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Inseparable – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 11]



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Story Title: Inseparable 

Episodes: 11

Category: Love, Romance 

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Just In one day, Vicky’s life was thrown from a simple and happy one into a complex and complicated life by the reality about the man she loved. She didn’t fit in at all, all and everyone made it clear to her that she was way out of her league in his circle.

The opposition was strong, but true love would surely prevail. His heart and hers, regardless of whatever they stood to lose would be the inseparable shield that won them the great battle.

Episode 1

He was waiting for her.

He had been waiting for minutes.

She liked it when she made him wait, it thrilled her. She opened the door of the restaurant and walked in with a wide grin on her face. He heard the sound of the door and looked to see if it was her this time or ifit still was another person who was coming in to have lunch with their partner.

Every time he heard the door open, he looked to see who it was and whenever he saw that it still wasn’t her, he felt his spirit fall. But now, she was here. And she was smiling that smile that made all of his problems evaporate I’m the twinkling of an eye.

He should be a little bit upset with her like most other guys, for keeping him waiting, but he was not. He wasn’t the slightest bit angry, not when she was smiling that smile. He couldn’t possibly be angry with her, it was just so impossible.

She walked to where he was sitting and planted a kiss on his forehead. Hnnn, how much he liked that. “I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.” She said. He knew she wasn’t sorry, he knew how much she lovedkeeping him waiting, and to him, it was a real turn on.

He smiled and pointed to the plate in front of him. It contained just one piece of grilled cheese sandwich- her favourite, and a mutton sausage- his favourite. “This was hot when I bought it and it took me an impossible amount of will power to stop myself from eating it. Now, it’s so cold, I could catch pneumonia from eating it.” He said, faking a grumble.

She laughed out. “I’ll take that as my punishment for keeping you waiting.” She said. A lady in a strapless red dress passed by their table and winked at him. “Ughh!” Vicky grunted. She was used to this happening in public but till today, she still didn’t know why.

He was an handsome guy, not drop dead handsomebut certainty handsome enough to turn a few femalenecks. At least, that was what one would have expected. He was just an average regular guy she met at a college where she taught economics, struggling to make ends meet like her, that was all.

He didn’t have a car or a house or anything, and all he owned was a few t-shirts and pairs of trousers but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was that she loved him. And she loved him so much that she didn’t care if strangers seemed to know something about him that she didn’t know.

He was just an average regular guy for all she knew.

At least, that was what she thought!

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