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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 2 – Episode 11

(it hurts)
(semi final)

I woke up feeling dejected again just like I felt yesterday and day before when Nicole left.
I don’t really understand why she left and it’s getting me worked up.
I stood up lazily from my bed and did my morning routine.

After having breakfast I thought of a way to find Nicole not like I haven’t tried my best.
Then it hit me. She introduced me to her bestfriend one time. Maybe I can get to Nicole through her but I don’t have her address or phone number.
Sighing, I pull out my phone and dailed Sam’s number.
I put it on my ear waiting for him to pick up.
I know he would be busy preparing for tomorrow but he needs to help me this once..

Sam please I need you to found out about Annie Thompson. I don’t know anything else about her but she’s Nicole’s bestfriend. Please I need it urgently. ”

What information do you need ”

Her number and address ”

Okay no problem but is everything okay your voice doesn’t sounds good ”

I sigh and answered.
I can’t find Nicole, she left ” I told him trying not to break down in tears.

I’m sorry dude. Don’t worry you will find her. I will send it to you in 30.” he says. I nod in response like he can see me and hung up.

I missed her so bad, so bad that it hurts.

30minutes later Sam did as he promised. I decided to call her and she picked.

Hello? ” she says.

I cleared my throat.
Hello is this Annie Thompson ”

Yes, who I’m I speaking with ”

This is Fred… remember from Nicole ”
Oh hi Fred. Hmm what can I do for you ”

I’ve been trying to reach Nicole but couldn’t. Do you have any idea where she is ” I said trying hard not to sound frustrated but I can’t help it I’m frustrated.

Yeah. She told me she’s going to see her parents in Miami. She changed her number too..but I thought you should know ”

Well maybe I was obviously the reason she did all.
Annie do me a favour and please send her new number to me. I need to speak with her ” I pleaded.

Okay no problem. I will just text it to you ”

Pls do “I say and hung up.

I watched the view outside my window as I wait for Annie to send the number.
I felt my phone vibrated and I quickly check.
Good she has sent it. I quickly replied back a thank you before dialing the number.
It was picked at the second ring.

Hello “a lazy voice sounded from the other side of the phone. I knew instantly it was Nicole with the way my heart flipped hearing her voice.

Nicole ” I called but there was no response for some seconds until she called.


I let out a annoying groan when my phone rang. Who the hell is disturbing my sleep. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was thinking about Fredrick. He has been in my thoughts ever since I left. I know I have been selfish leaving like that but it’s for the best. Knowing I was the cause of his break up with Ariana what will people think about me, that I’m a gold digger? Of course yes.
And his family, I know they will hate me.

I picked up my phone and slid the green button.
Hello “I said with a lazy voice to the phone.

Nicole ” the voice called. And damn I recognize that voice anywhere anytime even in my sleep.

Fred ?”

Nicole, where the hell have you been the wedding is still holding and…..” and that was it immediately he said the last word, I cut the call.

The wedding is still holding…the wedding is still holding. That’s what has been ringing in my head like forever.
Tears began fall.
So all what he said that day was all lie.
I’m not the woman he wish to spend his life with. He was just being sacarstic.

I really don’t want to go to that wedding tomorrow I could have told Judy to handle it but remembering Ariana’s word that day. At least I don’t want to loose all my dignity and fail to do my work very well because I’m in love with the groom.

It’s okay. This doesn’t hurt. Fuck me.
It hurts like hell.

I hated life. Even if I have been praying to fall in love with someone, I didn’t pray to fall for someone who wouldn’t love me back.

I switched off my phone to avoid more calls from him. I know Annie would have given him my number because she is the only one I gave it to.

Hey sis “Autumn my cousin squeal and sat beside me on the bed.

Autumn please let me be ”

What’s wrong, you look like a teenager who is love sick ”

Autumn is my cousin. She’s two years older and she is complete African. She is my aunt’s daughter who started leaving with us since she was twelve after her dad’s demise.
We have been bonding since childhood so she knew me well.

Autuuuumn..”I screamed. Pls don’t had to my problems ”

You know sis. You can just tell me and save your self from stress cos I won’t stop asking ”

She’s right. She can never stop talking. I better tell her and so I told her.

Oh Sis, you are just going to get it over. You should go and show him that you are fine without him ” Autumn advices and I nod.

Thank you autumn ” I said but it didn’t make me feel any better.

After autumn left I felt something in my throat coming up and I suddenly have the urge to throw up. I quickly ran to the bathroom and almost threw my lungs out.

I cleaned up and went back to the room feeling weak.

I didn’t go downstairs for breakfast neither for lunch. But autumn brought me lunch and persuaded me to eat. I ate the amount I could eat and she left me sulking up again and crying into my pillow.

Mom and dad came to ask me if I was alright. I told them I’m fine. They didn’t believe me but they let it be which i was grateful they did . I told them I’m taking an early flight to New York tomorrow that I have a event to attend. Promising them to come back and finish my vacation with them.
They nodded in understanding and left my room.

I woke up early and got ready.
My dad said I should use his private jet so that I can reach early. My dad is not that rich but he’s one of the tops in Miami.

My guts tells me that things are going to be different from what I thought it would be. Maybe better, but how could it be better when I’m going to watch the man I love get married in my face.


Hmm Nicole should have just let Fred finish what he was saying, now she’s getting it all wrong 😒😪

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