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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 2 Episode 3

“What nonsense are you saying” my father yelled at me

“It’s not nonsense dad, I love Emily but she loves that je.rk “I said feeling angry


“That is because she loves him, she is his wife ,wake up from your dream and stop this madness”he said

“It’s not maddness dad, it’s what I call love “I said

“Some thing is definitely wrong with you!”he said as he tried to take the stone but I pulled it from him

“Nothing is wrong with me father and this belongs to me”i said as i pull the stone away
from him

“This is insanity!”he yelled at me

“Think whatever you want father, all I know is that I love Emily and someday she will be mine soon”I said as I walked off with the carved stone.

After putting the stone in a safe place,I decided to take a walk.

Father have gotten me angry, why won’t they just under stand that I love Emily.

If Cade wasnt in the way, I would have gotten her attention and some how make her to love me just as much as I love her.

I was walking towards the field when I heard her voice.

I can’t be mistaken,it’s certainly her voice, I thought as I followed the path where the sound came from

I saw Emily wrapped in Cade arms, they layed on the bare grass and their only clothing was Cade shirt which he used to cover the both of them.

Seeing him with Emily made my anger boil so much.

He stood up and went to put on his jeans while he came back to Emily with her clothes to put it on for her.

As ifhe could sense that I was looking at them,He covered her with his body and the only time I saw her again was when she had her clothes on.

“You are too over protective”I heard her say

“You are mine only and am the only one that deserves to see your body”He said and then carried her and head to the car.

I clenched my hands as I stared at them, I should be the one with her, I should be the one hovering around her, I should be the one touching her not him, not Cade, I thought as I hit the tree in anger.


“put me down”She said as she tried to get off but I held her tight

“Cade people are watching!”she said

“Let them watch,they should know that you belong to me”he said giving me a quick peck on the cheek

“You are so stubborn”She said as she curved her arm around my neck .

We were still going when I saw Isabel standing by the stairs starring at us

“Have some thing to say”I asked

“What do I have to say, all I know is that your happiness won’t last”She said

“You never can tell Isabel ,since you are not a socrerer, now please get out of my way”I said

“I might not be able to tell but I know for a fact that you two won’t make it together”she said and walk off.

I kept on going and i noticed that Emily had been quiet during the whole exchange with Isabel.

I got to the room and put her on her feet and turned her towards me to look at her face

“Don’t let her words get to you, I love you as you are,never forget that?”he said

“Why are they against our love, why is fate cruel to us this way, am scared Cade”She said as she hugged me tight

“Scared about what?”,

“Scared that the memory which I can’t remember will pull us apart once again, you heard what Lucy said, she said that I shouldn’t try to find out and I know that it must be some thing bad, I don’t want to lose you, neither do I want to be separated from you” she said

“I also feel the same, I love you and we won’t be separated, promise that no matter what happen, we won’t ever be separated”I said and she nodded

“I promise you” she said and once again, I lifted her in my arms and put her on the bed

“Have some rest okay,I will be over there doing some paper work”I said and she nodded

I was busy with some paper work when I saw that she has slept, is time to get my answers and I know who to see about that.

Getting out of the room slowly, I left the room and went to the patio in search of my mom but she was no where to be found and then I went to the study and she was there going through some papers.

“And was the cliff trip with your wife?”she asked as I walked into the room.

“How do you know that we went to that place?”i asked

“What do you think”she answered

“You had some one following us?”

“What other means would I have known,seems like your wife have gotten over the fact that you rapped her “she said

“What are you trying to say”

“Apart from telling me that you visited the place where she had the fall, he also told me about your illicit behaviour at the field”she said having a smile on her face

“I won’t have you tailing me all the time, put down your guard dog or else?

“Or else what? are you going to threaten me because of that girl!”she yelled at me

“Am not threatning you, all I want is for you to stay away from my wife and I!”I said

“And you think that I will listen to you”she said starring at me

“Don’t make me do what I don’t want to do mom, don’t make me disown you as my mom because if I do, you will regret it, you will regret having me as a son”I said again

“Fine then, since you have drawn out your sword,I will do as you say “she said calming down a bit

“You can leave now! You have told me what you have to”she said

“That’s not all mom, tell me why you had brought a nurse into the estate ten years ago?”I asked

She was shocked at first but then she tried to cover it up with a smile

“What nurse? What are you talking about?”she asked

“You know what am talking about mom, tell me why you brought a nurse into our home ten years ago ”

“I never brought a nurse, every one was perfectly fine and so I had no use for a nurse”she said

“Emily wouldn’t lie about seeing a nurse on the day of her fall right?”I said

“She is not right? Why would you even believe what she says, she must have got a memory mixed up “She said

“Emily is right mom”I said

“Why do you say that?”she asked looking away nervously

“Because your hands are shaking, your hand shakes when you are nervous and if some one is nervous, is either they are scared of some thing or they are lying, which category do you fall in mom!”I asked

“I have no idea what you are……..”

“Stop it mom! You know very well that Lucy is that nurse and that you brought her to the mansion for a purpose”I yelled hitting the table

“Leave Cade, am not going to tell you a thing”she said as she went to stand by the window

“Mom! I won’t ask you again, why did you bring a nurse into our home?”I asked

“Have given you my answer already, I don’t know what you are talking about”

“Fine then! I gave you a chance to say the truth, I will just have to find out myself”I said and left the study room in anger.


It was dark already and with out the lights on the room was dark .

I tried to get up only to feel a arm around me, I smile knowing that it was Cade

He pecked my neck softly and snuggled close to him.

“My love”I said trying to feel his face in the dark but it felt weird, this doesn’t look like Cade

“Yes, am your love” the stranger said and quickly I got out of the bed and turned on the lamp light only to see…..

“You???”I said starring at the

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