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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 3 Episode 14


I stood by the window starring out side and waiting for them to wake up.

Its about time that wake up after all,I thought as I stared at my watch.

Just then I heard Cade voice, seems like he woke up first.

I walked to the switch and turn on the light and then making it known to them that I was in the room.

Cade stared at me and then he stared at Paulina who laid beside him

“Emily I……..”

“Shhhh… parents are down stairs, no one except me knows what is happening here and so hold it right there”I said to Cade

“And you, I will be giving you five minutes, just five to pack your stuff and get out of this house”I said to Paulina who kept on looking at me with out feeling any remorse or regret

“But I still have to look after Nina and ……..”

“Your services are no longer needed, Nina can now do with out you Paulina, so get out while am still sane in the head”I said and quickly she stood up using the sheets to cover herself and then she left the room In a rush.

“It’s not what you think Emily,I can explain”he said wanting to get up but I stopped him by raising my hand.

“You don’t have to say any thing Cade! Nothing you say can justify yourself”I said as I began to leave the room

“Emily I can explain, its not what you think…..”he stopped when I angrily threw the glass vase on the floor.

I walked out of the room heading straight to Nina room.

I was so angry when I saw Paulina there,trying to wake Nina up

“Just what are you doing?”I asked

“Taking the child,the child is in my care and so I have to take her away”She said and feeling so very angry I walked towards her and pull her by her hair

“Have had enough of you, you bitch, now get out of my house”I said pulling her by her hair, not caring if her scream was attracting every one

“Let me go! Let me go!”She said trying to hit me but I pulled her hair tightly and that made stop fighting

“Emily what are you doing?”My parents said as I walked past them still pulling Paulina hair

“What’s going on?” They asked as they followed us out

“Emily!!”Cade called and that made me lose focus causing Paulina to have a chance to free herself

“What are you doing Emily?”he asked as he ran towards me

“Why am I to be blamed for every thing, your husband wanted it and so I gave it to him, you have been nothing but frigid,that is why is he has come to me to satisfy his needs, I told you right? I told you that I can get your husband If I wanted to and I did and he was so good in bed “she said

Just hearing that irk me up, I went berserk and went towards her,hitting her face or any where else, I just had to hurt her like she did to me

Cade pulled away from her and she stood up touching her bloody mouth

“Look at what you did !”she yelled at me

“Just get out of here Paulina,get out!”Cade yelled at her and with one last glance at me, she left the house.

“Can some one please tell us what is going on?” My mother asked behind us

Cade still had his arm around me and in anger, I pushed it away and when he tried to move toward me, I slapped his face and went back up stairs.



After being thrown out of the house, I took a taxi, heading for the train station, I had to get to a pay phone.

I have to tell her what happened, the earlier she knows the better for us.

As soon as it stopped me at the train station, i went to a pay phone and dialled her number

“What news have you got ?”She asked

“I did as you have told me but it didn’t work out the way we were expecting, I was fired”I said

“You were fired? What good will you be when you are fired?”she asked

“I didn’t plan for this as well, I didn’t think that she would ask me to leave “I said softly

“Where are you right now? We need to talk face to face” she said.



“How did it really happen?”Laura asked

” Well I had put some thing in his drink and Then I led him up the stairs and when I got to my room,I took off his clothes and also mine and then I slept with him,I did every thing right Laura and am sure that Emily is very angry at Cade right now”Paulina said starring at me

“And so we must take our chance now, now that the two of them are not on good terms, we have to break them apart, what do you think David!”Denise sand softly

“You are right Denise, that was our plan after all,to make them doubt one another and also to keep them apart, you did well Paulina, all we have to do now is to get the child, that will bring the parent to us”I said softly.

“Will it work that way? “Laura asked

“Of course it would, once we get the kid, my son and his wife will certainly do all they can to get her back”Denise added

“And I will be here to pay her back for hurting me this way”Paulina said as she touched her swollen mouth and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing

“Tell me some thing? Did Emily do that to your face?”I asked

“She did”Paulina replied

“I never knew she was a he.ll cat, she is so wild and that’s why I like her, keep on with more strategy,I will be in the room”I said and walked off still thinking about Emily losing her Cool and scarring Paulina in the process,I would really like to see her lose her Cool in my arms and that will be happening soon enough.



“Are you going to stay here? Won’t you try to resolve this with Cade?”my mother asked as I put the quilt on the bed

“I don’t feel like talking to Cade mom and so just drop the topic “I said

“That Paulina could just be lying, try to talk about this with Cade ,don’t let ruin your marriage by believing her lies”My mom said and angrily I stopped making the bed to stare at her

“They aren’t lies okay, if she had been lying, I would never have act that way, I saw them both mom, they were naked and Cade had his arm over her, I had asked him to send her out but he refused,I should have known then and there that some thing was up with them”I said starring at her

“Emily you……..”

“Please,can I have some time with my wife”Cade said by the door way and I looked away angrily

My mother left the room and he walked in,I pretended not to see him and I continued with the bed

“I can see that you are preparing to move to the guest room” he said as he walked in

“I don’t feel like talking to you, so please just leave “I said

“Well I want to talk to you and you have to listen”he said

“Listen to what Cade! I don’t want to talk to you, neither do I want to see you, get out of here”I said throwing a pillow at him

Instead of him to leave, he pulled ms by my hand and began to take me down stairs

“Where are you taking me ?”I asked as I stared at her

“To see some thing”he said as he pushed me into his study.

He drew me to a seat and turned on the laptop in front of me

“What are…….”

“Shut up and watch?”he said as he began playing a video

I saw him talking to Paulina in the office and then he offered her a drink which he later drank in it, he got a call and walked out of the room and then I saw Paulina put some thing into his own drink and then I stared at Cade whose expression said I should watch it all.

I stared at the video and saw Cade walking back in and then he finish his drink and soon enough,he began to feel tipsy.

“Just as you said you suspected her yesterday, I tried to get some thing about her and I found out that she is an orphan who had no one but her self and when she told us that she was talking to her mom,I knew some thing was off”

“So I invited her for a drink, so I could get to question her more but it turns out that she had her own plan too in mind”he said

I stood up feeling guilty and apologetic, “Cade I……”

“You know Paulina wrong doing and also your anger didn’t hurt me ,what hurt me most is that you didn’t believe me, you decided to trust some one you had called a liar over me your husband, that’s so mean of you Emily”he said and walked out of the study.

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