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In The House Of God by ozila : Season 1 Episode 2

I took my bath wear my clothes and took my choir book as i hed straight to church, for my village them say if them they do their festival, no church for that area they beat drum, the law still stand till now..
Omo i don late oh, i thought as i hear my choir member from afar practicing singing with their loud voice.
Our church na big church with big fence, e get three big door, and 2 store for instrument and for choir.
I open the big gate as i enter, i pass through the choir door and gently walk in and sat at the back where nobody will notice me, i look forward and saw my crush mabel, people dey sing she they press phone chai,.
I sat at the back as we continue practicing i nor even greet them, then after like one hour of practice, time for discussion.
While them they discuss i took my kpako xpressmusic out and login 2go, i saw mabel online, waoh so this girl they chat for inside church, so i send her a message.
“na for inside church you they chat?”
she replied.
“na wetin carry you come online?”
Me: na you na.
Mabel: how e take be me?
Me: i see say you nor they flow with the discussion so i decided to check whats distracting you and i was right.
Mabel: lie lie.
Me: no be lie oh, you better concentrate oh.
Mabel: ok i will, and you too.
Me: no oh me i nor fit concentrate na.
Mabel: why?
Me: why? How can i concentrate when you are here.
Mabel: i dont understand.
Me: well i mean i cant concentrate because your beauty alone is a distraction.
Mabel: hahahaha abeg stop that joor, ugly girl like me.
Me: nah, even a blind man will notice your beauty when you pass.
Mabel: na when you come grow mind like this?
Me: grow mind as in?
Mabel: you wey no dey get mouth talk before na who come dash you mind?
Me: na God, e be get one thing wey i wan tell you self.
Mabel: wetin be that.
As i say make i reply her na im our choir master waka come back jejely carry my phone.
Choir master: so Oz please tell us what do you think about the suggestion?
Me: what suggestion?
[ author=ozila post=41981534]Choir Master: now why would you know when you were busy pressing your phone?
Wetin dey worry am self, na only me im see, im no see mabel abi?
Me: i was switching it off.
Choir master: thats your own concern, you get the phone back after the lord’s prayer, bose said we should use half our money to buy amplifier for the church i ask you what you think?
Me: yes, since our amplifier develop fault everyweek, i think it will be wise if we buy amp with our harvest money.
Choir Master: ok thank you, you can sit down.
I sat down and look at mabel, she wink at me and tease me with her tongue, so after the lord’s prayer i took my phone back from our choir master, i look around and saw mabel going already,. I ran after shouting her name, she saw me running after her as she approach the gate, so she wait for me.
Mabel: so you want tell the whole village say i dey choir practice abi?
Me: no vex na i just wan escort you go house, i said as we continue walking.
Mabel: and i tell you say i nor fit go house myself.
Me: no na, i nor want make those yeye guys begin they disturb you for road na.
Mabel: hmmm so you nor be yeye guy.?
Me: me na correct guy na.
Mabel: i hear you Mr correct man, by the way wetin you be want tell me for church before choir master seize your phone.
Me: well eeeerrrr
i scratch my head as i think what to tell her, the truth is that to express your feelings online can be so easy but when you meet face to face everything in your head will disappear,
Me: i just wan tell you say you look beautiful.
Mabel: well you told me that before.
Me: yes i wan just tell you again.
She pause look at me with her charming eye like dechandel then raise her hand like say she want to say something, then she put it down and continue walking as her big ass blow groundnut behind her like mercy johnson.

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