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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 1 – Episode 8

Chapter 8
(how do you know her ).
Fredrick’s pov.
I entered the bar and sighted Sam at a corner drinking. Sam is my best buddy, the only one I trust among my friends.

Dude what’s up “I greeted and we did the bro hug. I sat down and pour my self a drink before putting it back on the table.

Nothing much man just decided to get a break. I have a lot on my mind lately “Sam says.
I take a sip from my drink.

Do you wanna share. You know a problem shared is a problem solved. ”
Is just a girl I’m in love with ”

The hell dude? You are in love? Since when and you didn’t tell me? ” I half yell attracting some people.

Keep it down man let me explain ”


I dated her ”

You did? ”

Yes, but she broke up with me ”

Why? ”

Said she find another guy and she’s getting married in months time. ”

Damn! Does she love you?

I don’t know man, thought she did until she said it’s over ”

Wait, when did that happen? ”

When you are in Africa. She broke up with me a month after you came back that was when I planned to tell you about her. ‘”

Yeah I went to Africa for business that took me a year. Ariana and I have been dating but we lost contact when I travelled. When I came back I made sure I find her but it baffled me Ariana has changed within a year.

What about you man. What’sup with the wedding preparations? Already met the wedding planner?

Yes I have, I was coming from her place. ”

Is she good?’

Yes she is. Can I ask you a question ”

Sure ”

How do you know her ”

She planned my sister’s birthday party and I think they are friends too ”
Is that all you know about her?

Yes, why are you suddenly interested in knowing her? ”

Nothing really “I said itching my neck.
Hmm, tell me how is work? I ask diverting the topic.

Dude you need to see this video. It’s a crime case I solve today” he says as he pull out his phone from his pocket.
Sam is a police man and he’s doing well with his work.

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