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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 1 – Episode 7

Chapter 7
His expression changed at my reply but change back to his emotionless expression almost immediately.

Alright then. Back to our discussion ”

Yes, I was saying that we need to have some money before we can start working ”

No problem, just give me your account details and I will send it right away ”

Okay , you can surely get it from my secretary on your way out ”

Pls let me have it from you, I don’t want to face that creepy secretary of yours ”

what, did Judy do something to him ”

AlrigAlright” I said and gave them to him.

Few seconds later. he told me he has sent it to my account.

My eyes almost pop out when I saw the amount he sent. I expected him to send half of the payment ”

But sir. This is six million and you…

I knowIt might not be enough “he interrupted.

Wow, this guy must be filthy rich and why is he cutting me off like that.
Cos you talk too much “my mind tells me.

shut up “I subconsciously said out loud.

What? Fred questioned confused.

No, not you ”

okay I will take my leave now “he announce standing up and walked out.

I watch him as he walk to his car through my window. I sigh when he drove out.


I need to talk to that girl.


Yes ma’am.Wow ma’am Mr Shawn spent a long time in your office. I was expecting you will call me to help you seems like you are having a meeting.

shut up. it’s none of your business and you are my secretary not my PA.

But ma’am that’s my work too. I…

Shut your mouth shut it “I yelled angrily.
Now what did you say or do to Fred.. I mean Mr Shawn that made him react that way when I mentioned you ”
Huh? What way ma’am ”

You still have the nerve to ask me questions don’t you “.

I don’t know, I didn’t do anything ”

You were flirting with him right? What did I tell about flirting with customers Huh. Do you know he’s getting married in three months time. Do you?
And let me warn you. If this shitty attitude of yours make me loose a client one day.Trust me you are loosing your job . Understood. ”

Yes ma’am, but ma’am you are overreacting and I stopped flirting when I knew he was here to plan his wedding.

I didn’t reply, I walked in to my office and slam the door angrily.

She’s right. I overreacted and acted like a possessive girlfriend over his boyfriend.

This guy is driving me nuts I must confess and I need to stop before it gets out of hand.

Sighing softly, I went into my private restroom and clean up my self. I took contraceptive from my bag and use it.

I called my secretary through the intercom.

Pls come to my office ”

Yes ma’am ” she says and I hung up.

come in ”
sit Judy ”

Look Judy, I’m very sorry for my outburst earlier. I was in a bad mood and trust me I didn’t mean all those threat at all. ”

No ma’am, I’m not angry. Actually what you said was true and I promise it won’t happen again. ”

I smile.
Good you can go now ”


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