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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 1 – Episode 12 [Completed]

Episode 12👯
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Immediately I closed the door behind me. He started kissing me.
He yanked my shirt making the botten flip on the floor.
He move to unclasps my bra but stopped him.

Let’s go to my room ” I says as I managed to lead him to my room with the dim light coming from the street lights.

We got to my room. I turn on the light.
Then he suddenly push me making my back rest on the door.

I want to have you here right now “he whispered to my ears and I unconsciously clasps my legs together. Fuck you are making me wet “I told him.

Have you ever been fucked by the door before “he ask and shake my head negatively.

Then I’m going to give you a new experience today. ”

Help me undress “he told me and I did. I was half naked only in my bra. I wrapped my legs around his torso my back against the door. He inserted his two fingers inside me and I yelped in pain. The position isn’t good enough for me. After positioning me very well he sucked on my breast a bit before putting his fingers back moving in a very fast pace. He moved back to my nipples sucking and at the same time fingering me. He added another finger making me moan as I held his shoulders for support. My breathing became faster as I had my release on his fingers. He licked them and muttered so sweet.
He then kissed me making me taste my self.
Then he inserted his dick driving me again to ecstasy.

After two rounds of fucking. Yes I call it fucking cos to him we are just fuck buddies. It’s neither sex or love making this is fucking and it hurts thinking about that.

Fred was dressing up and I was staring at him. Damn this man is beautiful.

Take a picture it will last longer “he says and I blush.

I wasn’t staring “I defended trying to hide my blush.

I never said you were “he says and bent down kissing my cheek softly.
Should I stay” he says.

But your fiance won’t she be worried “I ask. I really want him to stay.

We don’t leave together Nic “he says.
So is that a yes ”

Yes, but no touching I want to sleep. ” I told him.

Tired already? Is just two rounds ”
Fuck you. I was already tired before that”

Yes please fuck me”

I laughed. Is that the only thing you heard from what I said ” I say running my fingers through his hair.
He removed the blanket from my body and laid on me. He pressed one of my boob’s and I moan softly.
Are you tired or not “he ask grazing my breast with his teeth.

Fuck I’m not “I moaned.

The next morning.
I woke up not finding Fredrick beside me. I sigh about to get up when the door burst open.

Hey bitch “my best friend Annie says.

You, how can burst into my room just like that “I say playfully glaring at her.

Oh right? I don’t wish to see a live porn early in the morning.”
Why are you still home. I went over to your office and I couldn’t find you so I came home to find you still on bed what’s wrong or you are pregnant “Annie says whispering the last part.

I have the most annoying and silliest bestfriend ever.

No Annie I’m not pregnant I just woke up late “I told her.

Why you never woke up late, did you have someone over and also this place smell of sex ”

Yeah I did ”

Oh my gosh Nicol where is he?. Wait is it Josh. OMG you guys got back together.”she squeals like a small child. No one will believe this lady in front of me is married and have a daughter.

Over my dead body. I can never get back with that bastard why should I. ”

Well I thought you loved him ”

I never did, I just dated him cos he was too clingy so I gave him a chance.

Nicole “she called.


When will you stop being a play girl and have a real relationship ”
Sometimes Annie acts like my mom but her advice are the best.

I’m not I just haven’t found the right one yet not everyone is lucky enough to found a lover since high school. ”
Oh are you jealous of me now? “she says smiling.

No I’m not ” I told her pouting.

Don’t worry you are going to find your Mr right he’s around the corner trust. But first tell me who is this guy that you had over ”

Promise you won’t crucify me ”

I won’t be judgemental I promise ”

Erm erm he is a client ”

What! What are you thinking a client? ”
The funniest part is I’m planning his wedding “I said.

Jesus Nicol when did you become this dumb and stupid. Do you even know what you are doing. A married man and you think it’s the best thing to do fucking a married man. God. I can’t believe this “she says. I was already in tears.

It was a mistake I swear ”

No this isn’t a mistake it’s a choice. When did you become a call girl or is that your second business now? ”

No. I told her.

Listen you will cut whatever thinking you have with that man. Let me not come back and you are still seeing him. “Annie says and I nod.

She pulls me into a hug and I smile.

How Is my God daughter doing ” I ask her.

She’s fine. She’s with her dad ”

I miss her, and Jace is taking care of you sweetie ”

Yes he is “she says blushing.
They are still in love like they are in highschool.

Girl, it’s been long we had our usual girl’s night out. How about this Friday “she says.

Perfect ”

okay I will see you then I’m going to work ” she says taking her bag. She gave me a quick peck on her cheek before walking out of the room.

I stood up so that I can go take a shower. A piece of paper fall out of my body when I stood up. I pick it up and check it out.

I’m sorry I left without waking up. Realize you might be tired. Thanks for last night it was the best night of my life. I will see you soon.
Take care 📜.

Even though I was sad this note made me smile.

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