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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 2 – Episode 8

Authoress Lynn 🖊


The next day.
After a hot make out session with Fred. I lay on his chest and we talked about random stuff before the door burst open. We both look up and saw Ariana at the door fuming.
So this is it fred, you have been sleeping with our wedding planner ” Ariana says and move closer to where we are.
What you doing here how do you know I was here ”
Do u expect me to just seat down when my husband to be went missing three days to our wedding ” she then turn to me . My heart hammering against my chest.
And you.Have you no shame at all “she says and tears started to fall from my face.
Just shut that dirty mouth of yours or I’ll shut it for you “Fred’s cold and angry voice interrupt Ariana. I look at his face it was horrible. I’ve never seen him this angry.
I wiped my tears and make moves to leave but Fred stopped me holding my hand.
Nicole please don’t go “he says calmly his eyes begging to stay. I just want to leave, staying here and listening to Ariana insulting me will shatter me completely.
I shake my head negatively and made move to release my arms from his grip.
Let the slut go Fred leave her. She’s a threat to us” Ariana says and more tears began to fall.
She called me a slut.
Before I knew what was going on. Ariana staggered back with her hands on her cheek. Fred slapped her.
My mouth hung open.
Fred! ” I called surprised.
Oh no this is going to far.
Tears fall down from Ariana’s face.
You slapped me all because of her ”
Did you just call her a slut? And point of correction Ariana there is no ‘us’. Us stopped happening the moment I caught you sleeping with my secretary. Ever wondered why I fired him?. I’ve heard a lot of rumours about you sleeping around with men for money. The money I never stopped giving to you whenever you ask for it. Does everything you do have to revolve around money. You have more than enough Ariana, your dad is rich, I even opened your dream fashion business for you but you screwed everything up. I know you are you are spoilt as the only girl in your family you are given everything you want but you need to have some sense and think wisely.” he says raising his voice at her. You could tell Ariana was taken by Suprise she never knew Fred knew this much about her.
And I thought I could actually keep up with all this. So I went on with the wedding. I endured how you insult and nag me about, how you denied me sex but give to others. I actually want to give you another chance because I’ve known you since childhood you were never like this.
But you proved me wrong by sleeping with my bestfriend ” he says the last part calmly hurt showing in his voice.
Ariana gasp and covered her mouth.
You didn’t even tell me you dated my bestfriend both of you kept it a secret from me. I only travelled for a year and we lost contact but you moved on,while I was there missing you so badly that I want to come on home quickly ”

I never knew Sam was your friend then ” Ariana defends.

Wait which Sam?.

But you knew after I proposed to you. I introduced you two not knowing that you already know each others. You went on sleeping with him not once, or twice. You should have just rejected my proposal when you know you are in love with him. But…I kind of see this as blessing in disguise.
If not for you. I wouldn’t have met Nicole or maybe we will still meet but in a different way .
Nicole is an amazing woman. She is far more decent than you. She completes me, she is who I want to spend the rest of my life with.” Fredrick says and my heart flustered.
I look at him with tears. I don’t even know if I should be happy or sad.
But this doesn’t make a difference. I’m just a home breaker and a slut.
My eyes met with Ariana’s and I wish the ground should just open and swallow me.
If only looks could kill. I will be dead with the look Ariana is giving me.


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