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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 2 – [Episode 1 – 13]

In love with my wedding planner

In love with my wedding planner

I was about entering my house when I got a call from the office.

Speak “I say to my PA.

Sir, the stocks are ready and the clients are very eager to have them.

Yes but we have to have a meeting with them first.

Alright sir I will inform them. ”

Okay I’ll be in the office in the next fifteen minutes. “I told him and hang up.

I opened my door to my living room surprised it was unlocked. But I did lock my door.
I shake my head. Ariana is here.
I saw her bag on the couch recklessly being put and did it very well before walking up stairs to my room.

I opened the door to my room and met Ariana on my bed masturbating.

What the fucking hell are doing on my bed Ariana “I ask with rage.

She roll her eyes and remove her fingers from her p****y and lick them.

Where were you Fred you left me here all night. ”

Did you tell me you are coming “I answered her putting my phones on the Nightstand besides my bed.

Why should I tell you when I want to visit and how can you go somewhere without my consent. “she says.
I laughed.
What are you? My mum, dad? That you have the right to control me around?.”

I’m your fiance Fred whether you like it or not I’m soon to be your wife. ”

That’s it. You are my fiance not my wife and you can stop being my fiance anytime soon ”

What did you say? You want to break up with me?
Fred you know you can’t do that you are just going to make your precious family hate you and your dad will hate you more “she says and laughed.

I sigh.
She’s right.
Now tell me where you were before I call your dad to tell him his stupid son is maltreating me ”

You are impossible ”

Now “she demanded.

Fine, I slept in one of my mansion cos I don’t feel like sleeping here. ”

Hunn. Which one cos I’m going there to ask your security and they dare not lie to me ”

I scoff and walked to my bathroom with my white towel.

When I proposed to Ariana. I was the happiest man on earth. My family too was happy and my dad I couldn’t forget the look on his face. For the first time he told me I’m proud of you son.

My dad and I never got along pretty well. When I was in highschool my dad told me to go into music why? Because he had the dream of becoming a musician when he was younger but he never had anyone to help him so he told himself that when he give birth to a son he’s going to achieve the dream he couldn’t achieve.
Unfortunately I was the only son he had but my dreams are different and of course I had the talent. But music isn’t my calling I never had that passion the thing I had passion for is to become a successful business man everyone will look up to and I did but my dad is not satisfied Infact he has never congratulated me on any of my success. My mum has always been supportive behind my dads back though and my sisters too. I have two beautiful sisters.

Ariana’s dad and my dad were bestfriend since childhood. They were inseparable. This made Ariana and I childhood friends too but then I had a crush on her when I was in highschool. She was a sweet, nice and beautiful. Who wouldn’t want her.

To cut the long story short.
My engagement with Ariana has made my dad like me. He said to his bestfriend that day “we won’t be only bestfriends we will be in-laws too”he then turn to me “Fred you made the right choice and this shows you are the true son of your father. I’m so proud of you son “.

After taking my bath I walk in to my very big closet that looks like a room to dress up.
After dressing I head to my room praying Ariana will not be there.


Dammit what the hell are you doing ? I yelled at the naked Ariana on my bed.

What does it look like babe “she says biting her lips.

Okay I get it she’s horny.

Come here baby”she beckoned.

Ariana I have something to do at work. I don’t have your time this morning.”

What Fred! You are going no where you can’t see I’m horny “she says standing up.

Haha I can see, but I’m not in the mood alright?.Deal with this also like I use to “I told her.

I look down at her. Her breast looks like it was ironed while Nicole’s is standing and big.
Her fake ass is standing because of the surgery she had. Gosh I don’t even know what I saw in her.

Fred you are not going to leave me like this will you ”

Yes I will and besides I met you doing something when I entered you can Continue when I leave”

I turn to leave.
Don’t you think your breast too needs surgery? Cos I think it does “I told her.
Her face turned red immediately. Her eyes darkened with anger.

Fuck you Fred. Do you think I like that small d**k of yours? ”

What did she say.

Then what did you like about me cos you clearly never loved me. Oh right cos I’m rich right?, you like my money ” I say.

She would burst any minute from now I have to leave before she realize the full psycho in her.

I was driving when I remembered her words.

Do you think I like that small dick of yours. ”

Is my d**k really small. Then I remembered Nicole telling me I’m big. I smile.

Of course my d**k will be very small for a big hole she called p***y.


TBC… 😂

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