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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 1 – Episode 9

Chapter 9❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nicole’s pov.
I was busy with Fredrick’s wedding plans. I checked my phone its already late. I think I’m going to sleep in the office tonight. It has been a hectic day. Since Fred already gave the payment yesterday. I don’t want to delay anymore. I love doing my work faster so as not to disappoint my client. And tomorrow I have to go to Paris to get some of the things needed. I also need to get more wedding dress in my store.

My phone rang and I pick it up to check the callers name. Mr Shawn. Why is he calling me now?. I pondered.
Yeah, probably to ask about the wedding preparations what else. ‘I thought.
Or maybe he…
Oh Nicole what nonsense are you thinking about again.

My phone stopped ringing thenIt started ringing again.
Hmm hmm “I cleared my throat.
Hi “I said to myself to make my voice isn’t hoarse before picking the call.

Hello “I say to the phone.

Hi Nicole, how are you? ”

I’m fine sir and how are you too ”

Very well thank you ”

Hmm, sir what makes you call me? ”

Nothing, I just, I just want to say hi ”

He called to say hi? Omg did I hear well? I removed the phone from my ear and checked the caller ID again making sure I’m not mistaken. I put it back on my ear realizing I haven’t replied him.

Well, thank you. ”

Nicole “he called.

Yes sir ”

Pls can just call me Fred or Fredrick and stop the formalities.”


Good. Can I see you tomorrow?”

Hmm sir, I mean Fred I’m sorry but I won’t be available tomorrow, I have to travel to get somethings for the wedding. ”

I understand but can I see you tonight. Please Nicole don’t say no “.

I.. Believe me Fred I’m really busy with the wedding preparations. Now I couldn’t go home I have to sleep in the office tonight cos it was already late when I realize I have to close. I’m sorry. ”

He sighs.
Okay Nicole I get it “he snapped and hang up.
What is wrong with him, can’t he just understand I’m busy.
And it’s his wedding I’m planning that is giving me stress.
I hissed and slam my hands on the table angrily .

Few minutes later.
I was about drifting off to sleep on my couch. When I heard footsteps coming towards the door someone might have enter the building. Then I remembered I didn’t lock the doors. I became scared. Who could it be. I checked the time 10:38pm it’s already late. Who knows I’m still here. So many thoughts runs through my head. Then an idea popped in to my head.
I hope it works.

I moved to the side of the door raising the big plywood as I keep my breathing down. I stand on alert.
Very soon the door clicked open and the person tries to enter. I raise the plywood and smash it on the person earning a loud groan from him falling on the floor. Good.

I bent down to check who it was and the person I saw made me froze.

Fuck! What have I done.


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