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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 1 Episode 4


Getting out of the car, I walked the few paces that led to Lucy dump of a house

As usual she wasn’t at home and that alone pisses me off

I stood out side the house waiting for her to return, people who were walking around stared at me but I didn’t care, all I want to do right now is to talk to Lucy.

I waited an hour more and i was about to leave when I saw her coming

She saw me too and it was too late for her to run away so she came to me instead

“Let’s go in and talk”she muttered as she walked in while I went after her

“So what brings you here again?”She asked as she went to take a glass of water.

“I want to talk to you about Racheal?”I said bringing out some thing from my bag

“That child again? From what I know you have killed her……..oh my God”she stopped when she saw the gun I was pointing at her

“Why did you lie to me?”I yelled at her

“I……I …..didn’t lie to you?”she said as she move away from me

“This gun is a silent, if I kill you right here, no one will know, if you don’t want to die start talking”I said

“I…..I did lie, when she fell off the cliff she was still alive and she was taken away by the Wilburn”she said

“The wilburn were the cook of the resort years ago right?”I asked and she nodded

“So after lying about her death, they took her in and named her Emily, you knew this and you kept quiet right?”I said and she nodded

“I should kill you just as I killed your family years ago, you are of no use “I said angrily

“Am sorry madam Callaghan, I didn’t mean to lie to you,i just pitied the girl and………”

“Do you know what your pity have caused, she now remembers and am sure that soon we will all be taken to jail for what happen “I yelled at her

“If you are saying she remembers what happened years ago, then she must also remember what happened, she must also remember that we…..that I……..”

“Don’t say it! Not just yet, am not sure if she remembers that, she is still Unconscious, once she is awake,I will know how much she knows but am still not done with you yet, I don’t know if I should kill you or let you live”I said

“Let me live Denise,let me live”she kept on begging

“I will let you live not because I want to but because I still need you to do some things for me and you must do it right this time, my foolish son have made the mistake of falling for her and I don’t want him to suffer when she is gone “I said

“Why do you say that, are you planning on getting rid of her again?”she asked and I gave her a smile

“Let’s wait and see but first I need you to do some thing for me” I said

“Any thing just as Long as you don’t kill me” she said and I gave her a smile again.



“If you will just go back in Ma’am” the guard said and slowly I walked in and he closed the door on my face.

Just what is Cade trying to do? Why would he take my pass port and why would he suddenly put the guards by the door, is he trying to prevent me from leaving, I thought as I paced around the room.

I shouldn’t have let him know that I wanted to leave, I should have left with out him knowing.

Now I will have to get some one to get me out of here , how will I even get some one to help me.

Just then the door opened and Cade walk into the room.

“If you had still been in the bath room I would have come in there to get you out my self”he said

“Where is passport and why the hell have you put the guards out there to watch over me”I asked feeling angry

“They merely there for your safety and……”

“And also to keep a eye on me right?”I asked

“It’s not that Emily, I……”

“Just stop with charade and let me leave!”I yelled at him

“No! I won’t let you leave”he said

“If you are doing this because you think that I love you, well you need to stop thinking so, I don’t love you Cade, I don’t want to be with you, all I want to do right now is to leave this place and return to my old life”I said

“I also want that for you but your life is in danger,the only way I can protect you is by you staying here with me”he said

“Who should I be protected from? Your mother?”I asked And he nodded slowly

“Am no longer afraid of your mom,not after what she did to my birth mother, you are just like her, you two are nothing but evil people”I said and before I could stop him, he walked close to me and pulled me into his arms

“Am not like my mom Emily, I committed a crime and am ready to face what ever punishment you send my way but please don’t stop me from protecting you, at least let me do that for you”he said and some how I wanted his protection.

His mother is a scary woman and am sure that if she knew that I remember every thing then she will send some one to kill me, just like she did with my mom.

Just thinking about my mom made me feel sad again, I pushed Cade away and went to stand by the window.

“I will take your guards protection and that is all I will be taking from you”I said softly

“Am glad about that”he said softly

“As long as I live under your roof, I want you to stay away from me”I said

“I can’t do that Emily !”

“Well then you will leave me no choice too, if you don’t stay away,I will leave this island and I don’t care how I will manage to do that”I said

“Fine then, if that is what you want, I will keep my distance, the only people that know about your real identity is,you,my parents and I” he said

“Am surprised that your mom haven’t come to see me yet, she still doesn’t regret it right?”I asked

“My mom isn’t really important,what is important now is that I protect you, I have a feeling that my mom will do some thing”He said again

“And if she manages to succeed ,I won’t be able to bear it,I don’t want to see you hurt again Emily”he said and his words brought tears to my eyes.

“Please leave Cade, I need to be on my own, I don’t want to see you ,neither do I want you close to me, no matter how hard I try,I just can’t forget that night and It drives me crazy knowing that you did it, if you can save me from having to see you all the time,I will be grateful “I said softly and he nodded

“Fine then ,I will leave this room but I won’t your life, I love you Emily, I really do”he said and went out side

I turned back to the balcony to breathe in the fresh air.

Some how I want to stop myself from hating him but each time I remember the rape and the death of my real mother, my heart harden towards him and I don’t want that to continue..

I still love him even though I say that I hate him and am afraid that if I keep on staying here, Remembering the injustice that was done to me, I will really hate him and I don’t want that.

So it’s best that I just leave, it’s best that I leave this place and the sooner I do it the better it will be for me.

I have to get some one help in doing that, it won’t be easy to escape on my own because Cade guards will be watching me close and also will Cade.

It’s a good thing that he will stay away from me and while he does that, I can get Gracie and Micheal heal, am sure they would want to help me when they know what happen.

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