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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 2 Episode 14


“Where is my child you witch! What did you do with her!” I yelled at Denise who stood starring at me

“What are you saying Emily? What child are you talking about?”Cade asked as he held onto me

“She took away our child Cade! She took her away !”I said

When the killer she sent tried to kill me,I remembered it all, it was the last bit of memory that I had to remember and when I did, it really hurt, Lucy was right, she knew this all along that is why she told me to try not to remember.

“What rubbish are you saying? Was she given some sort of drug”Denise said and I wanted to hit her once again.

“You know what am talking about Denise , after all the man you sent to kill me at the hospital gave me a fare well message from you”

“I should never have come back,I should have died when i fell off that cliff, I should never have met Cade again and I should never have come back to the island, i should have forgotten every thing but my stupid brain had to remember it all and having no choice i will have to die, my time has been due enough and it’s time i died” I spat out starring at her

“What nonsense is she saying! Is your wife intoxicated with some thing Cade? What the hell is she………..”

“The last message he gave me was that I should ……..say hi to your grandchild when I see her”I said cutting her off.

“Enough Emily! You just arrived from the hospital and here you are putting blame on Mom”Isabel said as she came to stand beside her, I didn’t pay her any attention, I stared at Cade.

“This arent just assumptions Cade, I was pregnant, I gave birth to your child and she……she took my child away!”I yelled crying out

“Cade do not believe her! She is lying, I have no idea why she is doing this but I know nothing of a child, I know nothing of her giving birth …………”

“Stop with the lies Denise!!!!!”Cade father yelled suddenly and all eyes turned on him

He walked towards her and held up her shaking hand.

“When you lie! You get nervous, Ever since Emily started with her confrontation, your hands have been like that, you managed to keep it hidden when Cade and I questioned you about the kidnap but not now Denise”He said and quickly she jerked her hand away

“This is nothing and i didn’t do what she is accusing me of, Emily was never pregnant and I didn’t take any child from her” she lied, defending her self

“Lies! Emily was pregnant!”Some one yelled from the door way and we all turned only to see my mom standing there .

“Mom!”I said as she ran towards her to give her a hug

“How have you been my child, i was so worried when Micheal called me about you”She said holding me tightly

“Apart from having her two low lives of a friend here, do we also have to endure her too?”Isabel asked

“Mind your manners Isabel or I will shut you up myself”i heard Cade giving her the reply she deserves .

My mom pulled out of my embrace and began to head towards Denise

“After killing her mom, you took her to that place and kept her hidden for months, she gave birth to your son child and then you took the child from her? How can one be so cruel” my mom said starring at her

“You knew?”I asked starring at her

“Yes I did, you fell from the cliff and when Lucy had told us you were still alive, we kept you in hiding and the doctor who came to check on you told us that you were pregnant, you had given birth to a child,a child which she took from you” My mom said starring at her

“Okay have had enough of this nonsense, am leaving this place “Denise said turning to leave and suddenly we all heard a glass broke

I turned to see that it was Cade doing, he had thrown glass tea cup on the floor and every thing had splattered on the floor.

“You aren’t going any where until you have answered all our questions mom!”he said starring at her

“Have told you already, I didn’t do any thing, I didn’t take any………..”

“Stop with your lies mom! Don’t force me to do some thing I might regret!” He yelled at her again

“Just say the truth you wtch! First you killed her mom and then you take her child away! What sort of monster are you !!” My mom said walking towards her and pulling her by her hair

It took a while before they pulled my mom away from Denise.

“Just say the truth, I just can’t stand her lies any more!”My mom said

Denise sat on the floor starring at nothing and suddenly she began to laugh getting our attention

“Mom are you okay!”Isabel asked as she moved towards her but Denise pushed her away

“You all want to know if there was a child right? There was a child”she said starring at us all

“What did you do my child”I yelled at her

“It was a girl and she looked so much like Cade, keeping her would have been like keeping a bad charm,she was a child born in a sinful way, she just had to be gone and so I ………..”she paused starring at me

“I killed her”she said having a sick smile on her face

“I killed her by stabbing her to death, I killed your child Emily, I killed her”She yelled at me

I couldn’t hold back the anger in me and I ran towards her hitting her.

Cade was the one who pulled me away from her.

“You witch! What did I ever do to you, I was just a child and yet you did all that to me!”I yelled at her

“You deserved it, you along with your mom deserved what happened to you, she for seducing my husband and you for coming into our lives”

“I never killed or harm any one but ever since you and your mom came into our kives, tje urge to kill began, you all turned me to a monster”She said yelling at us all

“You for ever looking at another woman when you had me as your wife and you for being gullible, if only you had acted like a man,I wouldn’t have had your burden on me, I wouldn’t have tried to kill and lie just to get rid of your secret”

“You all caused this on me, so you have no one to blame but your selves”She yelled

There was a soft knock on the door and three police men walked in

“We came just as you requested sir!”The leader of the two said as he walked towards us.

“Take her away, I have all of her confession here”Cade father said as he gave them a phone.

“What is that for? Why will the police take me away Christopher ?”She said questioning her husband

“You will be told that in jail, don’t make things easy for her because she is my wife, treat her like the criminal she is”He said and immediately the guards took hold of her

“What is this! Let me go! Let me go!”She yelled as she was being pulled out side

“You can’t do this to me, I did all of it for you and Cade, you shouldn’t be treating me like a criminal, this is a mistake,tell them that it’s a mistake”

“My greatest mistake is marrying you Denise, take her away!”Christopher said and the police drew her off even when she kept on resisting.

Feeling the pressure weigh on me,I staggered a bit and immediately Cade was beside me holding me still.

“Are you okay?”he asked and I nodded gently

“I don’t think so”he said and before I could do a thing, he carried me into his arms and began to head up stairs.

As soon as he laid me on the bed, he turned to leave but I held him back.

“Do you believe what she said?”I asked

“About our child dying?”he asked and I nodded softly

“If she says she is dead, we have no option than to just accept it”Cade said softly

“But I don’t think she is Cade, I don’t think our child is dead, she isn’t dead,I can feel it in me I know that our child is still alive, you have to trust me”.

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