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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 2 – Episode 7

(first date)

My mind was not at ease when I get to work so I just ask Judy to take over and left.
I don’t understand why Fredrick reacted that way this morning. But he has to explain when he comes back.
Right now I need someone to talk to and that’s the reason why I called Annie to come over.

please cheer up buttercup I’m getting annoyed ” Annie complains.

You don’t understand Annie what if he’s tired of me and doesn’t want me anymore ”

Insecurities Nicole is not good in a relationship. But you know what? ”
She continued. Why don’t you give him a call”

I nodded and took my phone to call him.
He picked.

Babe do you need something? ” he ask.

No I… ”

Is there a problem why are you stuttering. Where are you? ”

I’m at home ”

I thought you should be at work or something ”

Yes… I left”

Why? are you okay ”

Yes I am. I just called to see if you are still angry with me ”

He laughs.
I’m not angry babe. Okay I will see tonight I’m really busy now ” he says.

I nod and said okay.

Give me a kiss love “he says. I smile and blow him a air kiss making it sound like muah before cutting the call.
He just call me love. Oh God I’m floating in the air right now.
Annie tap me and I jump out of my fantasy world.

I deserve a thank you didn’t I? ” Annie says.
I hug her and say.
You deserve a lot more bestie thank you so much ”
No problem hmm Jason is bringing Alexis hope you don’t mind? ” Annie ask.
I don’t fucking mind Annie it’s been long I’ve seen my God daughter. ”
Okay ”

Just a then the door bell rings.

That might be them let me get it ” I say standing up.

Aunt Nicole ” Alexis voice squeaked as I opened the door.
Oh my Alexis I miss you “I said and pull her small body in my Arms.
Me too. But you didn’t come to see me ”
I’m so sorry baby I’ve been busy “I told her and turn to greet Jason.

Hey buddy ”

She finally noticed me ” he said and I laugh.

Sorry I just miss my goddaughter come in ”

We got to where Annie is and Jason gave Annie a peck. Alexis won’t stop talking.

After they left it was night time and so I’m patiently waiting for Fred or I doze off on this couch.

Not long the front door open and Fred walk in.

I rush to meet him and engulf him in a hug. He reciprocated.
How are you ” he ask.

Good. ”

Come on I have somewhere to take you “he says and began to pull me out.

What we are we going ”

It’s a surprise let’s go ”

I look down at my body I’m in my pyjamas. Like he knows what I’m thinking he said.

Don’t worry about your dress I will take care of everything just chill. ”

Okay ”
He lead to his black Range Rover sport and opened the front door for me. I got in and he also got to the driver’s seat and drove off to where I don’t know. I wonder why he doesn’t have a driver,as rich as he is.

After a very long drive. We got to a very beautiful mansion. FK was boldly written on the gate.
The gate opened automatically and Fred drive in.

Where are we ” I say as I got out of the car with Fred opening the door for me.

I look around. To be candid this is like paradise is just that I’m not good at describing.

This is my newest mansion ” he said and I gasp.

This is yours? ” I ask surprised and he nods his head before leading me inside. Fred opened the glass door I followed his lead. We climb the small stairs which leads to the living. The living room has the most beautiful interior design I’ve ever seen. A very big plasma TV was placed at the right side when coming inside the house.

Wow ” I muttered.
We passed a swimming pool and a small mirror placed on both left and right side leading to the balcony.
I gasp at the sight in front of me A table for two was set at the middle of the room. It was beautifully decorated with flowers and colourful lights.

What’s going on ” I ask Fred baffled.

I’m sorry I didn’t ask you but this is going to be our first date “he said smiling at me.

I rush to hug him.
You did this for me? ” I said and disengage the hug looking at the table.

You like it?

What? I love it fred thank you so much.

Don’t thank me babe. I will do anything for you ” he says and pull me in to a long kiss.

He broke the kiss and say.
Now come and get dress ”
I followed him . He opened one of the room in the hallway and we got in.

I saw three ladies inside the large room who are busy with something or the other.
They greeted Fredrick very politely.

Please do your work very well “he told them and then turn to me.
Go in now and get dress I will be waiting outside. ” with that he went out.
They made me shower first before dressing me up.
Right now I’m standing in front of the mirror. I didn’t believe this is me. I look really different I mean beautifully different. The red short strapless dress fitting my body perfectly and the make up was just so amazing.

I wore a silver coloured high heel together with a red 👛 purse.
I said thank you to the ladies who I actually learnt there name as Ashley, Linda and Kira.
I went out of the room to search for Fredrick. I saw him near the pool on a call.
I cleared my throat to get his attention.
He turned to look at me. His eyes widened immediately he saw me. He said something to the phone and drop the call.
He walk closer to where I’m standing and I checked him out.
He was in a black tuxedo his dark brown hair was brushed backward. He look so handsome.

You look beautiful,gorgeous, pretty and everything nice “he says and I blush lightly.

You don’t look bad your self ”

May I “he says and stretch out his palms. I put my hand in his and he lead me to the balcony. He pull out a chair for me to sit and sat down on the other.

I decided we go on our first date even though everything is still complicated now. Very soon we will be free to have each other anytime we want.
I glanced at her gorgeous face and smile.

So why were you like that this morning “she ask.

Oh God I thought she won’t bring this up again.
I didn’t answer.

Fred?” she called.

Is nothing to worry about babe I mean it’s childish. ”

I don’t care just tell me ”

Fine!remember when I ask you for the trouser this morning. ”


I was angry at the way you cut me off when I want to you know explain. You did it like you don’t wanna remember or talk about. I mean it was a day I will forever be thankful for. The day I found myself that I was making a mistake getting married to Ariana because the way I felt that day…it was incredible. ” I told her.

No.. No love I didn’t mean to interrupt. I did only because I figured out what you mean that’s all ”

I know I figured it out. I’m sorry I ignored you ”

It’s fine but that wasn’t funny. I can’t bear you not talking to me it hurts ”
What I’ve done.
I’m sorry I promise it won’t happen again ”
She gave a quick kiss but deepen it. I cup her cheek and kissed her slowly.
I broke the kiss.
I would love to eat you now but I need food to strengthen my self. ” I say and she look down on her food she was shy.
I smirk.
Are you shy now, but you weren’t when you are riding me yesterday and moaning my name. “Oh..yes.. Fred.. ” I teased and her face flushed.

You.. Fred please stop “she says forming an angry face.

Oh I remember you said something like this one day.
“Fred Pls don’t stop” I said in her moaning voice and laugh.

She gritted her teeth and throw me salad from her food which landed on my face.
It was now her turn to laugh.

Oh my gosh you look so cute with that thing on your face” she says still laughing.

We don’t want to start a food fight on her first date do we ” I said.
Okay I’m stopping ” she says.
She helped me clean my face and we eat our food as we discuss other things.


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