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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 3 [Episode 1 – 17]




“He is nothing but trouble Emily, you should leave him now while you can”my mom continued not noticing Cade who was standing by the door

“Stop it mom! “I said but she continued to speak

“Am only telling you the truth Emily, I don’t want to lose you like I did with your mom, so cut off all ties with him, leave him while you can,his mother will keep on being a threat in your life and……..”

“Just stop it mom!!! “I yelled at her and she turned to look at me, when she saw that I was starring at the door way.

She followed my lead and when she saw Cade there she looked away In a hurry

“Cade!”I called

“I just came to check on you and since you are okay now, I will take my leave”he said turning to leave

“Cade! “I called but he wasn’t listening

I stood up wanting to go to him but my mom held me back

“Let him go, I already told him every thing I told you now”she said

“Why would you do such a thing!!”I yelled at her

“Because it’s the rightful thing to do, just let him go now, I beg you”she said but I was already on my feet heading out side

“Just so you know, Cade have already paid for what happened, so just leave him alone mom, I love Cade and am not ready to let him go “I said and quickly I went after Cade

He was just getting off the stairs when I called him.

“What are you doing up? You are still Ill”he said as he came to hold onto me

“I wouldn’t be up if you hadn’t avoided me a while back “I said

“I didn’t avoid you, I was just giving you some time with your mom” he said

“You heard what she was saying right?”I asked

“What do you want me to say?”

“Just tell me what is going on through your head? “I asked

“Do you really want to know?”he replied

“Yes I do! I want to know what you are thinking right now?”I asked

“She is right okay! Am not good enough for you, I don’t even deserve you, am a piece of thrash who ruined your life and I don’t deserve to be in your life ,I made your life hell”

“If I had never shown up in your life, you would still be living a peaceful life”he said softly.

“You wouldn’t be facing constant threats from my mom, you wouldn’t be in danger all the time, your life would still be the same as always ” he added

“That’s a lie Cade, my life would have never been the same because I hadnt met you yet , I wouldn’t have been able to live because you weren’t in my life”

“Don’t Listen to what ever my mom said, you are the one I love, the only one I want no matter what and we still have to find our…………”

“Our child is dead Emily, let’s face reality, do you think my mom would have kept the child alive knowing how much she hates you, she wanted you and your mother dead and having gotten our child,what do you think she did with the her?”he asked softly

“But she is alive,I can feel it Cade, why are you being this way? Is it because of what you heard a while ago, don’t be bothered about it, I already …………”

” I am bothered about it,am really worried about it because I know all of it is true, I don’t deserve you Emily! I don’t deserve your love and so it will be better that you listen to your mom advice”

“I would rather lose you than to see you hurt”he added

“Stop it Cade! not you too,now more than ever I need you! I need you,we need to find out child and ………”

“And nothing Emily, just leave, go back to the city with your mom, you will be more safer there”He said and walked off.

I stood watching him walk off, how can he just ask me to leave! How can he do this to me, I thought as I went back to the room.

“What’s wrong?”my mom asked as I walk into the room

“He just asked me to leave mom! Cade has asked me to leave his life, are you satisfied now?”i asked.

She stared at me for a while and walk towards me pulling me into a hug.



“Are you making the right decision by asking her to leave?”my father asked as we both sat at the patio

“I don’t know dad! all I know is that it’s best if she leaves”I said slowly

This whole issue have brought my father and I close.

I find that I can unburden my self to him and he has been a good listener and adviser

“Will that solve the situation on ground? What assurance do you have that she will be saved over there?”he asked

“Her parents will be with her and I will have some guards watching over her” I said

“Cade! Don’t let what her mom say get to you, I wasn’t able to fight for the woman I love because I thought I didn’t deserve her and I regret it, I regret it so much Cade”he said softly

“And this woman would be Emily birth mom?”I asked softly

“Yes, I loved her so much but due to a one night maddness, I lost her, I should have fought for her but I let her go thinking that it will be the best thing and I regret it, I regret it so much”

“So Cade don’t be like me, don’t be like me who is now regretting, you can still do some thing about it now but if you don’t do some thing, you will be regretting it for the rest of your life”he said

“Cade! Cade! Cade!”Emily mom yelled out as she ran into the room

“What’s going on?”I asked as I stood up

“Emily is missing! I can’t find her any where, please do some thing”She said looking so desperate

Immediately I left the patio while my dad called for the guards.



I kept on walking until I saw the familiar house.

Would she be home? I thought as I climbed up the hill and got to her house.

I began to knock but there was no answer.

“Where could Lucy be?”I muttered as I kept on knocking on the door.

Lucy was there, she knows every thing and she is the only one who can tell me what really happen to my child.

If every one believes that she is dead, I don’t and I won’t give up until I get my child back,I thought as I began to head back home.

I didn’t notice that the sky had changed and that it will be raining soon.

I was still walking down the street when the rain began to pour.

There was no place I could run to for shelter and so I kept on going.

The place where I had been shot began to throb a little but I didn’t pay any attention to it.

If I can at least get back to the town,I will surely find a shelter , I thought as I kept on going.

Just then a car drove past me and I saw that it stopped.

“Need any help?” the guy from the car asked whistling softly

“No”I replied as I kept on going

“We can certainly help you, the rain is still falling and your dress is all wet and clingy”the other guy said as he stared at me lu$tfully

“If I need any one help,I will surely tell you as of now I don’t need your help,so just keep on going “I replied

“She is so rude”one of them muttered

“Rude and sxy, should we just leave her as she have requested”the other asked and I knew that these two will be a problem.

I began to walk faster but the more I walked the more their car kept on following me

It got to a point that they got out of the car and began to follow me in the rain.

It was then that I knew that I was in danger, I began to run only to see them coming after me.

As I kept running, the pain on my abdomen here worse.

I was about rounding a bend when they caught me.

“Let me go!’i yelled at them

“You are coming with us little missy, so stop yelling, no one will hear you any way”one of them said while the other went to bring his car.

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