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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 2 – Episode 4

(girls night)

Thank you “I said to the lady and collected the box of pizza from her.
I paid her and went back in to the leaving room to see Annie trying to find a movie for us.

Today is Friday and we are having our girls night.

Pizza is here “I informed.

Oh..kay.”she says and went over to me taking the pizza from me.

She opened it.
Wow pepperoni pizza my favorite”she cooed.

Yeah that’s why I ordered it ”

Thanks and I can’t seem to get a movie for us go check it yourself Pls “she says and sat down on the couch taking a bite from the pizza.

Okay let me get the juice first ‘I told her heading to the kitchen.

Get some cookies too “she yelled.

Okay “I yelled back.

Even though we are in our early twenties we still acted like teenagers.

Should we watch Mean Girls?” I ask her when I got back from the kitchen.

Oh please I’ve lost count of how many times I watched that movie.”she says rolling her eyes.

Yes, this is a 2020 movie ”


To all the boys P.S I still love you “I read out.
I think I like that let’s watch ”

I put it on and went back to seat down with Annie on the floor our backs on the couch.

The movie starts.

Huh I’ve forgot to ask have you stop your affairs I won’t call it relationship with that married man. ” Annie said breaking my focus on the movie which is half gone.

Stop being mean Annie and point of correction he isn’t married he’s about to cuz you are making it look worse than it is ”

She scoff.
Tell me what difference does it make or you are trying to avoid my question ”

Yes I have. ”

Good, I know you think I’m being mean but I’m not. I’m just trying to look out for you the best way I can. ”

I know…. And you should see his crazy fiancee….”I narrated the incident to her.

You see, reasons you should avoid that man. You are just going to get in trouble with that woman when she finds out ”

Just then my phone rang. I look at it and showed it to Annie.

Speaking of the devil. “I told her.

Fredrick Shawn? That’s his name? ”

Yes I’ve been avoiding his calls and texts since Monday I last saw him”

Pick up let’s here what he wants to say ”

What? ”

Trust me Nicole just pick up ”

I looked at her before sliding to the green button picking up.

Hello “I say with an obvious bored tone. Annie signal to me to put the phone speaker.

Nicole what I’ve I done wrong this time, you ain’t picking my calls, replying my text why?

Can’t I just have a space Fred can’t I. ”

Oh now you nag too.. I thought you are different ”

Please spare me Fred.. After meeting that your crazy fiancee you expect me to stay. I’m not a fan of trouble you know ”

But we had a deal Nicole.

I glanced at Annie. She gave me a questioning look that’s say what deal is he talking about..

I sigh.
Are you seriously concerned about the deal. You don’t even care about me, my safety, my feelings… Oh I get it we are just fuck buddies anyways. ”

I care about you, I’ve been worried sick about you when you ain’t picking up my call and you won’t even let me to your office or come to your house”

You know I was doomed for liking you…having feelings for you and I’m trying to avoid being extra doomed by completely falling in love with you. So please leave to myself. ”

And I guess we are both doomed Nicole. “he says and hung up.

I look at Annie with tears in my eyes.

Come here darling “she says and pull me in to her embrace.

Truthfully you guys are in a complete mess. You guys started what you can’t finish. Nicole you could have find any better not a married man or as you said an almost married man ” she says and laugh.

Are you seriously making fun of my predicament now? ”

No…no…no. “she release me and I cleaned my tears.

What should I do now ”

I don’t know… But it’s a good thing the guy likes you too.

He likes me? How do you know.

He said it before he hung up that he’s also doomed as you ”

Fuck you ”

She stick out her tongue before taking a bite from her pizza focusing back on the movie.
I also did the same.

You know he could be your Mr right.

Annie are you shipping us together now I thought you hated him.

Well I did but that changed when I heard his voice it was beautiful. He’s handsome right?”

Very ”

I see why you dote on him so much ”

Just kill me ” I say pointing my hand made fake gun to my head and pretend I was shot.

I punched the bag angrily sweating. I’m so angry at myself for being bad to her.

I didn’t think about her feelings and I’m sure she hates me now.

Haaa “I screamed angrily and continue to punch the bag.

So they confess to each other..

I just love Annie she tells her friend the truth even though it gonna hurt her 😍.

My favorite chapter so far 🤗

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