousin).


[]Ese had gotten her eyes on the handsome young man seated at the table located at the south wing of Truth Lounge since the very moment she entered there that night. She was seated some tables away from him nursing her glass of wine and assessing him. He looked rich – the Bulgari watch, the designer shoe, the solid gold cufflinks. This indeed was the way she likes them, she thought with a smile and then got to work. She started giving him the signal- the eyes and the body languages- playing her cards as the pro that had turned the past few months, scarcely aware of the other young man seated behind her. In few minutes, the handsome young man began to look at her direction at intervals. Ese was happy. In the past few months, she had come to realize that Hustling is an art which the mastery of leads to unimaginable achievements. When you master the art, things fall unbelievably into place for you in awe of people around.

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