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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 1 Episode 3

“Stay away you……………..” I stood by the balcony remembering how Emily had reacted when she remembered every thing.

She has always looked at me lovingly but when she found out the truth, she looked at me with Hatred and disgust.

That was why I never told her, I never wanted her to find out the truth because I knew that she would hate me, but she found out the truth and she now hates me, am sure that if she wakes up ,she wouldn’t want to see me or worse she might ask for a divorce, that have been the thought running through my head and I dread the thought so much.

“Thinking about Emily or are you thinking about what you did to her?”David taunted as he walked towards me

“Don’t start with me, am not in the mood for your nonsense”I said
“Are you going to tell me now why Emily fainted, the last thing I heard was that she went to that house, have she figured out the secret you are hiding”he continued

“Does she know that you are nothing but a rappist, I bet she does and that is why she fainted”

“I hope that when she finally wake up, she will leave you and ……….”

“And go to you?”I asked and he replied with a smile on his face

“Of course,I will certainly have her if she comes to me”he said

“You haven’t change one bit, you are always pininning after some thing that belongs to me, first Isabel, then Racheal, then my father money and also Emily, when will you ever give up”I asked and that erased the smile on his face

“You seem to be forgetting too that all of these things that you mentioned never belonged to you, Isabel loves you but you never love her back, that man you call your father isn’t your biological father , the only one that have a right to all of this is Isabel, I also heard that Emily and you aren’t really married and you shouldn’t utter Racheal name, she never belonged to you in a real sense, you forced your self on her or should I put it this way, you rapped her, you rapist!”he said and that got me angry.

I pulled him by his shirt and I would have punch his face if Gracie hadn’t run in.

“She is awake! Emily is awake!”She said and immediately I let go of David and ran to the room.

Micheal and Tracy were standing out side the door when I got to the room.

“What’s wrong ?”I asked

“It’s your wife boss, she has lock her self in”Tracy said

“Why?”I asked breathing heavily

“she said she doesn’t want to see any one,most especially you, can you tell me why sir?”Micheal asked

I didn’t bother answering him, instead I went to the door and began to knock .

“Tracy get me the spare keys”I said and immediately she ran off to get the keys.

“Emily isnt one to behave this way?do you think that we should call the doctor”Gracie asked worriedly

“Didn’t you hear her Gracie?, she said she doesn’t want to see some one and it’s all his fault that she lock herself in,tell us what you did to her?”Micheal asked.

“Didn’t some one ever teach you to mind your business?”I asked getting angry by his behaviour

“Not when that business concern Emily”he said having a certain look, it’s the look of a man in love, is he also in love with Emily? I thought.

Tracy returning with the key stopped me from giving him a reply.

“No one should come in, my wife and I have to talk”I said


“Micheal stop! He is right, they have to talk, let’s not meddle and let’s keep on with our work,we will come back and talk to Emily”Gracie said pushing Micheal off.

“You too, go and do some thing else, as soon as she alone, I will call you”I said to Tracy who nodded and left.

Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and walked in.

She wasn’t on the bed like expected, she was standing by the window, gazing out side.

“Emily”I called as I began to move towards her

“Emily”I called again still walking towards her.

“Stop right there”she said this not starring back

“Emily we need to talk!”I said

“About what? About what happened ten years ago or about approaching me knowing who I was or is it about the way you lied to me and fooled me all this time” she said.

“You know, have been thinking a lot about it and it’s only one conclusion that have come to Cade”She said again now turning to look at me

“What did you think about ?”I asked

“You approached me knowing who I was,you could have save me from the pain of remembering what happened in the past, you shouldn’t have brought me here Cade, you shouldn’t have approached me, you shouldn’t have”she said crying.

I moved towards her only for her to move back.

“Please Cade don’t come any closer”she begged and I stopped

“You came to a wrong conclusion”I said and she looked at me

“I never knew who you were Emily, if I had I would have stayed away, am still regretting what I did years ago”I said softly

“Lies! You didn’t regret it before, you still don’t regret it now, remember the day your father had made the guards bring us to the study, I had wished that you will say the truth but you denying it made it worse, we looked like fools when we went to the police station”she said using her hand to cover her face

“Am sorry Emily!”

“Your saying sorry isn’t enough Cade! My mom died and it’s all because of your mom” she said


“Your mom killed my mom Cade, she killed my mom”she said

“But how ………..”

“You never know any thing,you are the innocent one in all this right? I had no on,no one left to rely on when my mom died, if you had really regret it,you would have stayed, you would have been there for me”

“That is what am doing now Emily”

“It’s ten years late! It’s ten years late to ask for my forgiveness, its ten years late to try to make it right!”she said and having the courage I walked the paces that put us apart and I hugged her.

“Let go of me Cade!”she said trying to pull free but I held her tight.

“Am sorry Emily, I did it because I was immature, because some how I wanted to get revenge for my mom but I regret it, I regret what I did Emily, I love you, I love you so much”I said as I held her tight

“And I hate you!”she said suddenly and i let go of her to stare at her

“What did you say?”

“I hate you cade, I hate you,I hate your family, I hate this place, I want to leave, I want to leave”she yelled as she tried to move past me but I held her back

“You can’t leave me Emily, I love you,I love you so much”

“And I hate you, the love I felt for you died the day I found out the truth, you are not the man I thought you are, you are not the man of my dream, you are my worst night mare, a very bad night mare” she yelled as she pulled me away and ran into the bath room

“Emily please let’s talk this out! “I said knocking on the door

“I don’t want to talk to you, just thinking about you coming close to me makes me feel sick, get out Cade, get out!!”she yelled

“You are not feeling too well Emily, I will come back when you are feeling well “I said and left the room.


A door closing shut woke me up , after locking my self up in the bath room, I had cried and with out realising it, I had slept off.

If some one hadnt walk into the room, I would still be sleeping…

Letting go of every thing I left the room and went in search of my number passport.

The earlier I leave this place, the better for me, I thought as I went took my bag.

I searched the whole corner of the bag but I didn’t find my pass port.

It’s weird, I had put the pass port in my bag and so why is it no where to be found.

I searched through the wardrobe and suit case but still nothing.

I went to the door only to find two guards standing there

“Are you heading some where boss”one of them asked

“Why are you here?”I asked

“Your husband have asked us to guard you, under no circumstance must we allow you to leave, that was instruction”they replied and I knew right away that it was Cade who took my pass port.

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