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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 2 – Episode 3

🔞Hello Ariana 🔞

Ariana’s pov.

I opened the door to my apartment. I’m so exhausted. I drop my bag on the couch and went straight to the bar and pour myself some vodka.

I gulp it down and make a satisfactory moan. I was about to pour another when I heard someone cleared throat behind me.

I turned back shocked at the person I saw.

What are you doing here?”I shouted at him.

He shrugged and moved closer to me. I looked at him my heart racing at the closeness of our body. I so much hate that he still has effect on me.

He snatched the cup from my hands his eyes on me as he pour vodka and drank it all in one take.
His eyes still on me.

Hello Ariana’”

I let out a sharp breath when he move away.

What do you want? “I ask angrily.

He chuckled.
I came to say happy married life in advance darling. ”

Well thanks. “I said and walked over to the couch and take my bags.
And please close the door behind you when you are leaving “I say and began to walk away.

Not so fast babe “he says holding my wrist.
I turned back.

Last time I checked we already broken up I mean I broke up with you so you have no right to call me ‘babe” I yelled snatching my hand from him.

You know… “he paused. You are right i didn’t broke up with you so you are still mine Ariana ”

Are you crazy Sam? I’m getting married and to your bestfriend for crying out loud. ”

My bestfriend who you left me for? ” Ariana you and I know you don’t love him ”

I scoff.
Says who?”

What did he have that I don’t”

Money! Money Sam! Money he is rich and can take care of me than you. Just take a look at me when I was with your wretched self and now and compare. God knows how much you make me suffer.?”

What! You said what I didn’t take care of you? when I almost went bankrupt because of your demands which I never failed to do. ”

That’s it. You said you went bankrupt but he was never inch near being bankrupt no matter what I ask for.
Wait your net worth is 1.2million and his 9.4billion naira see the difference Sam he’s almost a trilloniare.
Do you know that that 1million you called your next worth is what spend in a week and that’s when I don’t need many things.
So Sam you have nothing to offer me. Nothing at all “I told him.

I didn’t say I went bankrupt I said I almost ”

What difference does it make “I replied and roll my eyes.

Okay fine whatever you say but even if is for the last time Ari. I want you “he says.

You have gone crazy Sam”

He started moving closer. I moved back until my back hits the wall.

What are you doing ” I was now between him and the wall.

This “he says and captured my lips with his.

I felt butterflies in my stomach and he kiss me passionately. I kiss him back my hands at the back of his head.

The kiss got very intense before he breaks it and look down at me since he was taller.

I know you want me too “he says smirking.
I rolled my eyes and kiss him forcefully to shut him up. He chuckled into the kiss and scoop me up from the ground to my bedroom.

Fuck me! It feels heavenly.

TBC.. 😍
Aww so Ariana has a soft spot.
Did you think what Sam did was bad.
I mean it’s not easy to let go of someone you love but that doesn’t mean he should betray Fred like that.

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