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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 2 – Episode 9

©Lynn writes.

Fredrick pov.
I hate you so much ” Ariana said to Nicole. I glanced at her and pull her to my side.
The feeling is mutual ” I told Ariana.
And please leave my house we need privacy “I said.
She began to walk out.
Ariana! “I called.
She stopped and glance at me.
Sam really loves you and I know you do too. He’s the one for you not me ”
Thank you ” she says and left.

Babe…are you okay ”
Fred I’m sorry… I’m so sorry “she says with tears.
What are talking about “I say and pull her into a hug.
I… “she tried to say but I interrupted.
Shhh.. You have nothing to be sorry about I should be the one thanking you for coming in to my life ”
I smiled and give her a slow kiss. She kissed back and i laid her on the bed gently.
I made love to her pouring all my emotions. I kiss her with tenderness and love. I love Nicole no doubt even though I haven’t told her yet. But when all this is over. I will tell her how I feel and hopefully she feels the same way. Then I can make her Mrs Nicole Kennedy Shawn. That day I will be the happiest man on earth.
But now I have to deal with my family especially my dad. Ariana is out of the way now.

You are all wondering how I knew about Ariana and Sam.
Well Sam told me or mistakenly told me when I ask about the woman he love. He mentioned Ariana’s name and boom he spilled the beans. He told me everything.

I left Nicole in my mansion and call Ariana to meet me at a restaurant.

You called me ” I heard Ariana’s voice as she sat on the chair opposite me.
I never knew she would come.

I didn’t expect you will come ”

Fred please I don’t have the whole day ”

Okay. Since the engagement is off don’t you think we should inform the family ”

I wouldn’t have accepted this because no girl will be happy that her long expected wedding is called off just a few days to the wedding. But I’ve hurt you enough Fred you are a good man and I don’t deserve you… “she paused and sigh. I will go with you to talk to both our families just tell me when you want to “she says.
We can go now can’t we? ”
Okay no problem ”
Let’s go “I said and we both stood up and walked out of the restaurant we didn’t even have a drink.
Did you come with your car “I ask.
No, I boarded the cab ”
Then let’s go with my car then ” I said and unlock the door and we got in.

On our way I told Ariana to call her family to meet at mine.

Hello mom ” I greeted and hug my mom who was the first person to come out of the house to welcome us.
Hello son how are you doing ” she says with her familiar beautiful smile.
Fine mom “I replied and disengage the hug.
Freed” my fifteen years old sister and also the last child of my family squeak and engulf me in a rough hug.
Chloe “I called and release myself from the tiring hug of hers and straighten my shirt. I smile and ruffle her hair. She pouts. She hates it when I ruffle her hair.

Ariana was with her little and only brother Lucas.

I entered my family house and met Mia. My second sister she’s eighteen. She was on her phone. I wonder what she is always doing on that phone.
No welcome greetings Mia really? ” I said.
She look up and rolled her eyes.
Welcome brother ” she says and went back to her phone.
I chuckled and went over to my dad and Ariana parents in the big dinning room. My mum also has joined.
Oh my Fred look at you “aunt Lola, Ariana’s mom said immediately she saw me attracting others attention to me.
I smiled at her.
Hello aunt.” she gave me a brief hug and smile at me.
Uncle Ray, Dad “I greeted Ariana’s dad and mine with a small bow.

I took a sit beside my mom. Not long Ariana joined us after greeting everyone. She doesn’t look happy at all. I guess she’s feeling bad. I sigh.
Dad called everyone to the dinning.
Now everyone is present.

So son, what did you two what to talk about is it about the wedding preparations?”my dad says.
What else Shawn. Wedding preparations of course or maybe they want to change the location of there honeymoon. These children “Uncle Ray jokes and everyone laughed excluding my sisters and Lucas.

I sigh and glance at Ariana she has the worried look on her face.
This is going to be hard but I have to do it for the woman I love.

Ariana finally get sense.
So what’s going to happen like this?.

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