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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 3 Episode 6


I sat in my office trying to finish up with the necessary documents so that by tomorrow, I can leave with Emily to the city.

The sooner we meet Laura and talk to her the better for us,I thought as I kept on working on the important file.

Just then there was a brief knock and my dad walked into the room.

“Have you heard?”he asked as he walked towards me

“Heard what?”I asked starring at him.

“Your mom”he said again

“What happen to mom ?”I asked

“She has escape”he said and i stood up starring at him

“What? Mom has escaped ?”I asked still reeling from the shock.

“Yes she has, I didnt really get to listen to what the police officer was saying but I think you should go and see what’s happening”he said and I nodded.

Leaving the paper work for him to handle,I left the house heading to the police station.

How on earth did she get out of jail, I thought as I got out of my car,heading into the station.

As soon as I walked into the station, a police officer walked to me.

“You must be here for the case of your Mom right?Mr Callaghan”he asked

“Yes I am here for that,what happened? How did she escape?”I asked

“Well it seems like some one from the inside helped her escape”he said

“What? From the inside ! But my mom doesn’t know any one”I said wishing all this was a dream.

Now that she out, she will surely want to cause havoc in our lives again.

“Do you suspect any one?”I asked

“We don’t suspect any one sir but we are still searching for the culprit and once we get him, he will be spending the rest of his life in jail”the police officer said

“I hope so, I do hope so”I replied



“This is bad,now that Denise have escape wouldn’t she come for revenge?”My Mom asked as we all stood at the balcony waiting for Cade return

“Don’t start being melodramatic!”Cade father replied softly

“It’s not me being melodramatic, it’s the truth! Have watched it enough in films to know that she will certainly come back for it”She said quarelling with Cade father.

I stood by the balcony rail waiting for Cade return, I still don’t know how Denise manage to escape, who could have help her because she certainly can’t do it by her self.

I was still starring down the stairs when I saw Silas standing below starring at me.

Ever since the wake of David, I haven’t seen him since then and I thought that his anger at me was just for that day but seeing him starring at me now made me think other wise.

He hates me, just by looking at the expression on his face you can tell that he hates me,I thought as I kept on starring at him.

“Aren’t I right Emily?”my mom asked getting my attention and for a while I looked at her but when I stared back down stairs, Silas wasn’t there again.

Where did he go? I thought and just then I saw Cade arrive in his car.

“Cade is here!”I said wanting to go down stairs but my mom stopped me

“You are still recovering, he will surely come up to us when he deal with his car “My mom said and that made me stop.

We stood waiting for Cade to come upstairs and when he finally came upstairs,I ran to him,giving him a tight hug.

“How did it go?”I asked softly

“Judging from my father who is here, he must have told you of the incident?”Cade said starring at his father.

“How could I not? Your wife was worried about you? She kept asking until I gave in”he replied

“You should have told me your self,never leave with out telling me where you are going?”he said

“I won’t okay and you should stop worrying ,you need to get some rest now”he said not wanting to talk about Denise with me as an audience

“You won’t get me to leave this place if you keep on being secretive, tell me about Denise, I also have to know?”I said

“Fine then!”he muttered softly and began to tell us what he found out in jail.

“My daughter can’t keep staying here with Denise out there,her life is in danger “My mom said

“I agree with you on that”Cade said softly

“Of course not, I would prefer to be here with my husband, i will be fine “I said

“No you won’t Emily, your safety is what I want and it will be best if you go to the city and stay there for a while”he said

“What about you?”I asked softly

“I will be here helping be with the search and…….”

“I will also stay to help with the search,I can’t leave you here Cade,I just can’t, you are also a prey to your mom, after all you chose me over her, she will easily be angry about it l,so I refuse to leave”I said giving them all a determined look.



I woke up when I kept on hearing a loud noise, just where is this place and how come am not in jail,I thought as I stared around me

Last night! Last night some one had drugged me and maybe that is when he took me out with out any one seeing noticing.

Just who is this person and why did he or she bring me here.

Could it be Laura, the last message I sent to her could have given out a sign to her and she would have decided to help me,I thought as I walked to the door and began to knock on the door.

“Hello any one there? Hello?”I kept on knocking and no one came.

This is getting me scared, I thought as I left the door,heading back into the house.

What will I do now? What if this person just wants to kill me! I thought feeling so scared.

Just then I began to hear some one foot step and quickly I hid behind a large ward robe.

I heard the door open and I stayed still not wanting the stranger to know that am around.

Just then the ward robe was moved away and i gasp out when I saw who it was




“Are you done packing your stuff?”my father asked as he appeared in the door way

“Still packing up dad! “I replied as I threw into the luggage some of my undies

“You are sure that you don’t want to come with us?”I asked him

“Am sure, nothing will happen to me Cade, your mother wouldn’t want to hurt me, after all she still needs me”he replied softly

“I really want you to come with us to the city, it will be much safer there for you”I said

“I can’t, some one has to stay back to handle the resort and Isabel is still here, she will keep me company, just go with your wife and and try to find your child”he said patting my back

“Fine then, I will do as you wish”I replied softly

With Emily bent on staying with me,I decided that we should all leave together, I would rather leave than to put her life in danger once again, I thought as we both walk out of the room.

I got down stairs to see Emily hugging Gracie and Micheal.

They will be staying behind to deal with the resort public areas.

I left the room and was about to leave when I left the room.

“When you get there , call me okay”Gracie said shedding a bit of tears.

“It’s not like I won’t be coming back, I will be coming back,so stop being a drama queen” Emily said as she hugged her friend.

With our fare well said, Emily, her mom and I head to the air port with some guards accompanying us.



The journey to the city was a bit stressful but we made it there safely and why the guards took their position in front of our house, we went in and after the renuion with my dad and also the explanation as to why we are here, Cade and I retired to my room.

The room I used before I got married to him, I thought as I began to take off my Jewelry.

“What are you doing? Come help me with this?”I said as I turned my back to him to help me with my neck lace

“Am just starring at your room, it looks single like when you were still single”He said

“That’s because I was still single when I was using this room”I said

“But now you are no longer single, we should make this room look like a married woman room”He said as he went to his luggage to open up his bag

He took out a picture of himself and placed it on the the table

“Why would you bring that?”I asked starring at the picture


“To make you see me every day”he said

“But am seeing you every day already, I don’t need a picture because I have you already my love”I said as I went to his out stretched hands

I walked towards him and gave him a tight hug.

Life would be so great, if I had Cade and my child with me I thought happily.

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