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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 1 Episode 9


“Don’t you ever scare me like that again, I was so worried Emily”He said as he held me in his arms

“If you are thinking of ways to make me pay for what I did,do some thing to me Emily but don’t you do some thing to harm your self, don’t even get into any harm and don’t go any where with out protection, just the idea of you in danger drives me crazy”he continued and some how I enjoyed hearing those things.

He pulled me back and I saw the how desperate he looked, had he really been worried, I thought,if he had been then he really do loves me, his mother could be Wrong.

“What happened to your head?”he said wanting to touch it but I stopped him by pushing his hand away

“Am fine, it’s just a small scratch “I said

“Oh! Okay then, I will get the doctor to do some thing about it, you wouldn’t want to go to the party looking like that right?”he asked

“And I…..I wasn’t running away Cade, I wasn’t “I said

“Then why did you leave the boutique, why did you leave with out saying a thing”He asked

“I just went for a walk, I didn’t know I had gone far and am sorry I got you all worried “I said

“It’s okay, am just glad that you are safe,as soon as the doctor comes, get some rest before the party”He said

“But I should be down there preparing with them!”

“You major in advertising not as an event planner, leave the work to them and get some rest “he said and left the room before I could ask him more questions.



“And that’s it”The doctor said as he put the band aid on the injury.

“Just use the studs as have told you to and you won’t have any more injury”The doctor said

“Thank you doctor”I said

“Why don’t I walk you to the door!”Micheal said as he walked the doctor out

“How are you feeling now?”Gracie asked as she sat on the bed with me

“Am feeling good”I said

“I don’t under stand that husband of yours, shouldnt he be the one here with you?” Micheal asked as he walked back in

” Maybe he is busy”Gracie said

“No matter how busy he might be,he should still be here”Micheal persisted

“You are wrong Micheal,he was here earlier and he called the doctor”I said

“But that doesn’t mean that he should be away from you, if I were Cade I would be by your side always “He said

“But you are not Cade,so stop making a fuss Micheal” Gracie said

“What was that about wanting our help to escape! Why did you say that in the first place? Is he treating you bad?”Micheal asked

“No he isn’t,I ……..”

“Then why did you want to escape, there must have been a reason why!” He continued

“You never told us why you wanted to escape, will you do that now!”Gracie asked

“I will do that, I will tell you why “Denise said coming in to the room

“Why are you here?”I asked scared that she will tell them every thing

” To see how you are but I heard your conversation with your friends”she said as she sat at the foot of the bed

“If you know then tell us because our friend here isn’t willing to do that”Micheal said

“You don’t have to tell them Denise, I will do it myself”I said

“The reason why Emily wanted to leave was because Of me”She said and I stared at her in surprise

“Why is it because of you?”Micheal asked

“Because I treated her bad, I didnt want her for Cade but ……”

“But what?”Gracie asked

“But I want her now, have realised that my so loves Emily and so they deserve to be together “she said starring at me.

“You see Micheal, you don’t have to get worried over it ” Gracie said

“Am still not about this”Micheal said starring at denise and then at me

,”It’s the truth Micheal, you don’t have to worry”I said

“With that settled, why don’t you two leave us two to talk”Denise said

“But Emily needs to have her rest”Gracie said

“I won’t take long, I just want to have a private word with my daughter in law”she said

“It’s going to be fine,I also have to talk to her”I said to the two of them

“Fine then”Gracie said and then the both of them left the room.

“Your friends are meddle some”Denise said getting up

“They just care about me “I defended them

“What ever I just came to tell you that the plan is today”


“Your escape plan,it will be Carried out today, every one will not be on guard and when they are all distracted, you will leave”She said

“I will be leaving today!”I said softly .

What’s wrong with me, I should be feeling happy right! I should happy that I would be leaving here for good but I don’t feel that way and I don’t even know why.

“Listen up Emily! All you will have to do is to get away from every one when the fire works are being displayed’

“Cade plans on adding fire works to make the night more sweeter but by then you would have left the estate”she said

“Where would i go to when I leave during the fire work display”I asked

“You will go to the field, some one will be there waiting for you , he will call himself mark, remember the name Mark, he will take you down town and put you in one of my house, during the week I will come and see you and then I will help you leave the island”she said

“Is that all?”I asked and she nodded

“No mistakes tonight okay!”she said and I nodded

As soon as she left the room ,I layed on the bed thinking about what she said.

Why am I feeling reluctant, this is my chance to get away from my hideous past but i can’t do it, I don’t want to leave and some how I knew that it was because of Cade.

I might say that I hate him but I still love him, he did some thing bad to me in the past but he In the present he has been nothing but kind towards me, he has made me feel love and I love him like crazy,I thought as I kept on starring at the ceiling.

What am I going to do now, should I still go or not.



I walked into the room feeling very tired, have been working my self out ever since I talked to Emily.

I know that what i did to her can’t be forgiven but I know that have suffered for it, have suffered a lot and I what am about to do tonight will only make me suffer more.

But I have to give Emily her peace back, I can’t give her back her mother or her innocence but I can give her back her peace of mind,I thought.

I walked into the room and found her asleep,I walked towards the bed and knelt beside it,for a while I looked at her face.

I haven’t seen her smile for the past few days and that’s all my fault, I know that when she finally have the peace she seeks for, she will be able to smile again.

I was to leave when I saw that she was having a night mare.

She kept on muttering some thing and clutched the bed sheets tightly

I held her hand trying to give her supper even in sleep but she kept on tossing her head.

‘No Cade! No please….. “She said and i knew that she was dreaming of the night that I raped her

“Emily my love,my love”I said as I tried to wake her up but I stopped when I heard what she said next.

“No don’t leave me…….don’t leave me Cade…..I love you….I don’t hate you…..I love you”she kept on saying and I let her go.

I don’t know if I should be happy hearing her say that love me or if I should be sad.

All I know is that every thing will change tonight.

“I love you “I muttered and gave her a peck before leaving the room.

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