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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 2 – Episode 2

(is that the woman you getting married to?)
Frederickโ€™s pov.

I didnโ€™t go back home last night because I know Ariana will still be there. So I slept in one of my mansions.And these morning i got a message from Nicole saying that Ariana and I would check out the reception hall today.

I called Ariana.

Fredrick youโ€ฆ She started to say but I interrupted.

Ariana dress up Iโ€™m picking you up at 12.โ€I told her and hang up before she starts to nag again.

I picked Ariana up and drive to the address Nicole sent.

The security guard at the gate led us inside before leaving.

Just then I sighted Nicole looking gorgeous as ever, she also looked over at us. I smiled at her but her eyes were somewhere else. I traced them. Was it because I was holding hands with Ariana? Sheโ€™s my fiancรฉ after all.

Nicole ๐Ÿ˜
I saw Fred and a lady coming towards my direction . I guess thatโ€™s his fiance. Sheโ€™s a beautiful and classy lady you could tell from her dressing and how she walk.
My eyes landed on their entangled hands and I wouldnโ€™t deny that I got jealous.

Hello โ€œI greeted with my best fake smile.

Hi Ms mensah meets my fiance Ariana, Ariana meet Nicole our wedding planner .โ€

Nice to meet you โ€œI greeted stretching my hand for handshake.
She looked at them and didnโ€™t bother to shake me back. I stylishly took back my hands and let out a smile.

Well, you are doing a great job wasnโ€™t expecting it to be this great but I still need to check around for mistakes. โ€œshe says

Thank you โ€

I didnโ€™t complement you did I? โ€œshe says raising an eyebrow at me.

My face turned red with embarrassment. I turn to Fred who gave me an apologetic look.
I felt like crying.

I think she did very well and needs to be complimented so Nicole you did a good job. โ€œfred says and Ariana glares at him but he avoided her gaze keeping his eyes on me.

I cleared my throat.

Pls let me show you around โ€


After making so many corrections and pointing out mistakes all coming from Ariana they were set to leave.

So I hope I wonโ€™t call the cops on you on my wedding day for job not done well. โ€ she says and I cringe.

Ariana stop โ€œFred scolded.

She glares at him.
What?! Meet me outside โ€œshe says and walked out.

I turned to Fred.

I.. โ€œwe both wanted to say at the same time.

You go first โ€œFred says.

No you first โ€

Okay I just want to apologize for my fiances behavior thatโ€™s all โ€

No problem โ€œI told him with a smile

Just then we heard a noise at the entrance and we turned back to see.
It was Ariana she slapped one of my worker.

You bitch canโ€™t you see me coming. โ€

The girl was about to retaliate but I stopped her.

Iโ€™m sorry maโ€™am I apologize for her clumsiness โ€œI told her and she hissed before walking out .

Tania you have to calm down sheโ€™s a client and customers are always right. โ€œI told the girl who was in tears already.
Fred also apologize to her.

Is that the woman you are getting married to? I blurted out when Tania left.

Yes โ€œhe answered and I mind my business.

He walked out.

He walk in back after some minutes.

Why are you still here โ€

I want to talk to you โ€

Your fiance is waiting โ€

She left โ€

What did youwhat to talk about โ€

Can we go somewhere private โ€

There is no private place here โ€

He sigh.
The restroom? โ€

No โ€œI rejected cos I know what will happen in there if I accept.

Why โ€

You and I know what will happen and Iโ€™m not in for that โ€

Nicole I promise I wonโ€™t touch you โ€

No Fred please go โ€

Nicole โ€


I really need to talk to you โ€œhe urges.
I was getting angry.

Go Fred leave โ€

Okay โ€œhe says and leave and I swear I saw hurt in his eyes.


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