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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 1 – Episode 5

Chapter five
So much for being h***y.

Phew.. That was great I’ve never had that kind of sex in my life” Fredrick says making me blush real hard.

Me too “I say truthfully.

I have to leave now, is it dry yet? ”

I wrap the bed sheets around my body and stood up to check. I didn’t even spread them.

No, Pls excuse me I will be back. “I said and went straight to my room to get one of my shorts. I love wearing shorts. I use to wear them mimicking my dad’s dressing. You can say I was a tomboy in highschool or maybe till now. I took the biggest hopping it’s his size.

I’m sorry but can you manage this just to get home , don’t worry I can drive you to your car if….”
No don’t worry it’s fine I will just wear that, and you don’t have to worry as I said earlier I will take a cab. ” he says and I smile. He’s really cool.

He wore the shorts and gave me his pants and boxers. I was happy cuz that means it can still happen again right? Oh Nicole you are so stupid.

He began to walk out but stopped and look at me and said.
Thank you ”

No,you thank you “I say.

Look can we do this again?
LikeIreallyenjoyitandiknowyoudotooialsounderstandyouareabouttogetmarried. Don’t get me wrong I’m not asking you to cheat on your fiance and I don’t want you to see me as a whore also I just, gosh “I breathed out after rushing my words in a minute. My cheeks are already red.
Note:those things she said was in a rush you can see I typed them together at first.

He looked at me with wide eyes maybe Suprise at my outburst or how I rush my words.

Fredrick 😜
Woah, slow down and take your word slowly ain’t running away. “I tell her.

She take a deep breath and starts but I cut her in.

I heard what you said, I also enjoyed it and I want it to happen again Ms Mensah ” I told her and she smile.

I smile back before walking out the room.
Truthfully, I’ve never had that kind of sex with Ariana or any girl before. I mean this feels different. So I will really love to do it again and again.

And when she called me Mr Shawn, Fuck it was more like a big turn on for me. No one has ever call me that during sex.

You must be thinking I took advantage of her? No I only helped her, I mean I helped my self too or maybe we helped each other.
I heard her mutter “so much for being horny ” and I was too and that makes the two of us.


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