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In The House Of God by ozila : Season 1 Episode 4

When we heard the voice she immediately push me and stood up to wear her clothes,
Mabel: my parents are back.
Me: whaaat I thought you said they wont be back till 11pm?
Mabel: that’s what I thought maybe they close early today, quickly stand up just stay inside the room nobody will enter.
I stood up and wear my clothes, while she went out to welcome her parents, they have 4 boys and 1 girl mabel, currently only junior their last boy and John the one that senior Mabel are with them, the rest dey school.
I heard from inside.
Mabel: mummy welcome, dady welcome.
Mummy Mabel: who have this shoe outside?
Mabel: mummy that’s junior shoe na.
Junior: no oh that’s not my shoe oh.
Mabel: have you forgot when you went to barb your hair you mistake another person shoe for your own?
Junior: okay I forget, mummy is my own.
Daddy: so why did you leave it outside the veranda?
Junior: so that I won’t forget to return it tomorrow morning.
Mumy: you better don’t forget
They gather in parlour and pray (people we just dey come for festival), after praying everybody disappear to their room, I didn’t hear anybody again, then suddenly I heard sound at Mabel’s door I quickly stood up and went inside the inner room, then 2 people walk in.
Junior: where is he?
Mabel: who?
Junior: the person that make me to lie to our parents.
Mabel: he’s gone, I think he followed backyard.
Junior: hmmm na since when you come start to dey carry boy come house self?
Mabel: come on you nor go understand, oya come they go your room I want sleep.
Junior: no Wahala, but remember say tomorrow you go give me your meat and you go help me wash plate.
Mabel: I don hear you sir. bye bye.
Junior left while Mabel came to look for me inside room, she open her cutting and saw me relaxing in her bag operating my phone as if Na my papa house I dey.
Mabel: you can come out now, she said as I stood up and followed her to the room.
Me: that was interesting.
Mabel: what’s interesting?

[ author=ozila post=41992859]Me: I mean the meat part and the washing of plate, I said shinning my 32.
Mabel: you think that’s funny abi?
Me: not at all, so how do I go house? I said as i relax on the bed.
Mabel: you will sleep here oh.
Me: whaaat, you want make my mama kill me?
Mabel: there’s no how we can do it without my parents noticing.
Me: so you mean I will spend the whole night here.
Mabel: am sorry.
She said as she sat on her bed while I stood up and sat beside her.
Me: no you shouldn’t say that, it was my fault not yours.
Mabel: no it’s mine I should have let you go instead of inviting you in.
Me: and thank God you did at least I gain alot from it.
Mabel: gain alot like how.
Me: like you, (I put my hand on her cheek touching her) I don’t care even if I have to spend the whole week here so far I have what I came for am ready to repeat it.
She placed her hand on her cheek rubbing my hand, then I kissed her soft lips, I lay her on the bed softly and continue kissing her, I remove her shirt and press her boob’s softly I remove my shirt.
I lay on her and start kissing her breast, she turn me over, Sat on top me, she unbuckle my trouser and remove it completely, she slept on my body and start using her right hand to rub my d–k downward, of course I was enjoying it, I turn her over again and feast on her boob’s, I put my right hand inside her pant and put one finger inside her, waoh she don wet, I start penetrating her with my midle finger and continue s—–g her delicious breast, I lay her straight on her bed and remove her pant, see her little pucci like small pikin own, I lay on top her, and spread her leg open, she use her two hands to cover her face, I position my d–k and insert, my d–k no want enter even she don even wet, I spit on my d–k and use it to lubricate my d–k, I insert again, the wall of her Pucci still dey disturb, so I start thrusting in little by little even though my d–k no dey enter inside well, she begin dey cry slowly, as she open her leg wide na so my d–k enter inside and she shouted.

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I stop hoping her parents did not hear that sound, she hold me firmly like say we be husband and wife in honeymoon, the way she hold me no let me they move my body again, so I started moving only my waist and I was enjoying it, she was moaning too slowly, then she free me from her grip and I start thrusting in a little faster, while she mumble her mouth and use her hands to hold my back, she was moaning inside her with her mouth close, then I raise one leg up opening her Pucci wide while I insert it again and start f—–g her slowly again, she rest her leg left leg wey i raise up on my shoulder as I continue pumping her slowly
“u hmm please take it easy, I love you, pleas don’t ever leave me, I will kill myself if you do, ugh hmm yes do it faster”
I started f—–g her faster, “easy oh, please don’t kill, she said, then suddenly her door swing open, starring at us is her mum with her mouth wide open, I readjust myself quickly.
“oh my god” she said, I look at Mabel she bend her head in shame with blood gushing out her Pucci.

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