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In The Rich Man’s Trap – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 15]





(The night of the festival)

I layed on the bed feeling defiled and dirty, I never thought that some thing like this would happen to me on a special night like this.

“I hope you are using protection cause I never used one” Cade said as he got dressed.

“Hey it’s not some thing you should get over worked on, you wanted it just as much as I did”he said making me hate my self more

“Fine then,since you have decided to act immature about it ,I will also do the same, don’t get it wrong,this is for getting back at your mom, for the affair she is having with my father”he said and left the room.

As soon as he left,I went to bolt the door and I crouched on the floor and crying my eyes out.

All through the time that the festival was on,I stayed in the room, crying hard.

I was still crying when the door rattled and at first I thought it was Cade but when I heard my mom voice, I went to open the door and then I hugged her tight.

“What have you been……..what’s wrong with you? You look disheveled and……oh no”she said as she drew me back to stare at me

“I was rapped mom! He rapped me”I said as I cried out to her and she held me tight.

“Who did this? Is it Cade?”she asked as she stared at me

“Yes mom, he did this to me”I replied

“Why did he do it! “She asked softly

“He said some thing about you and his dad having an affair”I said

“That foolish boy,he did this to you thinking am having am affair with his father, you don’t believe what he said right?”she asked

“I don’t believe him”I said and she hugged me tight and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Mommy will be back soon okay”she said as she left the house.

I knew she was going to confront Cade and if I had had been thinking straight then, I would have ask her to stop but I just couldn’t think straight, all I just wanted to do was to sleep and to never wake up.

I had showered and got dressed and was waiting for my mom to come back.

Just the door banged open and she walked into the room

“That demented bch”my mom called as she walked into the room

“What happen mom?”i asked as I stared at her

“As soon as the sun rises tomorrow,we will. E going to the police station to make a report”she said as she knelt in front of me

“All this is happening because of me”She said as she began to cry

“Am sorry my baby,I should never have brought you here”she said as she pulled me into a hug.

The next day we were getting prepared to head to the station when we were visited by two of the resort guard.

“The boss wants to see you ”

“Tell your boss that I don’t have any thing to say to him, now please leave my house”my mom said but they didn’t leave instead they pulled me by my arm and began to drag me off.

“Let go of my daughter, let my daughter go” my mom yelled behind me

“We were asked to bring you two by force if you proved sturbborn” one of the guard said as they pulled me into the mansion and straight to the study”

We got in only to see Cade parents and also Cade in the room

Seeing the beast that did this to me e got me feeling scared.

I went back to meet my mom,hugging her for support

“Why have you brought us here?”my mom asked

“We have to talk about what happen” Christopher said

“We have nothing to talk about,Your son here rapped my daughter “my mom yelled at them

I found my self starring at Cade and some thing in the way he was looking at me made me feel like he regret his action but the anger I felt towards him out do every thing else.

“Don’t you dare call my son names” Cade mother yelled at us

“Your son deserves to be called a lot of names” she yelled at them .

“You two should stop, the kids are the one affected here, not you two” Cade father said stopping my mom and Cade mom

“What we should be thinking about is how we are going to stop this issue from becoming worse”he said

“We aren’t willing to settle Christopher , we are taking this to jail and your son will spend the rest of his life in jail”my mom said

“you don’t have to take it so far Stacey, let’s just talk this out” Christopher said

“Have told you that my son didn’t do a thing, why do you choose to believe them than to believe them”Cade mother asked

“Now that we are on that topic, why don’t we ask Racheal and see what she has to tell us”

“There is no need asking her, she will only lie, she is just like her mother”Cade mom said again

“You say that again and I will make you regret it”my mom said angrily

“Stop it!!!”Christopher yelled and they both Kelt quiet

He walked towards me and held my hand and then he stared at Cade and then at me again

“Tell me the truth, did Cade rape you?”he asked and I nodded softly

“That’s a lie”Cade mother yelled at me and then she pushed Cade to the front

“Tell them what you told me last night, did you really rape her ?”she asked and Cade stared at me in a strange way.

Some how I hoped that he will say the truth but then he looked away and hardened his face

“I never raped her, I was with mom until the festival ended yesterday”he said.

“See! I told you that my son is not a liar”she said coming to stand behind Cade

” You are the liar, you all are the liar, you beast you rape my daughter and then you still deny it,how evil can you be?”my mom yelled at them.

Cade stared at me and then he looked away again.

He knew what he did and he intentionally lied ,I thought as I kept on starring at him

“Am really sorry Christopher but I won’t sit back and do nothing, your son is not even willing to admit the truth, so there is nothing to talk about”my mom said pulling me out of the study.

We went straight to the island police station and when my mom made the complain, the police laughed at us

“Do you know who you have come to report , do you think we can arrest the owner of the island and besides your daughter isn’t worth all that to be raped”An officer said

“If you don’t know what to say then just shut up”my mom yelled at them

“Why should we shut up to some bunch of gold diggers, you came here to slander the Callaghan and so you think we are going to just keep shut and watch you guys do it?”He asked

“This is not slandering, Cade Callaghan really raped my daughter”my mom said

“One more word and you two will be thrown into jail”the police man said to us and I held my mom

“I can’t believe that on an island like this there is no justice”she yelled and pulled me out of the police station

“I think it’s best that we don’t do any thing for now”I said

“Never, we have to do some thing, they have to pay for what they did, don’t worry ,mommy will find a way okay”she said as she pulled me to a hug and some how I felt that we will never win this case, if I had known back then that it will cost me my mother life, I will have stop her by all means but life is unpredictable.



“So did it go well” Mrs Wilburn asked as she gave us some thing to eat

“Not what I expect but I won’t give up,I won’t give up until some one decides to look into this” my mom said

“You poor thing, hope you are feeling well?”She asked as she caressed my cheek

“Yes I am, I will just use the rest room for a while”I said going to nearest rest room.

I was about to get out when I heard Cade mother talking

“Did you put it in her food “she asked

“Yes”I heard the maid reply

“That’s good then, make sure that Mrs Wilburn serves her the food, I want her dead okay” she said
Who is she intending to kill now, I thought.

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