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In Love With My Wedding Planner – Season 1 – Episode 10

🔞Episode 10🔞
(Kiss me)
Nicole’s pov.
Fuck! What have I done.

Fred! I called.
What the hell are you doing here. ”

He groan before answering.

What do you mean ?”

Why did you want to kill me ”

Kill you? Excuse me mister you are clearly the one sneaking to my office like a thief by this time of the day. “I yelled.

Aargh it hurts “he moaned in pain.

I’m so sorry “I say calmly to him.

You know what just help me get up “he said and I did. I lead him into my office and made him seat down on the couch.
I moved to my fridge to get some cold water. I pour them in a big bowl and dip towel into it before using it to massage his head.

Do you really have a fridge in your office? “Fred ask.

Yes, A kitchen,some of my clothes are here too ”

Wow, well I didn’t expect that ”

I do forget myself when working and forgot it’s late already so I thought of making my office my second home “I explain.
Are you feeling better now ”


I sigh.
What are you doing here “I ask him and stop massaging his head. I put the towel down.

I wanted to see you ”

I told you not to come didn’t I? ”

Well I wanted to and I did ”

And then you got this “I said pointing to his head thank God there is no injuries.

Aissh it hurts like hell, where did get that thing from “he ask.


The wood or metal or whatever you use to hit me ”

Well, I kept it for protection in case people like you…” I didn’t complete my words.

Well that’s one hell of a protection. “he says.

A comfortable silence took offer and all of a sudden he started laughing and before I knew I was laughing too.
The laughter lasted for some minutes before we stopped staring in to each other’s eyes.

It still hurts “he says in whisper making me feel really guilty.

I’m sorry, I wish I know what to do” I whispered back.

You want to know what to do? “he whispered our eyes not leaving each other.

Yes as long as it will make you feel alright ”

kiss me “he says and my face fell.

What? ”

Only if you kiss me I’ll be fine “he says staring intently at my face.

My eyes move to his red lips and back to his face. His eyes are fixated on my lips make me involuntary lick them.

Nicole “he calls and I hummed in response my eyes still on his lips.

I’m waiting “he says and he moves his face closer to mine so that our face is a inch apart.
Before I knew it I close the gap between us and my lip met his.

I started kissing him slowly and passionately. He let me take over the kiss as I kiss every part of his mouth gently. Fred deepens the kiss and he kisses me roughly. I let him take over as I moan into his mouth.

He laid my back on the couch hovering over me. Next he starts to take off my clothes not breaking the kiss. Oh no we are not doing this.

Fred we are not doing this “I managed to say breaking the kiss.

Why? He said huskily impatient dripping from his voice.

I don’t want to do this anymore Fred this lead us nowhere and I don’t want to get hurt again ” I said feeling proud of myself to be able to over come this temptation in front of me. Well not yet Nicole.

Nic please don’t do this after facing my Ariana’s trouble today all I want is you Pls don’t deny me, no one is getting hurt trust me “he says giving me a nickname or whatever.
I don’t know who Ariana is but my mind tells me it’s his fiance.

Pleaseeee…”he says giving me a very cute face and fuck I couldn’t resist that so I gave in ”

Fineeeee..”I say and he grins taking my clothes off.

Damn it! Are you always this impatient “I joked and he laughed.

Don’t blame me, you are too Irrestible that I can’t wait “he says and I blush.

Did he mean that ‘I thought.

Yes I do “he says. And you said it aloud cos I guess that wasn’t supposed to be said out loud “he added and slam his lips on mine.

TBC 😋😱
Nicole I’m so dissapointed in you 🙈🙆

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