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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 1 – Episode 3

🔞Episode three 🔞
(the ride)

Nicole’s pov.
I’m so horny right now and my secretary says I have a visitor.

Shit, Nicole pull your self together.

I heard a knock.
Come in “I said and the door opened revealing a tall handsome sexy man.
This isn’t good at all, I’m being tortured by nature intentionally.

Hello ” he greeted in a very husky beautiful voice (if that’s a perfect world to use).

Hello welcome sir “I replied standing up.

My name is Nicole mensah and you are ” I ask.

Y’all wondering Mensah?. I’m half African, my dad is a Ghanaian and mom is American. I’ve got a little bit my dad’s skin and more of my mom, so it didn’t really show.

Fred, Fredrick Shawn ” he replies.

Nice to meet you Mr Shawn ” I say and shake him.

When I shake him I almost had my orgasm but I quickly got my self control back.

After Mr Shawn left, I heaved a sigh of relief and think of how to help my self. Of course I’ve touched myself but didn’t work at all.

Good let me call Josh (my boyfriend).

Hi Josh “I said today to the phone when he picked up.

Oh h_e_y nic_ky what’s up “he replies breathlessly.

Are you okay? I ask.

I am, what’s up why did you call ?

Why I call my boyfriend? Seriously Josh?.”

No not like that,i thought you will be at work. You know ” he says.

I know but I miss my boyfriend.
Anyways where are you ” I ask.

F**k “I heard him mutter more like a moan.

Josh? What’s going on are you okay “I say.
I’m fine I just hit my leg on something “he says.
Okay, where are you “I ask again getting impatient.
my office where else ” he says.
Okay then I’m coming over “I tell him.

What !Noo Pls don’t come over ,I’m having a meeting in the next five minutes now “he yelled.

But I miss you “I whined.

Aww, I miss you too baby, don’t worry I’ll see you tonight. Okay? ”

Okay “I replied but I wasn’t I’m definitely going I’ll just wait for him till he finishes his meeting.
I can’t stay here any longer.
I stood up and walked out of my office to my car.

Josh’s office.
I entered the building and walk up to his office ignoring the secretary but she calls me back.

You can’t go in now, he’s in a meeting “she says.

I roll my eyes and said “I’m going to wait in the office not in the meeting room ”

I should have listened to her.

Now see, I met my boyfriend fucking a girl on his table. Wow.

Nicole “he called angrily and at the same time shocked.

I taught you are in a meeting “I said calmly.

I told you not to come ” he says.

I glanced at the girl who is getting dressed and say ; I will just leave now ”
Yes you should “he said nonchalantly making me get angry.

You know what, I’m done with this stupid relationship. You know I was just managing your small dick that can’t even get someone to orgasm. You suck in sex. Right girl ” directing my question to the girl.

Yes you are right, can you believe he hasn’t made me to my orgasm but he has more than three times.” the girl replied.
I burst into fit of laughter at her response. Omg you should see Josh face.

What I can believe you will do this to me lily and you get out of my office it’s over between us. “Josh says his face red as tomato.

Yes, Mr two minutes man” I mocked and walked out of the office. The secretary gave me the ‘I told you ‘ look and I roll my eyes at her.

I wasn’t angry because he cheated on me. I was angry because he has to now that I needed him. Even though he isn’t that good at least he can help me with this urge.
Don’t even know why I dated him though.

I sigh and drove off.
Damn ! I hit a car. I got out to apologize to the person and I met him.

Oh Mr Shawn it’s you. I’m really sorry I hit your car ”

No problem, are you okay? You look pale.
Yes I am” I replied. I will go now “I told him.

Alright, but are you sure you can drive you don’t want to hit another person’s car do you? ” he says and I laughed.

So what are you insinuating” I ask him.
Let me drive you home?”he said raising his eyebrows.

Okay “I told him and he parked his car in a safe place before driving me home in an awkward silence.


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