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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 15]



Hand in hand Cade and i walked out of the house heading towards the car.

“That was like a slap in the face to your mom”I said

“She deserves it,she was thrilled when I told her that I will be sending you away but her seeing you this morning shocked her”he said as he put his arm around me.

“Don’t you think your mother will try to do some thing more, she is very cunning !”I said

“I know she will try to do some thing just to separate us but am sure that we can with stand it and i hope that she has learned her lesson with what she did years ago and recently “he said and i stared at him

“I can under stand the one of years ago but recently? Are you trying to say that she caused what happened on to you?”I asked feeling shocked.

How could a mother have done that to her son?” I said

“Not to me but to you”he said softly

“What ?”

“She wants you out of the way Emily and she knows that you are the only important person to me, she wants to separate us and by killing you is the only way to do that!”I said

“Oh Cade, this is getting out of hand, why don’t we just report her to the police”I asked and i saw the sad look on his face

“Even though she has done a lot of things and have always made me unhappy, she is still my mom, I can’t bear seeing her in jail”he said with tears in his eyes and i hugged him tight.

“Am sorry for suggesting that Cade”I said as I held him tight.

“Wow! What a lovely scene” David behind us and we turned to stare at him

“From what I see you two are back together”he said starring at me

Ever since his confession, I haven’t laid my eyes on him and seeing him now made me remember the kiss he gave me, Cade doesn’t know about it and that is because I never told him about it and I don’t want him to know.

“What do you want?”Cade asked him

“Let’s just go Cade, you don’t have to talk to him”I said as I pulled him off

“Does he know”David asked suddenly

“Just shut up and go away David”I yelled at him, Wanting him to get lost but he did the opposite

“What? Are you scared of your husband finding out what we did”he said and I stared at Cade only to see him looking at David with anger.

“You want to know what happened between your wife and I ? Well we kssed, and it was very ………”he couldn’t finish his words because Cade went to him and pun¢hed him on the face.

“You ba$tard, I told you to stay away from my wife!” Cade yelled wanting to hit him again but I held Cade back

“Don’t let him provoke you,he isn’t worth it!”I begged him

David wiped the blood from his mouth and he stood up too smiling.

“Did you see that? He is a bea$t that once harmed you, do you think that by staying with him,he won’t harm you again”He asked and Cade wanted to go to him but I stopped him

“Why don’t you let him come, let him have his way and you will see what am …….”

“That’s enough! David, stop it with your rubbish, stop trying to keep Cade and i apart, I love him and no matter what he did, I still love him, I will keep on loving him till the day I die, so for the last time, am warning you, stay away from us”I yelled at him cutting him off.

“You heard my wife, if I should see you close to her again you will be receiving more than a punch from me “Cade added and together, we left for the car.

As soon as the car hit the road, Cade was all silent and that is unusual of him.

I kept on stealing glances at him but it’s like he never saw me or noticed my presence.

“Cade please talk to me, your silence is driving me nuts”I said and he stopped the car

“I waited for you to tell me! Why did you let him do it?”he said

“So you knew?”

“I saw you two kssing and I kept quiet about it wanting you tell me the truth”

“I know that you must have not told me because you didn’t want me to be worried but I would have preferred hearing it from you than from him”he said

“Am sorry, as you have said, I didn’t want you to be worried and David means nothing to me, I thought of his as a friend before but I don’t now”I said

“Is that really true, I don’t want any man taking you from me, you belong to me and I do the same with you”Cade said and i nodded softly

“I love you”I said and his response was a swift kss.


I stood by the terrace waiting for him to call me.

I need to get my answers now, I need to know what those two are up to.

“Denise! Denise!”David walked in yelling out my name

“I can’t believe this! Just because we made a deal doesn’t give you the right to…………aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!”I yelled out when David held me by my neck and pushed me to the wall.

“You told me she will be mine, you to me you will do all you can to keep them apart and why are they still together, why in hell name are they still together”David said looking like a ¢razy man.

“Let me go first,you are hurting me”I said

“I don’t care, all I want right now is Emily, can’t you see how desperate I am for her, why won’t you help me!”he yelled at me again

“Let me go and we will talk properly”I said and reluctantly he did as I said.

“I need Emily , she is the only thing I want”he said looking pale and he was shaking all over.

You can tell that he is very obsessed with Emily ,I thought as I stared at him

“What will you do?”he said yelling at me

“I will try to find a way to get Emily to you “I said

“What will you do, from every thing you have been doing, I haven’t gotten her, do I have to do some thing to Cade to get you to work fast?”he asked

“What? You better leave Cade out of this?”

“Why are you suddenly being protective, you caused his accident and he would have died if I hadn’t done some thing then, I regret helping him now, I should let him die or I should have finished him off then”She said

“Don’t you dare mess with Cade! “I yelled at him

“Then give me what I want, I want Emily, I want her and if you don’t want some thing bad to happen to him, you will hurry up”he said

“You weren’t like this when you were inlove with Isabel!”I said

“So you knew I liked but still you kept belittling me in front of her, you made her see Cade Like some sort of hero,we I don’t love her any more and she can have him, all I want now is Emily”he said

“Fine I will get her for you, I will get her for you, just don’t do some thing to my son”I begged

“Fine then, I will wait, I will give you time but I won’t be waiting for long and if you should take more time, I will kill Cade ,I mean it”he said and left the terrace.

How will I get out of this one, I thought as I left the room, thinking of a way do what David wants.


“Is this the place?”I asked as I stood in front of the cliff

“Yes it is,they me you had fell from there”he said.

I stood starring at it and I closed my eyes trying to see if I can get to remember some thing.

I did remember some thing, I saw my self running towards the cliff and then Denise and the guards running after me

Denise asking them to do what they must and the guards pushing me too.

I remembered that I had fallen but I had not died and some one had come to check on me and it had been Lucy, Lucy in a nurse uniform.

Lucy was a nurse ? I thought I got out of my reverie.

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