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INSIDE – Season 1 Episode 1




He peels off my lacy lingerie hastily, skillfully unstraping my bra pushing my bare brea*ts into his hands.

My n*pples grew harder into a pointed swell, he cups and palpate my breast with his firm long fingers and slowly glides his long strong muscular hands down to my stomach and belly.

My breathing increases, and my heart palpitate like am in a major race, he leans from behind my soft as* and I can feel his growing erection swelling .

It’s such a turn-on, turning my hand behind I hold his firm butt and press him harder against my behind, he pushes off my long hair from off my shoulders and his soft wet tongue trace down the trunk of my neck, I move my hips in rhythm to his fingers circling on my hard n*pples

I tip toed, slightly parting my right legs letting him have access to my now very wet and dripping clot, he palm my clot slowly rubbing the base, then I felt his fingers skillfully stimulating me, drawing and teasing my cl*t, it’s heavenly, I throw my head backwards leaning on his hairy chest, and my hips start moving at their own rhythm, pushing against his hand.

As the sensations takes over, I raise my hands hanging tightly onto his neck, my eyes rolling to the back of my head, my jaw slack, and I blew out gasping, he slides his double fingers deep down, exploring the depths of my clot.

The pressure build slowly, sending tiny tingle tinkles inside me and shocks down my spine ….

“oh my gosh” excapes my lips
“Feel it, do you love it,” he whispers behind my ear, biting my earlobe and letting the tip of his soft wet tongue slip into my ear hole, gently fondling my breast with his left hands and the softness of his palms mesmerize me.

he slowly pull me to the couch and stand over me looking down on my naked body.

Keep still,” he warns,
bending over I can feel his breath warm against my bare skin.

He rub my belly then trail his face across my bare belly, his bearded mandly face sends tingling sensation all over me, he reach my navel he stops and dips his tongue inside,

licking it gently, and then gently grazes my belly with his teeth, going up ones more, he fiddle the tip of my nipple with his lips and then letting my n*pples disappear in between his lips he drew on it gently with his teeth, My body vibrate and I groan in ecstasy wanting more, I was seriously dripping now, too wet.

His nose glides along the line between my belly and my pubic hair, biting me gently, teasing me with his tongue.

He looks up at me, and gesture, needing a go ahead, I close my eyes bitting my lower lips, I nodded.

His eyes flashes and widen, he pulls me to a sitting position and push back my head on the couch, he kneels at my feet, pull grasping both my ankles and spreading my legs wide.

He grabs my left foot, bends my knee, and brings my foot up to his mouth. he tenderly licks and suck on each of my toes then bites each one of them softly on.

I vibrate and whimper, It was too much to take I needed him inside me.

He glides his tongue up my thighs and. I was dripping wet and almost exploding . I squeeze my eyes shut and try to absorb the sensations, hanging on for the real deal.

He trails his tongue up In between my inner thighs, skillfully nipping through every inch up my thighs. seductive, mind-blowing, I was going naught. “ gosh please,” I moan out.
ripples spread deep in my belly.

my breathe raced
The tip of his wet tongue move hastily inside of my thighs, he pushes my thighs apart as he does licks up .

He carefully drew a trail with his tongue way up my inner thighs to the bare lips of my clot, buries his face running his nose up and down my clot, very softly, gentle. my toe coils, … “shhhssssh” I let out moans,

my mouth open as my pounding heart struggles to contain. my eyes goes white, rolling back into my skull,
he pushes his nose into my pubic hair and inhales. I flush, I instantly shut my eyes.

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