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In The House Of God by ozila : Season 1 Episode 8

I relax on the cushion chair while edna ride me like ghost rider, i was enjoying it sha, i just put my hand for back of her big ass and use it to empower her thrusting, the girl na correct rider oh, she dey ride and twerk her ass, the thing they sweet me die, i tried to touch her breast but she slap my hand, hmmm e be like i don they like this girl after all she go dey like 22 or 21, na small she senior me na, after she don they f–k me for like 6minutes, we heard someone open the gate, immediately she stood up and ran inside the bathroom, i quickly wear my trouser very well, buckle my belt also and focus on the film as if nothing happen.
Tina open the door and came inside the parlour.
Me: welcome dear.
Tina: thanks love, whats that smell?
Me: what smell?
Tina: smell like errrm, well forget it, how are you my darling?
Me: am fine, i hope you are prepared already.
Tina: come on its just after nine we still have like one hour before the service start.
Me: service start by 9:30.
Tina: and we will go by 10
Me: you know am part of the choir, i have to process in.
Tina: you join choir because you wan they play band, since no band them no go miss you.
She heard noise from inside the bathroom,. And ask “who is there”
Me: that should be edna.
Tina: shes still around, i thought she left already.
Tina stood up from my side, she carry wetin she buy enter room and later come out and knock at the bathroom calling edna.
Tina: edna why didnt you go to your place and baf.
Edna: (from inside bathroom) i want to follow you guys to church, so i thought i should take my bath here and wait for you guys outside.
Tina: no i dont want anybody to follow us, just me and him, so go to apartment when you are done.
Edna: but you cant go alone.
Me: that will be my calling.
Edna: alright no problem,.
I just sit down for chair dey listen to them, after edna baf finish she leave us, while tina went to the bathroom to take her shower,.
Tina: (from inside bathroom) oz come and join me na.
Me: nah i dont want to baf two times.
Tina: ok but theres nothing bad though.
Me: i know but if i join you we will surely spend more than one hour there.
Tina: so you nor want blow me.
Me: not this time.
Tina: hmmm i hope you and edna did not do anything?
Me: what, what did you say?
Tina: dont worry forget it.

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[ author=ozila post=42027054]On our way to church, she wore white suit with red bag that make her look like queen elizabeth 2 , i was admiring her beauty as she concentrate on the stirring,.
Tina: why are you starring at me?
Me: nothing, just admiring your beauty.
Tina: hmm is that a compliment or what.
Me: anyone you call it.
Tina: okay i will take it as a compliment, so thank you.
Me: you are highly welcome.
Tina: by the way there is something we should discuss when we return from church.
Me: what is it about?
Tina: about us,
Me: so what about us?
Tina: dont worry we will talk after the service okay.
Me: no probs, but i hope am safe.
Tina: with me you are always safe my love, she open her fine teeth and smile using one hand to pet my cheek.
Me: abeg concentrate on your driving abeg.
Tina: haha you dey fear.
Me: why i nor go fear, na only one life we get oh.
Tina: wether you die now or after 30 years time, e no matter so far say you still die.
I kept quiet, we arrive at the gate, she park outside, take her purse out as we hold each others hands and walk in like newly wedded husband and wife, we enter inside the gate and saw many cars park inside, i guess something big is going on today, she follow the main gate enter while i pass back enter choirester room, i quickly wear my choir garment and walk in and sat at the back of the choir seat, prayer is goin on, so nobody see me, i look at the congregation and saw mabel and her parents at the middle role wearing complete black, i also saw jack (mabel elder senior, now the most senior) putting on specs, i search for celestina and saw her at the extreme end, e be like say me and this girl get something in common because na back seat we dey always like to sit down.

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