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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 2 – Episode 13 [Completed]

In love with
My wedding planner 💞💞


Two years later.
Nicole and I , are currently watching our son, Kelvin, walk for the first time. I was such a beautiful sight, and I was almost in the verge of tears.

We found she was pregnant two weeks after Ariana’s wedding. She wanted to hide it from me at first but I already found out before she knew, I was having my suspicions from all the symptoms she’s being having.
Three months later, I proposed to her and we got married.

Ariana and Sam also had there first daughter, Ashley, last month.

My dad also apologized and we are good now, Chloe is pushing through her music career as she has always wanted, and Mia is still single, Lol. I hope she finds someone very soon, someone who will love and not lust after her.

I made Nicole to stop working after we got married. What’s the point when my wealth is enough to feed the whole country for a month. I made sure my wife and son never lack anything.
Nicole Kennedy Shawn and Kelvin Kennedy Shawn are my life, they are my strength, without them there is no Fredrick Kennedy Shawn.

Immediately Kelvin was born. I established a new company under his name KELVKEN and opened an account for him where any income from the company was sent to.
My son is the richest child in the world.
I don’t know what he wish to do when he grow up and I’m not going to force him with anything.
I will not make the same mistake my father made.

I glanced at Nicole and kiss her cheek lightly.
She looked at me and smiled. I closed my eyes as she scrap her fingers through my hair.
I love you ” I heard her say.

I love you more baby “I said.
I don’t think I can ever stop loving you cos my love for you keep growing everyday. ”
I cupped her cheek and kissed her.

I’M IN LOVE WITH MY WEDDING PLANNER and will always be in love with her.

15 years later.
I was driving to work when I remembered I left a file at home.
I drove back home and opened the front door to meet the greatest shock of my life.

Kelvin and Ashley locking lips and Kelvin was even trying know take it to another level .

What the hell, Kelvin ” I yelled.
Kelvin was just a replica of me, the only difference is he’s got his mother hazel eyes.

Ah dad you are here ” he says and standing up to. Ashley also stood up facing down.

I glared at him.
Where’s your mom? ”

She went to the grocery store ”

With the twins? ” I ask.

No, she went alone”

And where are the twins ”

They are with Kendall ” h
Kendall is my second daughter, she’s 15. And the twin, Emiliano and Emily are 10.

Go to our room, I left my file on the bed. please bring it for me ” I told him and he ran upstairs to get them.

I followed him.

We met on the stairs.
Oh here it is dad? ” Kelvin says handling the file to me.

Aren’t you suppose to check your company today ”

I changed my mind ” he answered.
I looked at him and decide to ask.

Are you dating her ?”

What? ”

Don’t try to act innocent Kelv I saw you two ”

Yeah, look dad I…i really like her ”
Okay ”


What?, I said okay ”

You mean I can date her? ” he says with a grin.

You are already dating her, so what ” I say and start to walk out ”
I stopped and turned to him. careful ” I told him. He looked confused at first but later nod his head smilling.

I just hope there stories doesn’t end up like Ariana and I.
I walk downstairs and met Kendall and Ashley talking, they are bestfriend even though Ashley is a year older.

Ashley, staying the night? ” I ask.

Yes sir”

Okay, have fun, I don’t think I’m coming home today ”

Not again ” Kendall whines.

I move to her and kissed her hair.
I’m sorry darling, it’s an important business trip and I must not miss. Don’t worry when I come back we are doing our monthly outing. How about that ”

Fine, safe journey dad. I love you ”
I love you too, bye ”

Every fairy tales ends with they LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. So is mine , my children are now the next to go through the storms and find there happily ever after.
I’ve found mine and I’m never letting go.


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