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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 2 Episode 10


“Where am I?”I muttered as I kept walking through a white thick fog.

I could hardly see a thing,neither could I see any one.

What sort of place is this and why on earth am I here? , I thought as I kept walking truing to find a place some thing or some one.

The more I walk, the more the fog thickens. the last thing I remember was being shot by David and then I can’t remember any thing after wards

Am I dead? The thought came to me and quickly I Shaked it off.

I can’t possibly be dead, I still have a lot to do and things to achieve, my parents still need me and most importantly Cade still need me and I need him too, I don’t want to die yet, I just can’t possibly die.

“And I still need you ” a little voice said behind me.

I turned to see a little girl starring at me, she looks about ten in age and she has a lovely smile, a smile which I knew so well.

It’s the same smile Cade sends my way each time we are joking or just happy at being with each other.

“I need you, so please don’t go!”the little girl said again.

“Why do you say you need me? I don’t even know you?”I asked as I crouched in front of her starring at her

“You do know me,you just can’t remember!”she said putting her hand on my stomach, I gasped out when I felt some thing moving in me

“What did you do ?”I asked as I stared at her

“You said you don’t remember me and so have made you remember , come for me mommy, I will be waiting for you”The little girl said and then she disappeared through the fog.

She called me mommy, she called me mommy, that thought kept ringing through my head that I didnt realise that the child has left.

“Come back! Come back please,you can’t go, not again”I muttered as I knelt on the floor crying.

Mean while at the hospital,the doctors were performing Emily Operation and the monitor had shown a parallel line , indicating that Emily is dead.

“Time of death……Saturday on the twenty……..”the doctor stopped when Emily who every one thought was dead took a deep breath

“Doctor she is back! “one of the nurses said

“Hurry then, let the operation continue”The doctor said and immediately the operation continued.



I stood in the hospital waiting room, pacing about.

It’s been three hours now and the doctor haven’t gotten out to tell us what happen yet.

Just what is going on inside the operating room? Why are they taking long to come out? Have some thing happen?

Those thoughts kept on running through my head.

“Take this Cade! You have been here for the past three hours and you haven’t taken any thing “Gracie said as she gave me coffee

“I don’t want? All I want is for my Emily to be better, I will be at ease when am assured of that !”I said not taking the out stretched coffee from her.

“Better!you dare say better”Micheal who had been quiet for a while now said behind me.

“This is all your fault! If only you had never married her, Emily wouldn’t be in a situation of life and death, you are nothing but trouble for her, you have been nothing but trouble !”Micheal yelled at me

“What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know that apart from him being Emily husband, he is also our boss?”Gracie asked

“To heck with him being our boss, have had enough of keeping my mouth shut just because he hired us, can’t you see that he is putting Emily life in danger ?” Micheal yelled starring at me

“I never got to under stand why you always behaved this way when it comes to Emily but now have finally under stand”I said starring at him.

“What do you know? You know nothing at all”He said and began to walk off

“Why didn’t you ever tell her? She knew you first, she worked with you as her colleague for a very long time, you loved her yet you couldn’t tell her !”I said and that made him stop

“You should stop blaming me for your mistakes, you had the chance but you never used it, I love Emily and she loves me, so it’s best that you start getting her out of your heart ” I added when he said nothing.

“Do you think I don’t know that? If I had known that you would show up in her life, I wouldn’t have kept shut, I would have told her my feeling but it’s too late for that now and all I just need from you is to assure me of her safety,your life have always been in danger all the time, just assure me that you will take care of her, that is all I ask for”He said softly

“Emily is my life and of worst comes to worst, I will be willing to lay down my life for her!”I said and he nodded in acknowledgement

“I do hope that you stick to your promise, I do hope so”he said and walked off with Gracie trailing behind him.

“Mr Callaghan?”on hearing the doctor call, I went towards him and the waiting nurses behind Him

“What happen to my wife?”I asked as I kept starring at him

“She is out of danger, we have removed the bullet but she is still Unconscious, we will have to wait for her to wake up”He said and I felt so relieved

“Can I see her?”I asked

“No,you can’t see her, tomorrow will be best to do that”He said and I nodded in return.

Now that I know that Emily is out of danger, Its time to get some one to confess, I thought as I began to head out of the Hospital.



“Please inspector just let me see him,he has no one else but me”I begged the police man to give me a chance to see David.

Getting the news that David is in jail surprised me a lot

I never knew that he would have gone this far just to get the boss wife.

I only thought that it was Just him fancying her but it turns out that he is very serious about her.

Serious as to abduct her ,I thought as I gave the inspector a pleading look.

“Please sir, just let me see him for a while, you are a father too, you should under stand”I said hoping this would allow him to let me in

“Fine then,it will only be for a while”he said and led me to the cell where David was kept.

“Father!”He called when he saw me

“How are you?”I asked

“Bad! Am feeling so bad right now?”

“Don’t worry son,I will talk to Cade father, he will help me in getting you out of……..”

“Am not talking about that father, I don’t feel bad because am here, am feeling had because I had shot Emily, my love! How is she father? Have you heard any news from them?”he asked

“I can’t believe this David, you are not worried about your self even if you will be locked here for good,yet you are worried about that Emily!”I said in anger

“I shot her father,i feel guilty,I only wanted to kill Cade, Killing Cade was my only objective but she got in the way and the gun…….father please help me find out how she is?”he said looking crazy.

“David what is wrong with ……….”

“Nothing is wrong with me, all am asking of you now is to help me find out how Emily is! Is that so hard to do?” He yelled at me

“It isn’t, I will do that now”I said quickly bringing out my phone to call some one

“Apparently she is out of danger, you can stop feeling guilty”I said

“Thank Goodness, I thought I had killed her, I thought I would never have the chance to talk to her again or to have her in my arms again”he said

“You won’t be having her in your arms because you will be in jail, have you thought of that?”I yelled at him to make him see reason but he only smiled

“You don’t have to worry dad, now that I know that Emily is alive, I wont be in jail for long?”

“Don’t tell me you are planing to go back to that girl once you are out of here?”I asked

“I plan to do some thing far worse father, do not worry, your son won’t be in here for too long, just be rest assured”he said looking at me and I kept on thinking about what he said even when the police escourt me out of the police station , I kept on thinking about David and what he is planning.

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