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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 1 Episode 7


“Stop wasting your time with me,I won’t be telling you any thing, so now leave me in peace and let me enjoy my time”she said and sat on the chair.

“Fine then do what you want? But listen to me mom, I won’t let you succeed with any of your plans”I said as I began to walk off

“You have no say in this Cade , when I decide to do some thing,no one will stop me”she said and not bothering to answer her, I head back to my room

On getting there i saw that there was a commotion.

“I said you should let me leave” Emily yelled as she tried to walk past the guards.

“We are sorry but the boss made it clear that we are not to let you go out”One of them answered her

“Who is the boss? Isn’t he my husband? Do you want me to tell him what you are doing to me!”she yelled at them but they still didn’t move.

Sighing a bit, I went towards them and when she saw me,she went back into the room.

“Boss we are sorry but she ……”

“It’s okay”I said and went in after her.

She had a bag with her and she was standing by the balcony.

I went towards her and took the bag from her and then I threw the contents on the floor.

“What are you doing?”she yelled at me

“Am telling you right now Emily, you won’t be leaving this place at all”I said

“So forget any sort of escape, my guards will be watching you all the time”i said

“Why can’t you just under stand that I want to leave, I want to leave Cade, I hate being close to you, I hate having to stay here, it brings me bad memories”she said

“Then we should try to create a new one, you and I together should try to create new memories”i said, she looked away from me and stared out side through the window.

Wanting to make my point clear, I went towards her and held her from behind.

She stiffened at first and tried to pull away but my arms tightened around her

“What are you doing! Let me go Cade”She said

“Have missed holding you this way”I said as I noticed that she has stopped trying to move away

“Well I don’t,so please let me go” she said and i turned her to face me

“I know you still love me, you are only angry because of what I did in the past and am more angry at myself for having caused you pain”I said as I put my fore head on hers

“If there is a way for me to make it up to you then tell me, I will do any thing just to see you smile again”

“You really will”she asked staring up at me

“I will”

“Let me go out for a while, I feel a bit stuffy in here”she said

“Why do you suddenly want to go out?”i asked

“I feel stuffy Cade and please stop questioning me, will you let me leave or will you leave this room instead”she said and i nodded

“Let’s both take a walk”

“You will be coming with me?” She asked

“Of course, I want to keep an eye on you better”I said giving her a smile which she didn’t return.

I know that this is some sort of way for her to escape but to me it’s a sort of sign that she is willing to forgive me,I thought as we left the room with the guards trailing behind us.



“Would you like us to take my car or would you like to get on an horse?”Cade asked beside me but I wasn’t listening.

Am looking for a chance to get to talk to Denise.

She is right! She is the only person that can get me out of here with out Cade and his guards being a problem.

“Emily?”Cade call brought me out of my reverie


“What were you thinking of”he asked

“Nothing in particular”I said

“If you are thinking of ways to escape then you should forget it, you won’t be able to leave this place”he said

“I know and I wasnt thinking about that, actually I was thinking about that night ten years ago”I said wanting to annoy him

“Don’t Emily!”

“The festival had been held at the resort and you had asked me to talk to you and foolishly I went because I thought that you were the guy of my dreams, foolishly I had fallen for you “I continued with out listening to his warnings

“Emily stop it!”he said

“You had changed after I confessed my feeling and you had pursued me right from that point to the house at the back”I said pointing to the house at the back

“And even with all of my pleas,you never payed any attention to it, you took me right there and the, you……….”

“Stop it!!!”He yelled for the last time and that got shutting up

“Until when? Until when are you going to make me suffer for what I did to you ?”

“Until… get me back my life, until I see how much you have suffered just like you made me suffer! “I said and he nodded softly

“Fine then”he said and began to head to the house

“Watch over her”he told the guards and then he walked off

I stood watching him leave,I should be right? I had got him angry and he has leave me alone, I should get on with my plan.

But I don’t know why I hurt so much,i want to hurt Cade just as much as he have hurt me but each time I do, I always end up feeling hurt my self.

A while later , with the guards trailing behind me, I went in search of Cade mom and I found her in her room

“Can I ?”I asked as I stared at her

“Of course,what brings you here?”she said as she quickly shut the door behind me

“Have decided to accept your plan, you are right, I won’t be able to leave with out your help, Cade is watching me constantly and he has made it clear that he won’t let me leave,you are my only source of help now”I said

“Don’t worry my child, Cade is just acting like this so you wouldn’t leave and tell on us, you wouldnt leave and do that right?”She asked

“I wouldn’t,all I want to do right now is to leave this place”I said

“Fine then, I will help you and as much distance that you want from Cade and the island,I will give it to you”She said softly

“Thank you Denise, thank you”I said and then left the room.



I stood watching her leave and I gave an evil smile which was unnoticed by her or the guards who were accompanying her.

I went to phone and dialled the number I knew so well

“She took the bait”

“Remember what I told you right?”

“Yes it’s going to be planned according to how have told you ”

“No mistakes okay, I don’t want any mistake this time”

“Good then, we will see how you take care of it on that day”I said and caught the call.

Now nothing and no one will stop me now.



I was heading back to the room when I saw that the hall used for party was being decorated.

“Oh you are here?”Gracie said as she quickly walked towards me

“What’s going on?”I asked

“Didn’t your husband tell you about it?”She asked

“About what?”

“The party, he said it’s a party to acknowledge you as his bride, to make all the town people know that you are his new and only bride”Gracie said

“When did he started this?”I asked

“Well he asked us to do it today, he asked us to start with the decoration today and that by tomorrow, the party will take place”Gracie said

“Don’t you think it’s better to stay here, you told us that you want to leave and that we need your help but I think you should stay and be with your husband, he loves you and he did all this for you”Gracie said

I walked off with out answering her and I found Cade in his study

“What’s with the party?”I asked

“It’s some thing that am preparing “he said

“Why? And why do you have to drag me into it”

“Cause i want to do some thing and you have to be there”he said

“What do you want to do?”


“You told me to give you back your life right, that is what am going to do”he said

“What do you have in mind?”I asked

“You will see it tomorrow “he replied.




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