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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 2 – Episode 5

Rated 18+

Written by authoress Lynn.

I was in my living room playing away with my phone when the door bell rings. I stand up and check who it was.

Fred he’s back.
After our last conversation. He texted me he’s not going to be around that he’s travelling for business and that’s two weeks ago.

I missed him so much.

I opened the door grinning like an idiot.

Hey ”

H…i “he stuttered looking down at my body. Just then I realized I was just wearing a tube bra and a jean Bump short. My cheeks turn red I was blushing deeply not like he hasn’t seen me like this before.

Come in”

You were smiling when I came why the change of expression” he says when we got it grabbing my waist to himself my back against his chest.

You left me ”

No no I didn’t. I just had a business to take care of. And I miss you so much. “he says kissing my neck.

Me too. What business are you doing anyways.”

You don’t know ”

How do you expect me to know ”

You said it like you are not from New York”

Nah I was born in Miami”

Huh no wonder you have a Miami accent.”
Ever heard of the youngest billionaire in New York Fredrick Kennedy.

Yes and I heard he’s topping to be a trilloniare very soon. ” I replied.

Well that’s me.. ” he says and I gasps turning around to meet his eyes.

What? But your last name is Shawn. ”

Yes Shawn is my father’s name but my father doesn’t have any contribution to my success so I used my second name Kennedy. ”

Wow I never knew.” I say smiling.

You know I thought you are one of those girl that just want to have a nightstand with me but knowing that you don’t even know about my status makes me respect you and like you more “he says and I blush.

Talking about ‘ like’ Fred. I say disengage from his grip to sit down. ‘What are we going to do about us. Your wedding is in a week now a….

He interrupted.
Calm down Nicole I will figure it out. Just trust me.”

Are you going to break up with her?….no you can’t I prefer we rather split than be the cause of someone unhappiness. Just don’t worry about me I will be fine just please don’t break up with her ”

He sat down beside me and took my hands in his.
Nicole listen “he started.
I like you a lot to let go easily and I need you to trust me on this okay. I believe if we are surely meant to be fate will surely find a way to get us together so let’s leave it all to fate to decide “he says and a smile form on my lips.

Uh you just have a way to make me smile always “I say.

It’s always my pleasure to see you smile babe”

How about…… We play a little ” I say butting my bottom lip with a smile on my face.

That sounds captivating ” he replies and grab me from the couch to sit on his lap.

Okay. Let’s start from here…. ” I say and redo my sitting position on his lap my ass against his manhood and starts to give him a lap dance.

His moans and groans tells me that I’m doing a good job. I felt a hot liquid pour on my ass and I turned to look at it. I smirk when I see saw it was coming from Fred’s younger man.

I can’t believe you made cum with just a lap dance no girl has ever done that to me before babe ” he says and turn me around so that I face him.

Things I do to you?” I tease a smirk still playing on my lips.

He smile and grab my ass squeezing them. I moan softly and bury my head down on his neck. I’m so f**king wet.

He trace his fingers around my erect nipples and also rubbing his hand on my exposed laps.

Things I will do to you tonight babe are just so amazing “he whispered in to my ears and bite them softly.

No no Fred I own you tonight and no opposing “I warned and took his hand away from my body tieing them together with his tie.
He groans.

Nicole ”

Shhh” I shush him and push him down on the couch.
He gave up and watch me do my thing like a movie. I like the way his eyes are fixated on me the way he looks at me it makes my heart flip.

I stare at his him for a while before moving my hands to his pant zipper and unzipped it slowly. I stare at his bulge from his boxer shorts and smirk. I removed it reveling his hard on staring down at my face.

I played with it with my hand and look at Fred who closes his eyes in pleasure muttering inaudible words.

I want to ride you Fred” I told him which he didn’t give a reply he just stared at me with want in his eyes. I guess that’s my clue then and I sat down on him carefully taking him in with my eyes closed thankfully the couch was wide.

I moaned blissfully as I move up and down. Fred grab my ass making me move faster.

Shit…fuck” I moaned.

Open your eyes babe look at me ” Fred says and I did my eyes turning with pleasure.

The sound of our body clashing fill the room till we both came.

I got up from him and laid on his chest listening to his breathing both of us silent. Before I knew it I was already tired dozing off on his chest.


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