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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 1 – Episode 2

In love with my wedding planner 💞💑

Before you start reading. I need you to know this. I don’t have any idea about wedding planning stuffs just used my imagination. This is a work of Fiction.


🔞chapter two 🔞
(Beautiful wedding planner 2).

Fred’s pov continues.
I knocked and hear a female voice saying “come in “.
I opened the door and my eyes met with a beautiful tan woman.
Hello “I greeted.

Hello welcome sir “she replied politely standing up to me.

My name is Nicole mensah and you are? She says smiling gorgeously.
She’s got a cute smile and her tan skin is glowing. Her hair is in braids which she packed in ponytail.

Fredrick, Fredrick Shawn ” I replied back with a light smile.

Nice to meet you Mr Shawn ” she says and we shake hands.
Wow her hand is so soft and warm. I held unto her hand for sometime as we look into each others eyes. She withdraw her hand from mine.
I cleared my throat.

Please have your sit ” she offers pointing to a chair in front of her desk and I sat down muttering a thank you.
She also sat down.

So, how may I help you Mr Shawn ” she says.

I want to plan my wedding can you do that for me? “I say.

Very well yes Mr Shawn that’s my work “.

Good then ” I say.

What type of wedding are we talking about here sir? A church,on a beach or a court wedding.

We are having a court wedding and reception afterwards ” I replied.

So, how much do you budget ” she says jotting on her notes.

5million my fiance wants something grand and classic and if the money can’t get through you can just tell me, Pls don’t manage “.

Money isn’t a big problem for me. I’m a billionaire.

Okay Mr Shawn , take this and give to your fiance to go through and pick whatever she wants. Get back to us and then we discuss the payment and other necessary thing’s. ” she says stretching like a magazine to me. I checked it. It reads vogue at the top.

What’s this?.

It’s an decor magazine, she should pick the designs she wants us to work on. ” she replies with a smile.

Okay thank you Ms Mensah for your time ”

No problem sir thank you ”

Okay I’ll be leaving ” I announced.

Alright ”
And I walked out.

Minutes later I walked in and met my fiance typing vigorously on her laptop.
This is the so called wedding plans she’s being doing, sending emails inviting the world to her wedding.

Ari baby, whatcha doing “I asked as I kiss her on the cheek.

What you can’t do” she replied not looking at me.

Here. The wedding planner said to give this to you “I informed.

What’s this “she says as she drop her laptop on the table and collect the magazine.

What am I supposed to do with this? She ask arrogantly.

Take a chill pill Ariana, she said you should look through them and pick the designs and decorations you want so they can work on it, you just have to tick it when you are done choosing. ”

Whatever “she says and went back to her laptop.

Ari baby “I called and start kissing her neck, she should know what I want.

Leave me alone Fred, you can see I’m very busy right now ” she says and push me away.

But that can wait I really need you right now “I whined.

No this can wait ” she says pointing to my already erect cock.

I sigh angrily and walk out of the house.

That’s how she is, arrogant, bossy and annoying. She commands me a lot and denies me sex almost every time.

You must be thinking ‘then why are you getting married to her ‘.

Well this isn’t how she is before I proposed to her. She just changed her attitude. And besides I love her and I hope she change after we get married.


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