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In The House Of God by ozila : Season 1 Episode 6

We walk silently to my house ( i wore one of her jacket and use hand cover my dicck) where everywhere was locked, so i went backyard and collect the hospital key, i use it to open one store room for the hospital,.
Tina: call me first thing tommorow morning okay.
Me: i lost my phone and my sim
Tina: how?
Me: well errrm (i was scratching my head with my left hand with the right one on my dicck).
Tina: forget it, just take my own i will call you in the morning, go and sleep you need it.
I went inside sluggishly, and close the door, i took one of my clothes i use to keep there incase of emergency like this, i relax on the hospital bed while i snore into dreamworld.
Celestina is a beautiful girl, she finish her senior school long ago, i dont know wether she gain admission or not but i know she base in auchi, maybe shes into auchi poly or maybe not, but wetin she find come and how she take even know say i they road they come self, well na cultist with them anything is possible, they call themself WHITE ANGELS.
Still sleeping, somebody called my name from outside, i guess is my mum, i came out and open the door with sleepy eyes.
Me: good morning ma.
Mum: good morning, where you go wey you nor pick call since yersterday?
Me: after practice we go one programme, and we close by 1AM, i nor even hear when the phone dey ring maybe because the noise in the church was too much.
Mum: okay, get up go your room day don break,.
I went back inside the store and collect the phone i hide it inside my pocket and walk out,. I go inside my room and lock the door, i relax on my bed and remininse over the whole thing, hmmm tina is back, time to get some respect back in the neighbourhood.
As i continue thinking, her phone ring, i look at the caller and saw my mtn 2.
Me: hello
tina: i guess you are awake now, how was the night.
Me: it was okay and urs.
Tina: didnt sleep, i want us to see today, when will you be chance?
Me: i guess in the evening, because this morning am sure we will go to farm.
Tina: alright call me with this number when you are chance.
Me: alright.
She cut the call, i check her credit and saw that she has credit.
I called my number and her mum pick.
Mabel Mum: hello.
I cut the call
[ author=ozila post=42005995]Of course we went to farm that morning, we came back by 3pm in the evening, and we have choir practice by 6pm (na festive period so choir practice is everyday now) i went to the river to fill our rubbers for like 6 times, when i return i took my bath, eat and sleep, i wokeup by 5:30pm, i wear my clothes and spray my mummy perfume, i took 200 naira from her container, she always keep money there for us incase of emergency, i hed to my church, i reach there 5:40pm, na only our fat choir mistress (mary) they church.
Me: good evening.
Mary: welcome, this one wey you quick come today so, wetin happen?
Me: so i nor they quick come before, i said as i took sit beside her, i look at her note.
Mary: you dey always late na, what of your brother na (e don tey wey she dey find my brother, but my bros just dey shun her.
Me: my bros they house, go see am make u nor dey always ask me about am again oh, abeg give me that song wey we sing last time i wan write am.
She gave me the song while i balance on one table and start writting, time 5:50pm people never still come.
Me: wetin happen wey people no quick come today na?
Mary: you nor hear?
Me: hear say wetin?
Mary: mabel brother die na for auchi poly.
Me: whaat, abeg which mabel you they talk about.
Mary: our mabel for choir here na, them say na cultist im be, na im be oga self, but as im don die now na him younger brother be leader, the one wey senior mabel.
Me: this is serious,
Mary: very serious because them say na cultist kill am, and mabel brother say them go revenge,
Me: na wa oh, na im make i dislike cultist.
Mary: me i nor even know wetin them they gain for cultist oh.
I was confuse i for say make i call mabel and greet her but i dont have her number off head,.
So her brothers na cultist, hmmm i better stay clear that family, as if my mama no be cultist.,
after fifteen minutes or more people start coming one by one till we have a full house, we prayed and start.
By 8:15pm i called tina after we close, i told her am coming, she said okay that she will prepare jollof rice for me, when i hear jollof rice my belle sweet me.
[ author=ozila post=42008616]I walk out of the gate and called okada, i asked the bike man how much and he said 50 bucks, i hopped in and we drove for 10 minutes before we reach the place, i paid the okada his money while i walk to her house, i reach the house surrounded with black gate with two girls standing as security at the gate, i hed to the gate and one of them recognise me, so she open the door and told me to follow her, i followed her from behind starring at her flat ass like fry pan, no ass, no breast just fine face only, we reach one gate marked with roman figure 1, she knock and left telling me to wait there, i wait for 10 seconds before another girl came out, she saw me, i guess she know me because she told welcome and ushered me in while she left, i went inside and saw nobody in parlour.
Me: helloooo.
Tina: right here dear, she answered from the kitchen, i went to the kitchen and saw her dishing out jollof rice omo my belle sweet me,
Tina: welcome dear how are you.
Me: am alright and you.
Tina: cool, wait for me in parlour i will join you soon,.
I went to the big parlour and sat on the big cushion chair washing movie from her plasma tv, she brought the food and put them on table with two spoon, she brought chilled water from the fridge, before she dey bring the water i don start dey eat, no time oh.
Tina: chai oz you nor dey change, you nor even fit wait make i come before you start.
We continue eating silently, before she dey carry six spoon i don dey twenty six, she stop eating and start starring at me.
Me: you nor want eat again.
Tina: i just want make you finish this one so that i go go fesh my own differently.
Me: i go still join you eat that one..
Tina: for where.
Me: for this house.
I finish everything and she took the plate inside to fetch another, she stand for passage they eat, lol, i carry my spoon follow her, she ran inside the room and climb table, revealing her fresh lap, omo i throway spoon sharperly, i went close to her and lick her lap upward, i move my hand inside her skirt and remove her white pant, she bend down dropping the food, opening her leg and putting them on my shoulders as i balance my tongue on her pucci.

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