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In The House Of God by ozila : Season 1 Episode 7

post=42014599]Waoh beautiful sunday morning, i wokeup and thank God for a beautiful day like this at least e no easy, no be everybody they sleep and wake up with good health, baba God thank you oh,
i stood up and brush my teeth, i greet my mum and my bros, my phone dey ring for inside house,. Make e dey ring i dey busy i they feed fly for white house, after i feed the fly finish i went to take my bath i nor want late go church at all today, i baf finish i go check my phone and i saw 3 missed calls from the nokia and 1 miss call from the motorolla, na only one person get my motorolla number so i dial her number, she pick at once.
Tina: good morning dear.
Me: good morning ma,.
Tina: i told you stop calling me ma.
Me: oh sorry i forgot tina.
Tina: good by the way i sent someone to pick you up.
Me: pick me up to where.
Tina: to my house of course or do you have any objection?
Me: yes am going to church.
Tina: we will go together.
Waoh tina go church say na wetin happen.
Me: are you serious?
Tina: why not, by the way which time do you start service?
Me: 9:30 am but sunday school start by 8.
Tina: alright we will leave by 10, so get ready shes coming.
She cut the call, na wa oh, i never still believe am say tina go go church say na fowl don get teeth abi na crayfish don dey swim straight.
As i wear my clothes my other phone ring, i check the name, mabel, nna eeh wetin this girl dey find self, she wan put me for trouble again, i didnt want to pick but when the call keep coming, i pick it up.
Me: hello
mabel: good morning.
Me: morning (with anonyance)
mabel: are you still angry with me.
Me: hmmm (i remember about her brother so i calm down a little) am sorry about your brother am deeply sorry.
Mabel: no problem, that one is pass now, all of us will come to service today, even my elder will join us in service today.
Me: alright i will meet you in church then bye.
Mabel: wait.
Me: yeah
Mabel: there is something we should talk about.
Me: what is it?
Mabel: is not something we can talk on phone, lets see face to face after service.
Me: i dont have chance am sorry.
I cut the call immediately, she continue calling but i refuse to pick, na me she wan put for trouble again,.
As i carry my bible i heard horn from outside, i look window from parlour, then i saw edna standing beside the car door.
Cactus: na your pastor pikin dey dress like party rider so?
Me: yes na, we wan go their house go practice before we enter church, she nor go try am wear this wan enter church, i said as i hed out to meet edna, she open the door for me, hmmm BBT, as we drove out of our compound.

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[ author=ozila post=42017124]We drove silently, it seems like am afraid of edna, what do you guys expect. A sixteen years old boy in the midst of a cultist, well no risk no gain, at least i dey gain alot from tina.
Edna: why are you silent?
Me: well ermm, nothing just that i feel like you hate me.
Edna: yes you are right, i really do hate you, and if not for tina i would have put a bullet on your head long time ago.
Me: why, what exactly did i do?
Edna: well, since you want to know i will tell you, we are suppose to be half way out of nigeria now, but tina refuse to leave you behind because of the stupid love she have for you.
Me: why would you want to leave nigeria? I said getting interested.
Edna: something happen in school and edna believe they will use you to get her, and if we leave they might kill you, thats why we came back and i have been watching you since then.
Me: nah all this one na stupid story, i nor believe any of them or you think say i be pikin?
Edna: believe it or not, you are the bait, and we have to protect you no matter, even if we die doing it and please dont tell tina any of this.
Me: i wont because i dont believe it.
We arrive at their compound and edna park the car outside, one of the security lady open the gate for us na so we match enter like ambassador.,
edna opened the door, we enter inside, nobody dey house, na where tina come enter, so edna dial tina’s number, she told tina that she went outside to buy something that we should sit and wait for her,.
I sat at one of the luxurious chair, while edna enter inside room, i concentrated on the movie because i like film well well, edna tie towel pass my front enter toilet, omo see her ass dey blow groudnut ;D.
I sleep for the long cushion chair dey wait for tina, then edna walk out of the bathroom with towel tied around her waist, wet and smiling, walking towards me in a seductive way, she untie the towel and it fell on the ground,
Me: what are you doing, i said trying to stand up, she push me back on the chair, and use her hand to rub my dicck, i just dey look like person wey them hypnotise, she unbuckle my belt and put hand inside my trouser and bring out my dicck, she spit on it and rub very well making it to rise, she sat ontop me and i moan softly as my d–k enter inside her.
I was dumbfounded looking at her like a mad man.

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