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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 2 Episode 7


I laid on the bed locked up in the room, I haven’t touched the food that David brought.

I didn’t feel like eating ,all I wanted to do was to get out of here, I want to go back home, back to Cade.

I don’t want to be with a manaic, he doesn’t love me, if he does he wouldn’t have take me force fully, he wouldn’t have tried to force himself on me, he would want me to be happy with the man I chose right!

But he is selfish, he wants me for him self and have taken me forcefully for it, David is sick and I hope that Cade is doing his best to find me, would have even know that am missing? I thought

I got up and stared at my watch and just then a memory came to me……………..



(Hours before the party)

After the shopping with Gracie, I had forgotten my purse in one of her package and so I was heading to her room when I heard a disscussion between two guards

“Wow what sort of watch is this?”the first guard asked as he stared at the other watch.

“It’s not just a watch,it’s has a tracking device in it”the one with the watch replied

“Really! Where did you get it from?”He asked

“Well my girl bought it for me, she is worried about the work I do and so she has bought me a tracker to reach every where I go”he replied

“Wish I had a girl friend too who knows she might also get me the tracking watch”the other said and they walked off.

Through the rest of the day,I kept on thinking about the watch , it might come in handy if I surely need it and so when David send me the package which contained my picture and the letter, I went to get it .

While Cade was distracted for a while,I went in search of the guard and I got the watch from him

“I just need the watch for the party tonight! I will give it to you when the party is over”I said

“Are you feeling threatned in a way Ma’am, you can tell us who it is and we will deal with it”he said as he handed me the watch

“I just got a strange package today, it’s nothing, as long as I am wearing the watch I will be fine, not a word to my husband though”I said as I went back to the party.



Luckily the watch is still on me, David didn’t think of removing it and that has made it a lot easier.

The door opened and quickly I got back on the bed

“Why haven’t you eaten yet “he asked as he stared at the food and at me

” I just don’t feel like it”I replied

“Starving your self won’t get you any where Emily, I want you to eat and stay healthy”he said

“I just don’t feel like eating”I said softly and his gentle face hardened into an angry one

“Don’t make me force you to do things you don’t want Emily, I can be very sweet as Cade and Charming like him but when I get mad, I lose it Emily m, so don’t make me mad!”he said and i nodded

It’s better to be on his good side than to be on his bad side I thought as I went to the tray of food which was on the table.

I was about carrying it when I felt him wrap his arms around me

“Just knowing that you are here with me makes me feel good Emily, you don’t know how much am enjoying your company right now, I love you”he said softly and when I didn’t answer him, he gave me a kiss on the cheek

“As long as it take I will wait, i will wait until I get to hear you say those words back to me”he added and then left the room

I stood starring at the food and also wishing with all my heart that Cade would find me soon.



“So what you are saying right now is that the watch is with her ?”I asked the guard who gave her the watch.

“It should because the tracking device is still on sir”he said

“This will really be of great use”the detective said as he began to call for back up

“You mentioned some thing about her getting a package right? “I asked

“Yes she said she got a package but that I shouldn’t worry Because it’s nothing to worry about”he said

“Thanks for the tip, please I want you to start the search as soon as you can”I said as I left the room heading straight for our bed room .

If she had got a package, where could she have put it, I thought as kept on searching

The package will certainly give us a clue as to who would have taken her.

I was about to leave when I saw some thing by the cupboard

I went to it and saw that it was a box and in it were pictures of Andrea.

Some one have been taking pictures of her, I thought as I scrolled through the pictures.

I got to a letter and opened it only to see some thing crazy Written on it

“You will be mine tonight”

Just who is this jerk? I thought as I head out of the room starring at the letter.

It looks familiar, I thought and just then I realise whose it was.

Heading straight to the study, I went to take the account book to compare the hand writing and it turn out to be the same.

David deals with the company account and so the hand writing is his.

He is the one who took Emily.

‘that bastard! “I yelled and went back to the living room

The police officer was talking to the guard and my parents were both on the chair listening to every thing when I arrived

“It’s David!”I said and every one stared at me

“What do you mean by that Cade?”

“Emily got a package last night and there was a note left in it, I know the hand writing because it belong to him and I confirmed it by comparing it to the account book, it belongs to David”I finished

“Are you sure about this sir”The detective asked

“I am”I replied softly

“I can’t believe this!” My father said

“David won’t be capable of such a thing”my mom said and I turned to look at her.

“He is capable of such things mom, he has been acting weird recently, why didn’t I see this coming?”I said feeling very angry at my self for not noticing some thing

“But still David is your friend, you shouldn’t be talking this way about him!”my mom said again and it suddenly made me wonder why she is defending him.

She has never gotten along with David and each time she sees him, she always talks about him In a disapproving way, so why is she suddenly defending him now.

“He is my friend and that is why I know what he is capable of,now detective can we go and get my wife”I asked

“What! Are you going too? That’s dangerous Cade, don’t go, just let the police do it”my mom said quickly

“My wife is in danger! I just can’t sit back and do nothing mom”I said and turned to the police

“What next?”I asked

“He will be coming with us, if we were to call in an expert to track the device, it will take more time and we can’t afford to lose more time, what we have to do now is to head to the place, he might get a clue about the watch and if that is lost, we will have a hard time locating them” he said

“Fine then! Let’s leave “I said leaving the house with the police.



I stood by the window, starring out side.

It’s has only been a day and yet it feel like it’s been a month.

I can’t stand being here and my only hope is that they manage to track me down, I thought as I walked around the room.

Just then I heard some one approaching the door and I knew who it was even before he walked into the room

“You standing by the window won’t gain you any thing Emily! This place is quite deserted, before you can get to the town,it will take you an hour or so, this room is very high and if you are thinking of escaping through it, you will only meet your death”he said

“I know and am not so dumb as to try to escape, I was just feeling a bit suffocated and I needed some air”I said

“That’s good to hear then”he replied softly

“Tell me some thing, do you plan on keeping me here for good?”I asked

“No am making some plans for us, you and I will be going some where very far,you can bet on that!”he said looking very serious about it.

I nodded softly and continued to stare out side, If things keep on being this way! David will surely take me away and that is some thing I can’t let happen, I need to escape, I need to get out of here as soon as possible and I need to come up with an escape plan.

“Emily I……”

“Can we take a stroll, I really feel suffocated in here, can we take a stroll I just need to be out of this room”I said and he kept on starring at me suspiciously

“Fine then, but don’t try any thing funny, I will be watching you”he said and i gave him a smile in return.

If only you know what I have in store for you!,I thought as I walked out of the room.

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