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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 1 – Episode 6

Chapter 6.
( can’t afford to make a stupid mistake like that)
It’s been two days since I’ve seen Fred or hear from him.
Truth to be told, I’m kind of disappointed and hurt . But I shouldn’t I don’t know what came over me or what he did to me, I was never like this, having sex with my client who I’m planning his wedding and I didn’t regret it instead I wanted more .

I sigh when I realize I was thinking about him again. Remembering how he made me feel that day got me fucking wet. This is wrong really wrong.
Kho kho kho ” I heard a knock.
Come in ” I said

And he entered, thinking of an angel, hmph.

Hi “he simply greets and sit down.

Hi, I replied not knowing what to do.Everything now seem awkward.

Erm”he cleared his throat.
My fiance is done picking so here is the magazine.

I collected it and drop it on my desk.

So I think we can now Dis….. I tried to say but he interrupted.

Not now Ms mensah ” he says standing up. I watch as he was walking towards me, looking anywhere but me.

He drag me by my wrist pulling me up from the chair. He wraps his arms around my waist our body only one inches apart. He’s really tall and built. I stare at his open chest having the urge to touch them. The man is not handsome, he’s drop dead handsome. His fiance is so lucky to be sincere.
He kissed my neck making me shiver. I hope he didn’t give me hickeys. Next Fred took my lips into his devouring my mouth and pressing my boobs. I let out a moan.

Wait! I whispered in to the kiss and he groaned breaking the kiss.

What? He ask his eyes are filled with passion, lust and longing.

I.. I have to close the door you know someone might enter and see us “I managed to say.

Don’t worry princess, I’ve already done that when coming in “he explains and I nod.

Now back to business and it’s going to be a quick one no foreplay “he says and I nod again. Gosh I think I’m becoming dumb.

Fred scooped me into his arm putting me on the table in front of us his forearm beneath my ass. I let out a sigh and grip his broad shoulders for support. He roll up my gown and taking off my red pants. He also undress himself halfly. My breath quicken at the feel of his cock at my entrance. Using his hand to guide him self in and then push into me, surprising a gasps of pleasure from my mouth.
He started thrusting in and out slowly before increasing his pace. I screamed at the way his cock made me feel so good. Thank God my office is sound proof.
Oh god… Fuck “I moaned as I feel my orgasm set up.
Pls don’t stop… Faster… I need it harder “I screamed and throw my head back in pleasure.
I can feel my orgasm “fuck I’m cumming “I informed.
Don’t yet “he said and stop thrusting.

He turned me over on the table. Making me bend as he entered from the back.
Fuck! He moans as he thrusts in furiously.
This feels so good ” Fred says.
Oh my gosh, yes ” I moaned.
Ahhhhh.. I bit my lips trying not to scream too loud. I couldn’t feel my legs anymore as I reach my climax. Fredrick also got his release cumming inside me. He got out of me and dress up. I also took my panties, wore it and adjust myself. I mentally remind myself to use the restroom later.

He went back to where he was seated before. His face showing no emotions. He acted like nothing just happened while my face look flushed.

Hope you are on pills “he ask and I nodded remembering he cummed inside me.

Good, I’m not ready to have a child outside wedlock “he says and it got me really angry for some unknown reasons. I wanted to lash out on him but I keep my cool. It wasn’t his fault anyways it was mine. I started it and even told him I wanted more.

So I simply reply “don’t worry, I can’t afford to make such St..upid mistake like that “emphasising on the stupid.

His expression changed at my reply but change back to his emotionless expression almost immediately.

Do you think Nicole overreacted or Fredrick was being insulting and maybe irrational. Let’s know what you think.

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