In The House Of God by ozila : Season 1 Episode 14

I was lost in my thought don’t know what to do or where to go, if I call my brother, he will want to know everything that happen thereby exposing me to everybody beside I don’t want to involve him because he is very
unpredictable, he might end up killing himself, I nor get any police number to call, and I don’t even have Edna’s number self, na which kind trouble I come put myself now eh, as I they think how I go take commot for
this kind trouble wey I put myself na im I hear somebody shout my name for church I was shocked, how did she know I was here, I answerEd her from inside then she came to the door and knock, even though I know its Mabel I
was still afraid because I thought she might bring them, afterall her
brother is the leader, I thought they cant come inside the church or was I wrong? mabel knock again then I heard her voice.
Mabel: Ozila is me please open up.
me: are you alone .
Me: of course am alone, just open up.
My mind come down small, lol I think say e don happen, I stood up and open the door there I met her standing alone.
Me: I thought you have gone home already.
Mabel: I was waiting for u outside since you didn’t come out I decided to come check on you, why are they looking for you?
Me: you mean the people you brought?
Mabel: brought as in?
Me: choir master said they came with you.
Mabel: that’s a lie, I came alone, and I ask again why are they looking for you.
Me: come inside first.
I took her hand and draw her inside the room.
Mabel: tell me why are they looking for you? She said as she sat down She sat on a table facing me exposing her fresh legs.
Me: I don’t know oh, I didn’t do anything.
Mabel: are you sure.
Me: what! you think am lying, what are you even doing here self?
She stood on her sit and came to sit close to me.
Mabel: I thought I can do it.
Me: do what?
Mabel: I thought I can stay without seeing you, I thought I can live without you,
I turn my head to the opposite direction, she turn my head back and give me a kiss, I remove my mouth quickly,
Me: we are inside church.
Mabel: yes I know that would be better cus we will be bond in love and in Christ.
Me: you are not serious.

[ author=Evathyst post=42096550]Getting to the top isn’t as tasking as remaining at the top.

Here’s an OP that finished a captivating story in less than 2 weeks, hence, he gained a whole lotta followership due to his style of writing, intrigues, plots, and the sexually-explicit scenarios with which his previous story was laden. :-\

I’m afraid this your new story is a far cry from what I’ve expected. Nothing intriguing, so predictable, absolutely lacking in ideas. To worsen it all, your updates are now coming at a speed of mikel sorry snail.

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Knowing that this your story involve cultists, I was salivating at the thought of learning something new. But alas, it’s not even close to what I know about cultists. :-\ This your story is really lacking in substance I swear.

Whether you’ll take my criticism to heart or you’ll make amends, I’ll sha keep my fingers crossed.

[ author=ozila post=42097605]She took my head again and started kissing me, I wanted to remove my head but she hold me tight, I struggle to free myself unfortunately we fell on
the floor with her on top me, she continue kissing me, I turn her over, she use her leg to wrap me like snake, I sat ontop her and look her at her eyeball.
Mabel: you broke my flower and you are my first love its either you love me or you kill me cus am not ready to give up on you.

I look her from her head to breast, gush that breast is to tempting to
resist, I tear her shirt open and s–k it, she fold her hands around my neck and moan, I removed my belt and bring out my d–k I open her leg wide,
shift her pant to one side and insert my anaconda while she scream like someone who is about to give birth, i f–k her very hard with anger, she was screaming and shouting telling me to take it easy, the more she scream
the more I f–k her harder, I f–k her for upto five minutes before I
release inside her, I lay ontop her like dead person,.
Oh shit what did we just we did ( na now i remember say i dey trouble), I quickly stand up and buckle my belt sat on the chair and put on hand on my head.
Mabel: whats wrong, didn’t you enjoy it?
Me: enjoy? people are outside waiting for me to come outside so that they will kidnap me or probably kill me and we are here having sex inside church.
Mabel: I don’t feel guilty at all.
Me: why would you? am the one they fucckng want not you so i dont see how you will feel guilty here.
She readjust her pant, when she bring her hand out of her pant I saw blood I thought I already disvirgin her.
Mabel: am ready to take any risk with you.
Me: really?
Mabel: yes and am ready to do anything you want me to do.
Me: if so then call your brother to call his men back.
Mabel: what, who told you they are my brother’s men?
Me: because your brother is the leader of black axe.
Mabel: so how do you know that they are black axe?
Me: come on Mabel, am not a kid, I know cultist when I see one and beside only black axe wear that type of berret.
Mabel: you sure they are my brother’s ** men?
Me: am very sure and am positive.

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