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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 1 – Episode 4

Chapter four.
So much for being h***y.
Warning : matured content ahead 🔞

He drove to the parking lot and we got out.
Thank you “I said with a smile.

No problem, I will Just take a cab to my car now “he says giving me my car keys.

He turned to leave.
Wait “I called and he stopped walking.

Do you mind if I invite you in for a drink. As a thank you “I added.

Sure ”
Okay come in ”
I opened the door to my living room and we head in.

Have a sit “I offered and he sat down.

So what do you want. Wine? Coffee? Water?
Water is fine ”
Alright gimme a minute ” I say and went straight to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I take out the glass jug of chiled water from the fridge and I also take out a glass cup from the shelf. I pour the water into the cup and put it on a tray before walking out the kitchen.

Here ” I stretch the water to him. While trying to help him with the water ,I hit my leg with his making me trip and in the process of trying to get myself balance so that I won’t fall on him , the cup of water fell right on his… Shit, I made him wet.

I gasped. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I…” I was short of words.

No it’s fine I just need to clean up “he says dusting his trousers.
I wouldn’t be dumb struck if it was just a normal place but hell man it’s his private region and it’s driving me nuts right now.

He seems to realize what he was doing cos his face turned red immediately he saw my reaction and his dick rise up against his wet trouser.

Erm erm “I cleared my throat and say ” Pls come with me ” And I lead him to the guest room.

You erm.. You should remove them and give them to me so that I can dry them for you quickly. ”

I moved to the bathroom.
Here use this towel for the meantime till they are dry and call me when you are done I will be outside. ” I say not making any move to go outside and he gave me the ‘then what are you still doing here ‘look.

Should I help you take them off “I blurted out foolishly before I could stop my self.

What? He half yelled surprised.

Sorry I was just bluffy around, I didn’t mean that ”

So much for being horny “I muttered and I’m very sure he heard me not like I want him too though. I turned to leave.

Wait “he says and I halt.

You can take them off “he says and my whole body systems stops working. Did I hear well.

What? I ask in disbelief.

You can help me with my pants or you don’t wanna help anymore?

And before my brain could react my stupid legs already found itself in front of him.

I look into his green eyes which is filled with pure lust just like mine before I bent down to take off his pants leaving him in his boxer briefs. I stood up to leave the room and he says; won’t you this off too ”


Look It is wet too isn’t it ”

I nodded and kneel in front of him taking them off.
I gasp at the sight of his big c**k in front of me.
Oh my he’s so big “I muttered and gulped down nervously before taking him to my mouth doing wonders to it till he cum.
His groans and moans alone almost made me reach my climax.
He grabs my hair and push me to the bed making me bounce on it. He started kissing me. He moved down to my already hard nipples sucking them like no tomorrow. I was moaning crazily. Next Fred move to my down area teasing me with his thumb before entering me with his two fingers. I was screaming, my body starts to shake as I had my orgasm. I couldn’t hold it anymore I want the real thing so I had to beg.
Mr Shawn Pls I need you right now “I bemoaned. Like an order he entered immediately making me gasp in pleasure.
It was so huge that I couldn’t contain him. After balancing himself he start to move in and out of me driving me in the field of pleasure screams and moans from us. He groans softly as he release inside me , not long I reach my climax too. He flipped over to the bed, both of us breathing heavily .


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