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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 2 – Episode 6


The day went with me in Fredrick arms. I’ve never been this happier.
But when I remember the obstacles that he’s getting married I feel so sad and depressed.

I’m loving this man and their is no turn back for me.

Babe you are awake “Fredrick’s voice sounds from the door.

I turn to look at him with a smile on my face. He moved closer to me and give me a peck on my lips.

Freshen up and come to the dining for breakfast I have to go somewhere very quickly “he said with a smile.

You made breakfast? ”

Yes, get up now sweetheart ”

OK… AY “I drawled standing and walking sluggishly to the bathroom.

After breakfast Fred left and I dress up for office since I’m still working on the wedding preparations. I don’t even want to do this anymore its crazy.
Oh lord help me.

The day went well but I miss Fred. Don’t even know if I’ll will see him today cuz its late already.

Let’s see if he will come. So I stay awake till twelve hoping he will come.
Silly he will be with his fiance. I told my self and my eyes began to water.
I cried myself to sleep.

I felt being pulled into a comfortable hug and i involuntarily snuggled in enjoying the warmth it gives.

I was stucked with Ariana who demanded I stay with her tonight. But my mind was with Nicole. I miss her all day. I want to see her.
At 2 I sneaked out of the house and went over to Nicole’s thankfully she gave me a spare key yesternight.

I met her sleeping peacefully and stare at her beautiful face before sleep catches me.

I woke up to see myself being cuddled with a strange arms.

Aaaah Pls help ” I screamed running out of the room.

Nicole are you okay? ” says a very familiar voice making stop running.

Fred? When did you get in, I actually thought it was some intruder or maybe someone else that’s why I screamed. I’m sorry “I apologized with a flushed face.

That’s not enough reason to disturb my sleep “he says and went back to sleep.

I smiled and thought he was sweet to come over.
No wonder I slept very well.

I walk to the bathroom and took a quick bath before going to the kitchen to make breakfast before he wakes up.

After frying eggs I took the pack of bread from the fridge and set them on the table then going back to get the flask which contains hot water and also coffee, tea ,milk and other ingredients placing them properly on the dinning table.

I went back to my room to check if Fred is awake and I meet him with a towel wrapped around his torso water dripping down from his hair down to his sexy abs. I was lost staring.

Stop eye fucking me babe unless you want me to take you right now ” he says and I quickly look away unconsciously clasps my legs together getting horny. Affected by his words.

I cleared my throat and Sat at the edge of the bed my back against him.

Can you please get my trousers. The one I left the other day ”

I looked at him confused.

I mean the day we had our fir…”

Oh oh I get it ” I said stopping him from explaining further.

He nods and I stands up to my wardrobe. I took it out from where it was neatly folded and gave them to him.

Please be fast I made breakfast ” I told him and he answered with a nod and went back to dressing up.

I walk out to wait for him in the dinning room. I sat down not long he came putting one of my baggy T-shirt together with the trouser I gave him.

He looks so handsome. I stared at him as he sit down and began eating.

It.. It looks good on you ” I told him and he nods his eyes focused on the food.

I was actually expecting a thank you or a tease or better still a word but he just nod.
I ignored that and eat my food.

Silence took over only the sound of cutleries fill the room.

Hope you are enjoying the food?” I ask breaking the silence. He gave me a nod in response.

Okay what’s going.

I stare at him for a while before speaking up.

What’s going on?” I ask dropping my cutlery focusing on him.

He looked at me briefly and went back to his food.

What do you mean ”

Why are you ignoring me. I mean you have been using your head to replying me instead of using words more like giving me silent treatment ” I said.

He took a tissue and cleaned his mouth standing up.

His expression was neutral.
I don’t know what you are talking about Nicole but I have to go now maybe I will see you ” he says and began to 🚶 out.

Maybe I’ll see you?

Fredrick WTF are you walking out on me. What did I do ”

He stopped and walk back to me. He paused a little staring at me. He then put his palms up on my cheek and give a quick kiss on the lips.

Bye I will see you in the night ” he says and remove his hands.

I stare at his back till he opened the door and walk out.

I gritted my teeth staring at my food angrily. I’ve lost my appetite.


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