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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 1 Episode 6


“Common, have a seat, I just want to have a few word with you” Denise said patting the chair

“I don’t think we have any thing to say to each other Denise”I said .

“Now it’s no longer Ma’am?”she asked softly

“You haven’t done any thing to deserve that Ma’am from me”I said softly

“After gaining your memory you have become more pompous”

“You are right, I now know who my enemies are and who my friends are” I said

“I hope you don’t think of me as a friend?”she asked

“Don’t worry, if I were ever to think of you in that way,it will be the opposite”I said softly

“I do hope so”she replied

“Okay back to our discussion, why don’t you tell me things you remembered”

“Am sure your son must have told you about it why are you here to bother me on that?”

“I just want to know how much you know so I can tell you things that you don’t remember, like for instance how my son plotted with his father to get rid of you and your mom”she said

“Want to know more right? Then tell me the things you know”she said and because I wanted to know what Cade had planned with his father, I told her every thing I remembered.

“Really is that all?”she asked and i nodded gently.

“Why don’t you tell me what Cade and his father plotted against my mother and I ”

“The day your mother had been given the poison…… ”

“You had poisoned her Denise!”I said and she looked at me strangely

“On whose order’s,do you think I will just kill some one with out getting a permission from your uncle? “She yelled at me

“So you did it under his orders right?”I asked

“Of course I did it because he asked me to, he was so jealous and angry that your mother couldn’t love him back the way he wanted, he got so furious too when you she came back with you,his attempts to woo her again was failed because she didn’t want to have any thing to do with him,so he asked me to finish the job as soon as I could”she said

“What does Cade have to do with of all this?”

“Who do you think asked me to get rid of you?”she asked

“Cade?”I asked feeling hurt

“Yes, Cade asked me to do it, he was feeling guilty and he wanted you out of his sight, he said he hated seeing you and that I should get rid of you and I couldn’t reject my son offer and so I did it ” she said

“He knew you were alive that was why he came to you, out of all the women he could have chosen to pretend to be his wife, he chose you”she said

“Do you know why?”I asked

“He did it to protect me, he wanted you to be around him,so that he will know your every move, he wanted to know if you remembered and his plan was to make you fall in love with him,so that when you do remember you wouldn’t send me to jail because of what you felt for him”she said

“You know that what you are saying is putting you in jeopardy”I asked and the next thing she did surprised me

She knelt on the floor and stared up at me, “what are you doing ?”I asked

“The main reason why have come to you is to ask for your forgiveness and also to beg you to forgive Cade, he was young and foolish and he never knew right from wrong?”She said softly

“He knew what was right Denise but he still did the wrong thing, you have opened my eyes to some truths, Your husband killed my mom and Cade wanted me dead”I said

“Please don’t say it that way Emily”

“Which other way do you want me to say it, you all ruined the lives of two people”I said

“I know and am sorry that is why have come with a solution”she said


“Cade is keeping you from leaving right, I can help you”she said

“You can help me?”I asked

“I can help you leave and i can also help you hide from him, I know now that you must hate his guts and due to the what you suffered in his hands,you wouldn’t want to see him or be close to him “she said

“Why do you want to help me?”I asked

“To rid myself of what I did and also to keep Cade and my husband from you, whether you believe it or not,they will try to harm you a second time”she said and i couldn’t get to answer her because the door opened and Cade him self walked in

” What’s going on?”he asked

His mom stood up and whispered into my ear.

“Don’t say any thing to Cade”she said softly

“I just asked a question, why were you kneeling in front of my wife”he asked

“I came to apologise to Emily, what you saw me doing earlier was apologising to her”he said

“Is this true Emily?”he asked

“I don’t think we owe you an explanation”I replied haughtily

“Can you leave us alone mom”he said to his mom

I didn’t want to left alone with Cade,I gave his mom a pleading look but she wasn’t looking my way because she was already walking out of the room.

“What was my mom doing with you? I thought I told you to stay away from her?”he said

“Wrong! It’s not her I should be staying away from its you”I said

“Emily?”he called softly

“Don’t call my name! Give me back my passport and let me leave,I want to leave Cade,I want to leave this place”I yelled at him

“I don’t think that will be possible,apart from thinking about your safety am also thinking about my self”he said

“What do you mean by that?”I asked

“What mean is that I don’t want you to leave,in fact I never want you to leave and as long as I can,I will keep you on this island for good”he said

“You can’t do this to me Cade!”i said feeling angry

“Why can’t I? You are my wife and your parents have given me their support, you belong to me in every sense and I have every right over you, I won’t let you leave this place and that is final”he said

“You doing this will only make me hate you more”I said

“Hate me as much as you can Emily, I do hope that one day, your love for me will return and we will be back to the way we were before”he said and began to head out

“It will never be the same way Cade,it never will be!”I yelled as he shut the door.



As soon as I left the room ,I went to look for my mom and I found her at the patio.

She looked like some one who just did some thing triumphant.

“What were you doing with Emily?”I asked

“What do you mean by what? Didn’t I explain”she said

“Stop with your nonsense and tell me why you were with Emily?”I yelled at her

“Well i just went to talk to her, I went to apologise to her”she said

“You wouldn’t do that if you weren’t planning some thing, Emily anger towards me had cooled a bit but when you spoke to her today, she was looking at me like the devil him self,what did you tell her mom?”

“The truth!”she replied having a smile on her face

“What truth?”

“That you and your father were the master mind in every thing that happened to her and her mom”she said

“Why would you do such a thing ?”I yelled at her

“To make you two see that you can’t just put all the blame on me, every thing I did back then was for the two of you but you two never appreciate it” she yelled at me

“Why should we when you killed! Killing is a crime mom”i said and she slapped my face

“I had killed just to put your troubled mind in peace, tell me! Weren’t you happy when Racheal mother died?” She asked and I couldn’t reply because she was saying the truth..

I was happy then because Stacey had died and there was no threat of me going to jail but looking back at it now, I had been a coward then but not any more.

“See you can’t answer me! You liked the fact that I got rid of a threat for you ,so don’t come here accusing me “she yelled at me

“Fine then, I won’t accuse you any more, all i want from you is to leave Emily alone”I said

“I should leave her alone?”she asked

“Yes ”

“I doubt I can do that now, she kinds of like trust me now, what do you think about that?”she said giving one of her evil smile

I knew then and there that my mom is up to some thing and I must know what it is before it’s too late .

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