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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 2 – Episode 12


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New York.
I close the door to my apartment and walk down the street to get a taxi.
Just then a black Range Rover sport stop in front of me which I recognize as Fred’s.

He roll down the window and I was able to see him.
My eyes was locked with his for some moments before looking away.
Muttering a curse.

Why?” he says breaking the silence.

Why what ”

Why everything Nicole. Why do you leave without telling me, why you didn’t call, why you change your number and after getting your new number, why you cut the call.Nicole when I was…..

I cleaned the lone tears in my eyes and sniffle.
Why are you here, you are getting married today are not supposed to be here ” I said with shaking voice.

What? “Fred said and got out of the car. Standing in front of me he said.

What are you talking about, I’m not the one getting married, it’s Ariana and Sam. Is that what you think. I was doing everything to get us together and you are…this is what you think ”

I opened my mouth in shock.
What? But I thought.. you said it yesterday ”

I was going to explain but you cut the call ”

Sorry ” I said with a smile on my face.

He smiled back and pull me in to a hug. He held me close my slender body pressed against the full length of his hard muscular body. I hung my hands rounds his neck as I sniff his cologne.

He pull back his gaze swept from my eyes down to my lips.
Don’t ever do that again “he said and capture my lips with his. I opened my mouth and he deepen the kiss hungrily. Never wanting to let go I kiss him back with all my heart my tongue dangling with his.
He broke the kiss and smile staring at my face like I look different. His index finger roamed over the curve of my face and at the same time rubbing my cheek gently.

Let’s go “he says and take my hand leading me to the car.

Then all of a sudden I felt dizzy. I stopped walking which alerted Fred.

Are you okay ”

Yes I am ” I said and keep walking. He opened the door for me and went over to the driver’s seat and drove off to the hotel the reception is taking place.

At the reception people are walking in. Fred and I also went in and found ourselves a seat at the front row.
The bride and groom are not yet in the reception.
I told Fred I want to look around to check if there is any mistakes but he stopped me saying there’s is no need.
I sigh and look at the poster board hang on at the side of the hall. Fred’s picture was now replaced with Sam’s. I recognize Sam, he is Jenny’s sister. So that means Jenny will be here it’s been long I’ve seen her.

The M.C announced the bride and groom’s arrival and everyone stood up to welcome them.
Truthfully, Ariana and Sam look really good together. I glanced at Fred and gave him an admiration smile. He smiled back and hold my hands in his.
After all the bla bla bla I was called to the front when they want to cut the cake as the planner. Surprisingly Ariana smiled at me, a genuine smile, not with hatred and I smiled back. Relieved and free from feeling guilty about everything.

Fred came to me and said he wants to show me something. I obediently followed him to wherever he’s taking me.
Then we stopped at big table.
From the resemblance of this people in front of me, I think they are his family. I suddenly feel nervous.

Guys meet my girlfriend Nicole, Nicole this is my family ” Fred says and I smile down at them.

Oh my goodness is she the one “a older woman who I guess she’s Fred’s mother said as she stood up to hug me. She’s really beautiful and she look like she’s in her early 40’s. She looked really young.
I smile and greets her.
Hello Mrs Shawn “I said politely.
Oh please call me Martha and welcome to the family.

Thank you ”

Fred she’s so beautiful , hi I’m Chloe Fred’s surest sister all other ones are fake “a young girl said and smile.
Hi Chloe nice to meet you ”

Good choice you have brought Fred. I thought it will be some fake ugly bitches “another girl said she look older than Chloe.

Mia really ” fred says.

Hi Mia “I said with a smile.

Hi “she says and roll her eyes.
Okay she’s kinda rude.

I glanced at the only person that hasn’t talked since I came. He’s the older version of Fred. I remembered Fred saying they don’t get along very well.

Hi Mr Shawn ” I greeted politely with a smile.

He nod his head and ignored me.
I looked at Fred who has an angry look on his face staring daggers at his father.

Okay Nicole why don’t you come with me so that I can tell you all my brothers dirty secrets ” Chloe says breaking the awkward silence.

Chloe you dare not ” Fred growled at his sister.

Watch me ” Chloe says and drag me to another seat. I like her already she’s free and jovial.

Chloe and I chatted for like thirty minutes. She told me why her dad and Fred didn’t get along. She also told something I never knew about Fred before he came over and took me away. I waved at Chloe and told her we will talk some other day.

Seriously, I was talking to your sister ”

You guys are taking forever, I couldn’t wait. Seeing you in that dress drives me nuts “Fred says and I blush. I was just wearing a yellow lace gown which stopped right on my mid tight. It has v neck which show a little bit of my breast.

I bit my lips and sat down with him on our previous seat.
Nicole “someone called and I turn around to see.
Jenny hi “I said and stood up. We hug each other and disengage.
Jenny and I chatted for a while before we went our separate ways.

Can we go “Fred say and glance down at my body.

I chuckled and stood up. We said our goodbyes to Ariana and Sam first then his family.
Martha hug me and said she hope to see me soon at the house.

When we got to where his car is. He grip my wrist opening the back door and pull me inside together with him.
I looked him.
What?. “he shut me up with an hungry kiss as he send his hand down to my sides the curve of my waist then down to my hips.
I moaned aloud, and the sound was taken into his mouth.

He began nibbling at my flesh, his teeth catching my lower lip,the curve of my jaw and back to my lips.

I wound my arms around his neck, my hands clenching in his hair meeting the open hunger of his kiss with my own.
It was sweet and good, it was all I could ask for, to be in arms. Desire shooting through my body.
He stop kissing me and look at me.
Why don’t we take this home “he said huskily fondling with my boobs. I throw my head back moaning, he suck on my neck giving me hickeys.
You are mine Nicole, mine “he says and kiss my cleavage.
Yes sir ” I said jokingly and kiss his nose then his lips.
Wait till we get home babe “he says and went over to the driver’s seat before speeding off.

I readjusted my dress staying in the back seat.
Fuck! “Fred curse as we came across a traffic light. It was Red so that means stop.

I grinned.
Impatient are we ” I teased.
You have no idea “he growled.
I have an idea ” I said and climb over to his seat. I sat down on his Laps and wrap my legs around his.
He look at me with wide eyes.
What are you doing ” he ask.
This ” I said and start to grind his hard cock. He grab my ass forcefully groaning and I grind harder. I wrap my arms around his neck and bury my head into his neck moaning softly. I kissed his chest.
Nicole thi..s is n..ot helping.. F..uck. you are going get us in trouble “he manage to say.

I smirk.
Is the almighty Fredrick Kennedy scared of the cops ” I teased and continues until we heard a knock on window. I quickly stood up and sit beside him. Acting like nothing happened Fred roll down the window and we met with a officer’s angry face. His face softens when he saw Fred obviously, he point to the traffic light and Fred mutters a curse. We have to wait again cuz the traffic light has showed Red since we were busy when it showed go.
Fred apologizes and the officer left.
You see ” he says.
Why don’t we continue ” I said and he glared playfully at me.
I don’t want to loose my dignity Nicole, everybody knows me as a noble and responsible man ” he says and starts driving.
A horny noble man, I see” I say and gaze at his hard on. I held out my hand and touch it.

What the hell are you doing “Fred yelled and loose his control. The car started to sway left and right. I screamed and bury my head on my lap expecting my death. I’m sure I’m going to hell fire for being horny and unable to control myself. I close my eyes for like five minutes but nothing happened. I started bringing my head slowly and realized we were back on track.
I heaved a sigh of relief and look at Fred.
Oh God, I thought we are going to die ” I said and place my hands on my chest.

Thanks to me,we didn’t “he says grinning.
I watched him as he continues driving and sometimes he would glance back with a smile.

Oh my gosh I think I’m loosing control again ” he says.
What? ” I yelled.

I’m loosing control of my heart babe, I can’t help but fall crazily in love with you ”

I look away so that he won’t see me blush. I smiled.
With him beside me, my life couldn’t be more better.


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