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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 1 Episode 5


I sat in my study Dealing with some important document and also thinking about Emily.

I never wanted her to remember a thing but she did remember and now more than ever she hates me.

I decided to have the guards watch her because am scared of losing her and also because of my mom threat on her.

I lost her once and am not willing to lose her again,I thought.

Just then the door opened and my mom walked in

“Just the person have been looking for?”she said

“What do you want now?”I asked

“I just want to know what your wife knows,what did your wife tell you ? “She asked

“Nothing we don’t know?”I replied

“What exactly did she tell you?”she asked

I dropped my pen and stared at her, I knew that if I didn’t tell her she won’t give up and she would want to see Emily and that is some thing I don’t want .

“She remember what I did to her, she also remember that you kill her mom, why did you lie about that mom?”I asked

“What do you mean by why did I lie?”she asked

“You told us that you didnt have some thing to do with her mother death”

“I don’t have any thing to do with it,are you telling me that you will rather believe what she say than to believe your own mother”

“She doesn’t have any thing to hide mom and if you tried to kill her in the past, you would have also done the same thing to her mom”I replied.

“Fine then believe what ever you want on that part but did she tell you any thing else?”she asked

“And what else is there for her to tell me?”I asked feeling a bit suspicious

“Nothing, I just wanted to know if she remembered any thing”

“Have told you what she remembers and so quit being in my throat and leave the office”I said

“Fine then I will leave”she said as she stood up

“Under no circumstance must you touch Emily, I won’t let you hurt her like you did with her mom”I said and that made her stop

“So what ? Are you going to protect her from me?”she asked

“Yes I am going to, if I have to protect her with my life, then I will”I said

“Fine then, protect her all you want but when she turns against you, don’t come running to me, I won’t do a thing to help you “she said and walk out of the room.

I just hope she doesn’t do any thing, I thought as I stared at the closed doors.



I paced around the room waiting for Gracie and Micheal to show up and when door finally opened to announce their arrival, I was surprised to see Cade coming into the room

“Hello Emily?”he called softly

“What can I do for you sir?”I asked giving him a cold look

“I only came to talk to you !”he said

“About what?”I asked

“About what happened years ago?”he said

“I don’t want to talk about it,so please leave my room right now!”I said

“I didn’t want what happened to you both”he started

“But it happened and you could have stopped it, if only you hadnt treated us like thrash, your wife wouldn’t have done that terrible thing to us”she said

“Am sorry, I was angry and hurt…….”

“Because she married your brother right?”I asked and he stared at me in surprise

“Yes, I know I heard it all, I saw you two that night, you were talking to her about how you still wanted her even when you were married to Cade mother but she refused you and then you pulled her into the room and tried to force your self on her”I said

“I know that what I did was wrong and if Stacey was alive she would have told you that I tried to apologise to her, I tried to apologise but she couldn’t give me her reply because she died”

“And that was all your wife doing”I said and he paused to stare at me

“No you must be wrong about that, she might have been cruel to you and Your mother but she didn’t kill Her, she wouldn’t”

“She did kill her, I heard it myself, she poisoned her! Why did you think she died of food poison, it was all done by her!”I yelled at him

“I have to talk to her, she told me that she didn’t do it, she promised me!”I said

“Then she lied, she lied to you and every one else, that lady killed my mother, your son raped me and you! You covered every one of their dirty doing, I hate you all and so please! Leave my room before I say some thing worse to you”I yelled at him and he nodded his head gently and left the room.



I was in the room adding more make up on my face when Christopher walked in

“What’s wrong? It’s like you’ve just seen a ghost”I said as I continued to put on my make up

“You told me that you didn’t do it!”he yelled at me and I turned to look at him

“Do what?”I asked

“You told me that you didn’t kill Stacey but you did”

“Still the same old story, Cade mentioned it earlier and I guess that she must have told you too? Why do you two believe her word over mine”I said as I kept on putting on the make up

And in a flash,he moved close to me and slapped my face, I fell on the floor starring at him with surprise.

“Stacey meant a lot to me and yet you killed her, why?”he yelled at me

“You dare to ask me that?”I said as I held my cheek

“Why Denise! Wh…….”

‘”Because you never loved me, you only used me as some sort of Public wife, I got so j

Jealous because you wanted her, I loved you, you should have love me back, you shouldn’t have married me when you knew that you still wanted your brother wife, you scum bag”I yelled

“You knew what my feelings were when you married me, I told you that I only needed a mom for Isabel and you accepted and that’s all due to your greed, you wanted to be my wife, you wanted to live a good life and that is what you will keep on doing,don’t ask from more from me Denise cause I can’t give you that”he said and i began to laugh in a cruel way

“That’s the reason why I killed her, I knew that you loved her that is why I killed her”I yelled at him

“You bastard, you married me when you knew that I loved you, couldn’t you have loved me back in the same way, you don’t know how much I hate you for what you have made me become”I yelled

“You shouldn’t blame me for what you have become Denise, you caused it all on your self”he said

“I wouldn’t have become this if I hadn’t married you, you turned me into what I am and I won’t rest until I make you suffer the way have suffered for years”I said and stood up wanting to leave the room

He pulled me back but I Jerked off from him

“Tell me what are you planning?”he asked

“Do you think that I will tell you?”he asked

“Don’t you dare do some thing that will put us in trouble?” he yelled at me

“Don’t worry ,I already know what to do”I said and left the room in anger.



I stood by the balcony thinking about my escape plan.

I had talk to Gracie and Micheal and they have decided to help me.

We haven’t got to talk about the escape yet but we will do it as soon as we have the opportunity.

Just then the door opened and when I heard no one,I thought it was Cade

“I don’t want to talk to you Cade, please leave the room”I said not turning back

“You must be happy right?” Cade mother said behind me and quickly I turned to look at her.

“What do you want?”I asked feeling angry and scared at the same time

“Nothing, I just came to talk”she said

“I don’t want to talk to you, so please leave”I said moving to the door wanting to call the guards

“You don’t have to do that, I sent them to eat, we are the only one here Emily”she said softly

” What do you want? Why have you come to see me?”

“I just want to ask some few things , like what you remember and what you don’t remember, can you do that for me or do I have to force you to do it?”I asked.

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