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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 2 – Episode 10

(where are you? )

#Frederick’s pov.
I sigh this is going to be hard but I have to do it for the woman I love.

No dad we want to talk about something else ” I said and gave Ariana a small nod to continue.

Erm, we want to tell you all that we are not getting married anymore we are stopping the wedding

What?” everyone yelled.

What nonsense are you talking about ” my dad yelled.
It’s our decisions to get married and it’s also our discussion to end as well or else if we force ourselves in to this marriage we are just going to end up divorced.” I said.
No, this is not your decision Fred. You can’t just cut off the wedding. No. I’m not in support of this ”

Dad please ” I yelled angrily making everyone including my dad startled.

You are the cause of this. I proposed to Ariana not because I wish to spend my life with her but because of you. I wanted to do something to make you proud of me because everything I do is trash to you. You want to have control of my life and make me live your dreams instead of mine.
Dad how many times have you ask any of us about what we want to become in the future. Did you ask Mia what she wants before you ask her to study engineering?. Mia looked at dad and sigh.
Did you ask Chloe what she wants. You don’t even know she actually dreamed of being a singer. why? Because your attention was only on me. Dad girls sing too. She has the talent not me dad.
Ariana.. Is in love with someone else, so I’m I. We don’t want to continue with this wedding. Uncle Ray, Aunt Lola, mom and everyone, I hope you understand “I said.
Uncle Ray sigh and nod.
I understand Fred. We can’t force you. It will be our regret at the end when you guys start to have problems. It’s okay” Uncle Ray says. Sometimes I just wish he’s my dad instead. He’s a very understanding dad is just so stubborn.
Aunt Lola “I called.
It’s okay ” she says.
Mom ”
It’s fine son.I believe you are old enough to make decisions for yourself.”mom says.

I’m very glad Ariana’s parents are okay with it. I will just deal with dad later.

But this is a too short notice. What I’m i going to tell everyone I invited ” aunt Lola exclaimed.
I smiled.
Don’t worry aunt. Ariana is still getting married this weekend. ” I said and turn to Ariana who gave me a confused look.
Ariana. Why don’t you call Sam so that he can meet aunt and uncle ” I said.
She nods and excuse herself to call him.

Hmm we have something to say” someome said breaking the silence.
Lucas and I wants to tell you guys something ” Chloe repeated.

What is it dear” mom said.

Chloe and I.. I.. Are..we are.. “Lucas paused. Why is he stuttering.

So what you want to say Lucas no one is gonna bite you” Ariana said.
We are dating ” Lucas says.

What?” Uncle Ray says.
I knew it, I suspected you two “aunt Lola says grinning.
When did this start “My mom ask glaring at Chloe.

Last year “Chloe says trying to avoid my mom’s gaze.
Mia looked unfazed like she knew about it.
we kept it secret because you guys might be mad at us. We are sorry ” Lucas explain.

They love each other though “Mia chipped in.
I’m the only single soul in this house. How unfair “she says with a fake cry.

Maybe when you stop your sassy attitude you will find one ” I told her.
True “Chloe says earning a glare from her sister.
Dad! “Chloe called.
Fred is right dad. I have the dream of becoming a singer since I was nine. I was just scared to tell you remembering what happened between you and Fred. But…is not too late if you change your mind ”

My dad didn’t answer he just stood up and left the dinning. I received a text from Sam said he’s outside. I stood up and told everyone I was leaving before going out.

I met Sam pacing around standing behind his car.
He ran to me immediately he saw me.

Dude, what I’m i doing here ” he ask.
You are here to meet Ariana’s parents. ”
He sigh.
Don’t be nervous dude. It’s fine they are nice people “I say.
Ariana came and took him inside.

I drove back to my mansion only to find it empty.
Has Nicole left?
I tried calling her phone but it wasn’t reachable. I decided to ask the maids and they told me she left the house with tears.
I became more worried.
I’ve tried all my possible best to reach Nicole but I couldn’t find her. I went to her apartment, her office, called her number, sent her a text.

Oh Nicole where are you.
Please don’t tell me she left me 😭.
I can’t bear it if she does.

TBC 😢.
Nicole why now 😑

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